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    I would speak to your surgeon about your results. If anything it would seem like MORE of a reason to approve you as long as your healthy enough for the procedure itself .
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    I went earlier this week for my bloodwork, chest xray and ECG. I looked online last night to see that my ECG results were in. Had anyone had a report of "myocardial infarction"? I looked everything up and basically what it is saying is that at some point I may have had a heart attack. Will this prevent me from being able to have my surgery?
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    I used to have this fear years ago about Being the “chubby out-of-shape” one at the gym... but in my years so far, every gym or class I’ve taken I’ve never felt like I aaa being judged or didn’t fit in. I did Jazzercise for a few years and there were so many women there all different ages and sizes. You just learn to modify the moves to what you can do. Then I joined the local Y and took all the fitness classes there. Great thing about them is they have classes ranging from advanced/ moderate exercise to chair yoga. Never felt judgement or felt I couldn’t keep up. Plus, if they are good instructors they will never make you feel singled out and will show you modifications. If anything, I’ve always found a group of women just like me that have become friends. As far as the machines... just grab your headphones and put blinders on. I know you will feel like everyone is staring at you... but they aren’t at all. Just get in there! You will be amazed how good you mind, body and soul will feel after. Everyone started at some point!
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    Join a gym and get a personal trainer to help u to get started, if you feel froggy look at some videos on youtube and how to do them, just go light and get familiar with your gym.... Just use very light weights in the beginning and watch others. But, I vote for a personal trainer for about a month to show you the basics... Good luck
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    I don't think you have to go to the gym unless you want to do some heavy lifting or use a machine you don't have at home. There are lots of great at-home workouts you can do. I like to use Fitness Blender's HIIT videos on YouTube or do some Pilates (Blogilates is fun but HARD) or yoga videos. None of these require any equipment.
    That said, don't let the gym intimidate you! Everyone has to start somewhere and good on you for wanting to go. If you can afford it, I recommend paying for some sessions with a trainer. They can help you learn the ropes and create a workout plan for you. I go to the gym twice a week and lift weights so I don't use any machines beyond the squat rack, but you can always ask a gym employee for a tour. When I started going to the gym years ago, I went to a women's only gym -- that took away some of the intimidation factor for me.
    Whatever you decide to do, make sure you're enjoying it! Good luck, you got this!
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    So I was just wondering if anyone has had a weight gain early on? In the last 2 weeks I have gained 3 lbs. Not sure if this is normal, I have moved back on to eating normal now. Just 2 days ago, I can't poop, not sure if I should bump up my workouts or not. Is it okay to gain a little??
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    Congratulation on your journey. My advice is to start a healthy eating habit and stick to your preop if you have to do one no matter how hard it may seem.
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    It's normal to be afraid, after all there are risks with surgery. But look at all the people here on this forum that survived it. I had zero complications and no pain.
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    Many people have fear before a major surgery. So it is quite common.
    Since you are at the beginning of this process with a June surgery date, I would recommend three things.
    1. Take a good before photograph of yourself, so that you have something to compare to after surgery. Many times we are blind to our obesity. We do not see ourselves. Therefore when the weight begins to drop off rather dramatically, we question if this is really happening. Photographs are a good visualization of our success. Many people carry a before and after photo with them, just to remind themselves of their success.
    2. Walk 30 minutes each day, every day until surgery (or equivalent exercise). Walking helps the recovery process go smoothly and minimized the pain levels from surgery.
    3. Wean yourself from caffeine and carbonated beverages now. After I gave up my 6 diet coke a day habit, I suffered from a week of severe withdrawal syndrome consisting of severe headaches and body aches. I was miserable. You don't want to combine the effects of caffeine withdrawal with the effects of surgery.
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    Easy! I was very surprised. People are all across the board when it comes to pain, but just hanging out on these boards for the last few years, I would say most of us have very little pain. It's mostly just tiredness - that took several weeks to shake. But anyway, I've had other surgeries, and this one was pretty easy in comparison.
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    Bueno702 reacted to BulletWithButterflyWings in Fear!!   
    That makes me feel loads better. My landlord is in his late 60s and just had a double knee replacement lol. Makes me feel so much better that the odds are so low. I know I'm just being a paranoid psychopath but I'm a worrier. It comes with having 3 kids lol. Thank you so much for making me feel better. How was your recovery?
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    I heard it’s safer then a hip replacement. So you’re good
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    Bueno702 reacted to catwoman7 in Fear!!   
    you won't die on the table. Weight loss surgeries are among the safest surgeries out there - much safer than a knee replacement surgery, which as you know, they do every day. Gastric bypass has a 0.3% mortality rate - the sleeve is even lower. So at minimum, you have a 99.7% chance of NOT dying on the table. Given every surgery has some kind of mortality rate, even tonsillectomies, those are OUTSTANDING odds.

    if you keep on top of your Vitamins, you won't die of malnutrition, either.

    lastly, complications aren't very common, and for those who have them, most of them are minor.
    I know it's easier said than done, but STOP worrying. You will do just fine and once you have all this behind you, you will be so happy you made this decision!!
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    Welcome! You've made a good decision in joining this group. There are a lot of people here who are willing to help and encourage. My best advice is just do what your doctor tells you to. Get your Protein in, get your Water in, exercise, etc. Just do what your doctor says. Seems easy, but there are so many who don't follow their advice. Best of luck to you. Let us know if you have any specific question or concerns.
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    New here... half way through and getting ready to see the psychologist and see my doctor to start my testing. I'm open to all advice and encouragement!
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    Have you scheduled your surgery yet? I’m scheduled for the middle of August.
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    Completed questionnaire for Dr Corvala. Very thorough. I did a lot of research on several physicians. I feel he's right for me. Any comments are welcome.
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