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    Just like AJ Tylo, I had to change focus. I added a Siberian Husky to my life that makes sure I do not focus on food! Also try this.....make a life statement that you truly are committed to and use all of your free time to focus on that. “I am a _________” Fill in the blank with something meaningful and pursue it. Could be artist-I started advanced art classes, could be diva- start your post surgery make over, could be healthcare professional-I go in tomorrow for seventy hours in seven days.
    Take this virus seriously and it won’t take you and your loved ones. Follow the CDC guidelines and we will make it through this and end up with a vaccine in a year or so. Yes I know it is dangerous, I just lost a dear relative in another state. We are Americans not whimps, this is the greatest country in the world full of the greatest people in the world. Walk every day, wave hello to friends and family from a distance and really talk using your phones.
    Remember this too shall pass. Love you all! I feel healthier now that there is 133 pounds less of me, you can do it too!
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    I know it’s not the same pose same clothes .... 12/18/19 was sleeve. I only go to the gym (I’m a stay at home mom to 5,4,3,2yr olds)

    no one suspects I’m sick- since they see me in the gym at all hours . One spin instructor even made a comment I should teach spin since I’m doing it all the time ...

    So yes, I give a damn. Someone comments on ianother persons weight loss in front of me and doesn’t say a word about mine ... rant in rant and raves ... drop mic 🎤

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    Eventually you’ll be far from goal and people will start telling you you need to stop losing 🙄. Don’t worry, it’ll come. Congrats on your weight loss, I’m sure you feel a lot better
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    I agree there are so many reasons people may not say a thing. My husband took awhile to say anything to me, and that was the one I cared about the most. My oldest son saw me for the first time since Thanks giving and was asking his Dad if I was okay and he knows about my surgery! Last night at an auction, I had a woman that I see a few times a year, she came straight to me and said you have lost a lot of weight, how did you do it because I need to. So, I explained my illness and surgery. She is Amish so I am sure she wont go this route. But, like AJ said I am doing this for me. I am sure people noticed and if they want to compliment me I will take it, but it won't break me if they don't mention it.
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    My issue is people saying "wow you look amazing - how did you lose the weight?". Because I didn't tell people I had surgery, people are curious. So now I've told pretty much everyone who has asked me that I had sleeve surgery, mainly as the diet and exercise line is a lie, while I've changed both, the sleeve has done the heavy lifting on my weight loss. It's funny though, the more I lose, the less I care if people know I've had weight loss surgery? What makes me quite irritated is people who are already at a healthy weight who ask me - I'm happy to tell fellow obese people as it may help them, but I feel like lots of people just want to gossip about it. I often feel like they are disappointed it was surgery, as they want weightloss tips lol. I also get annoyed my weight is a hot topic now, no-one said a thing when I was eating myself to death, bit now my body and the shape it's in seem to be fair game for conversation.
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    I figure that I was thankful when no one commented when I was *gaining* weight, so I’m going to be perfectly happy for no one to comment on my losses as well!
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    NO NO NO-
    None of you are hungry! You are addicted to food like everyone else on this site! You are bored and you head is playing games with you. You do not need to eat and consume non stop.
    We all had to get thru this phase! You are in the head game stage and you are not hungry! You head is tricking you to think you are hungry. Your nerves and sensors were cut out. So how the heck are you getting hunger pains when you only have a 4 oz pouch. Tv marketing and packaging is everywhere. There are so much more things in life then a box of Cookies or chips. However all of us addicts are caught in the food industry nightmare@
    Ok now that i attacked you ---- You guys got this ,,,,,,,Change focus from food to something else. Slowly you need to sip something to get your mind tricked to think your not hungry. This is a b***h to do! I crashed and crashed big time The post is here way back. I was saved but my key was a puppy! Yes a lab puppy. I started focusing on him and training him and walking him and getting my abusive behavior towards food and vodka Under control. I also have chosen to Fish a ton and Travel a ton.
    You guys do the same - Mix up you life. The old life sucked you were out of control with food and unhealthy. Now its time to change. Look up Fluffy Chick here and she has great posts on changing you lifestyle. Find something new to add to your life, hobbies, craft, outdoors, Partners, Pets, movies, Like Nike JUST DO IT!
    This is not going to be easy, but once you do it the best journey gets even better!
    Not know here for being the snuggle member more of the right at you member
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    It gets harder by the day, my dear, though I know you're most likely right with what you're saying.
    I'm going back to work on Thursday. I work at the biggest hospital in the area. We already have COVID-9 patients, including critical ones. And every damn patient is getting a CT scan of the lung before going to ICU or IMC. My colleagues tell me people are already freaking out, face masks are limited to one per shift and here I am sitting at home being only 3 weeks post-op wondering if my immune system is still kind of compromised. Hopefully not.
    Oh, well... I guess if one catches it, one catches it. Wash hands, wear a mask when necessary and protection clothing and hope for the best. At least I'm not working on the ICU.
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    Try to remain mindful of your choices. Do things to destress and get active. Short breaks walking around your house for 5 minutes. Deep breathing (google Four Square Breathing). Go back to logging EVERY bite. Weigh and measure. Stock up on frozen veggies and meats as they are available. Ditch the Pasta if possible. Clean! Get active. Go for walks. Intermittent Fast and go to doing alternating days where you restrict eating to OMAD and limit cals that day to 500. Then you alternate with days that are more normal eating and calories.
    Oh and if you have 3x3 feet of clear space, you can do Leslie Sansone, Walk Away The Pounds on YouTube. 15minutes = 1 mile! Do it 3-4 times per day and you'll be too pooped to pop! Haha!
    I'm in maintenance and I still do ADF 3-4 days per week to maintain. Also, I have healthy foods in my freezer, pantry, and fridge. I don't allow the FTMMMO in my house. (FTMMMO=Food That Mad Me Morbidly Obese). We broke up. Hopefully, forevs.