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    No one has noticed ...

    Here is a tip, it is time to start wearing form fitting clothing. This was very hard for me as I had always worn loose clothes to hide (I thought) the excess pounds and jiggles. Now I can wear a medium and only jiggle where you want to! Roflmao We all will amaze ourselves daily!
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    I’m hungry 😞

    Just like AJ Tylo, I had to change focus. I added a Siberian Husky to my life that makes sure I do not focus on food! Also try this.....make a life statement that you truly are committed to and use all of your free time to focus on that. “I am a _________” Fill in the blank with something meaningful and pursue it. Could be artist-I started advanced art classes, could be diva- start your post surgery make over, could be healthcare professional-I go in tomorrow for seventy hours in seven days. Take this virus seriously and it won’t take you and your loved ones. Follow the CDC guidelines and we will make it through this and end up with a vaccine in a year or so. Yes I know it is dangerous, I just lost a dear relative in another state. We are Americans not whimps, this is the greatest country in the world full of the greatest people in the world. Walk every day, wave hello to friends and family from a distance and really talk using your phones. Remember this too shall pass. Love you all! I feel healthier now that there is 133 pounds less of me, you can do it too!