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    vovo2013 got a reaction from CC5280 in Any August 2019 people out there?   
    I am right behind you! I am Tuesday, Aug 6
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    vovo2013 reacted to ChristineSO in Getting Ready for Surgery   
    Hey, congrats on this great move! I had my gastric bypass two weeks ago yesterday and I feel great. Here are some things I have experienced that may help you:
    The gas pain HURTS and pain killers don't take it away. Saw a video (after the fact) that a woman took Gas-X melting strips and she said that worked like a blessing. I didn't do that so I can't speak for it. Walk. Walk. Walk!!! Walk as soon as you are able in the hospital. I did so many laps and I believe that this led to my quick and easy recovery. Head hunger is real and can sure fool you into thinking you are hungry. Don't let your old habits carry over to your new self. Walk away from head hunger and do something interesting instead of eating. Don't overeat and don't under eat. Make sure you have at least two Protein Shakes a day (60 grams of protein) and drink as much clear liquid as you can. It's very hard to get all this in, especially in the beginning but try. Don't expect quick weight loss. In the two weeks post surgery, I have only shed 10 pounds. But I feel good and that matters most. I know weight will eventually come off because my caloric intake is a fraction of what it used to be. The biggest thing for me was finding out that my mind did not know I went through the surgery. I still craved food, looked through recipes, watched MasterChef with envy. But your body very much knows you went through surgery. Eat or drink too fast or too much, and your body will let you know. So far, I've only had tiny pain from drinking too big a gulp but it's very easy to forget to eat small and slow. Be positive and be happy. You are going through a lot and putting your body through a lot. Enjoy the possibilities of a brighter future and enjoy the ride! Best of luck to you!

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    vovo2013 reacted to ace090 in Any August 2019 people out there?   
    I'll be August 6th here

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    vovo2013 reacted to 12345shs16 in Weight gain after being released from hospital   
    Thanks all! Yes, I was on IV. Glad to hear that it’s not a bad sign! I haven’t wanted to drink Water bc I don’t want to gain weight (I am tho)!
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    vovo2013 reacted to FluffyChix in Weight gain after being released from hospital   
    Did you have an IV? If so, it's likely Fluid from the IV, and it could also be fluid retention from your bladder issue and the meds they gave you. Don't freak. Deep breaths. Follow your plan. Sip sip sip. Walk walk walk!

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    MEEEEEEEE lol. My coworkers were talking about a holiday meal and I shouted "I HATE Y'ALL" LOL.
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    vovo2013 reacted to Proud2BMe in Dr. Nowzaradan's Diet Pre Surgery?   
    If you do it right then you will have large weight losses right after surgery. Plus, the bigger you are the more weight you will lose. I lost over a 100 lbs in the first 6 months after my surgery. Now, I'm not even a full year out and have lost a total of 176 lbs.
    The problem with the people on the show is that most of them do not follow the diet and just eat whatever they want. They show them eating crap they should not be eating after the surgery. So it's no shocker when they end up losing so very little. The past one I watched with "Betty Jo" was a joke. She was celebrating her success when it was obvious she was still dangerously obese and then got pregnant on top of it. Sad.
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    vovo2013 reacted to freetobeme in Any August 2019 people out there?   
    As @vovo2013 mentioned, I would get the sleeve because of the reflux. I didn’t even have any issues with reflux but after my sleeve, I developed severe GERD and I’m now revising to the RNY mainly because of GERD.

    Whatever decision you make, I wish you great success and health!
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    vovo2013 got a reaction from Deedee12 in Yo, Aug 2019 Siblings!   
    Ok, Love bugs for Surgery in Aug 2019! I got approve for my surgery and my insurance is paying 100%. I am very excited!!! Counting down the days ... Aug please hurry up!
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    vovo2013 got a reaction from ARMoma45 in Finally got my surgery date... when did you cut things out?   
    I need to cut out coffee! This one is going to be hard and I am slowly stop drinking soda.
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    vovo2013 got a reaction from ARMoma45 in Finally got my surgery date... when did you cut things out?   
    I need to cut out coffee! This one is going to be hard and I am slowly stop drinking soda.
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    vovo2013 got a reaction from ARMoma45 in Switching Surgeons   
    I am very sorry that you are having this experience! I am also impatient but I had two surgeon going at the same time and see which one I got approve faster with. I had all my paperwork in when I first met them and just needed a couple more done. I was always calling them or e mailing them. Cigna was great to approve mine fast! I would bug the turkey out of the office or make a personal visit. This is your life they are playing with and you don't take a NO for an answer! If worst case comes, you have back up copy of your test and/or approval letters for surgery from other doctors and go with another weight loss surgeon. Keep us posted!
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    vovo2013 reacted to victoriaobe in Any August 2019 people out there?   
    My GERD/acid reflux was terrible after getting the sleeve 3 years ago. I ended up with 4 ulcers in my esophagus. I just had a revision surgery to the bypass yesterday and so glad I made this choice.
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    vovo2013 reacted to KarenLR75 in Cigna (Recent Apporval)   
    CONGRATS vovo2013!! That was QUICK approval. Out of curiosity, is surgery in August something you desired or is your dr that booked? Just wondering as I got my letter of approval from CIGNA 2 days ago!! HAH! Should have leaned harder on my dr's office to push stuff through instead of just telling me I didn't know what I was talking about and I shouldn't 'interfere' as it was delaying things. Hhhmm...I call Cigna for the THIRD time after you tell me once again that 'the process with take an ADDITIONAL six months'..and they are so frustrated with YOU that they call your office personally and explain to the office manager that they agree with me that I've met all the requirements so send the paperwork already!? And guess what, yep, they approved me.
    I love the dr i'm working with so am torn about mentioning how 'unpleasant' it has been to feel like I have to fight some of his staff. I'm just relieved to be approved. Spouse just seems freaked out and concerned that I should not be doing this. His opinion will never change on this. I've been considering this for many years now and feel I have made a well though out decision that is the best for where I am at and where I need to be.
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    vovo2013 reacted to danieocean in Before and After Pics   
    I posted this on my status update, but I wanted to share here too! Under my ultimate goal. Super excited! (2.5 months post-op and in the first pic) Halfway goal and goal! Great job to everyone!!!!! Love to everyone<3
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    vovo2013 reacted to justmetj in Before and After Pics   
    Congratulations! You look great 😊👏
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    vovo2013 reacted to freetobeme in Surgery tomorrow 6/24?!?   
    Praying for you Victoria! No more GERD, God willing! Can't wait to hear from you.
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    vovo2013 reacted to heide1972 in Finally got my surgery date... when did you cut things out?   
    I cut those out as soon as I entered the program, so 6 months ago, my surgery is scheduled for 8/26.
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    vovo2013 reacted to MeowAMR in Finally got my surgery date... when did you cut things out?   
    I finally got my surgery date for July 23rd so I have a little over a month before surgery. When did you start to cut things out? Like soda, sweets, ect... I probably drink one soda a day maybe two tops. I use to be a Venti frappuccino everyday person, but I've already cut those to like once a week. I do still eat sweets after dinner like an ice cream cone. I don't snack anymore and I'm trying to eat Breakfast. Before I would skip it and only eat one or two meals a day then snack. So I'm wondering what I could be doing better to get ready for not eating the things I normally do.
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    vovo2013 reacted to d258 in July 2019   
    Me too!!! this will be a revision for me- VSG to RNY because of GERD and because I'm fat again...
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    vovo2013 reacted to debra102364 in Any August 2019 people out there?   
    I don't have exact date but talked to the Surgeon's office today. She said the are booked up until August. I have finished my requirements for my insurance, so it's a waiting game. I figure it will be late August.

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    vovo2013 got a reaction from ARMoma45 in Newbie   
    Thank you! I found it and also added my favorite quote! You are super awesome...
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    vovo2013 got a reaction from ARMoma45 in Newbie   
    How did you get the cute scale of your BMI? I would like that! I am also a newbie...
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    vovo2013 got a reaction from alex76 in Insurance Approval   
    My insurance company (Cigna) called me as well and said, "Congratulations, your weight loss surgery is approved!" I was like ... wait, what! I was not finish doing all my test before submit to y'all and they were like no problem! You are still approve. I was kind of surprise that my surgeon team submit it without telling me. Kind of took the fear out of me and the anxiety!
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    vovo2013 reacted to alex76 in Insurance Approval   
    I have BCBS IL. We submitted docs on June 4 and insurance called just now to tell me that I was APPROVED!!! I started to cry with the ins rep LOL

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