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    Michael S reacted to Sophie7713 in OOTD   
    Happy ANNIVERSARY!!!!! LOOKING FABULOUS! What a beautiful smile. The milestone you have achieved + maintained is truly inspiring. Great taste in artwork reproductions, too. Here were my heavy girl shorts size 3X when I tipped 298 pounds. Thanks for sharing. Let us hear more from you. ;]

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    Michael S reacted to locura79 in Before and After Pics   
    Wow, you look amazing!
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    Michael S got a reaction from Melanie Vandergriff in Protein shakes   
    I like Body Fortress. They look like laundry pods! You can throw them in the blender with some almond milk and have a decent shake.
  4. Congrats!
    Michael S reacted to alissajs in Holy cow... comparison pictures, 3 months   
    So I’ve been trying to get pictures every month to allow ME see the progress. I was sleeved 1/7/20. LOOK!

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    Michael S reacted to Hop_Scotch in Missing my old eating habits!!   
    It is not unusual to miss old eating habits but you need to replace them with other habits that occupy both your hands (mostly) and/or mind. Puzzles, going for a walk, soak in the bath, cleaning out cupboards, calling a friend or family member, knitting, arts or craft etc etc.
    ESG doesn't remove the part of the stomach that produces the hunger hormone, so you will need to deal with this by making sure you eating sufficient Protein and high fibre foods (when you are able), and once you are able solid foods that help you feel restriction.
    You should be following your post op food guidelines, they are very important as you don't want to hinder the healing of the suture sites, otherwise your sutures will not be able to do there job, they will loosen.
    If you are really struggling touch base with your dietician or nutritionist, ask for some tips. If you need to, also consider a counsellor to help you deal with the old habits and any emotional eating you may have.
    I can't stress any of the above enough, I've seen as many ESG fail as there has been some success, you want and need to be on the side of success.
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    Michael S reacted to ms.sss in OOTD   
    @Sammi_Katt welcome to the group!
    Isn't it awesome FEELING awesome? More pics, please!!
    P.S. Love your top...i have the same one! lol
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    Michael S got a reaction from Suzi_the_Q in Preop liquid diet. Cheated [emoji21] no judgment plz!   
    Aint no thang! They just want your money, I had a 3 day long food funeral when I was a week out. No one will know. Just dont do it again lol
  8. Congrats!
    Michael S reacted to It's time. in Under 200   
    Weighed in today at 199 pounds !! Can't remember when I was under 200. I am so thrilled.
  9. Congrats!
    Michael S reacted to perfektlynrml in I’ve got a date!   
    I’m going in on August 7th 2020. I’m really excited about having surgery and looking forward to my new life! My husband and daughter are very supportive of my decision and I feel very positive about taking this step. I’ve got all the food for the two week liquid fast in my house already. I can’t wait to have a New Year’s Eve when I won’t be resolving to lose weight but resolving instead to buy myself nice new clothes! 😀
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    Michael S got a reaction from sillykitty in Protein suggestions   
    vanilla Protein tastes pretty gross anyway. Try the chocolate flavors. (Just a suggestion).
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    Michael S got a reaction from ms.sss in OOTD   
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    Michael S reacted to perfektlynrml in Protein suggestions   
    Pinch your nose closed and drink it. That should help.
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    Michael S reacted to ms.sss in OOTD   
    Did the patio thing last night and wore my newly guerilla-altered skirt. Its a stretchy-jersey material that I got in Size Large last year. It couldn’t even sit on my hips, so I added 4 sad looking darts at the waistband, but since the top folds over, they are nicely hidden. I failed to consider shortening the length so spent alot of time holding it up cuz i kept stepping on the hem!
    Had a fun time regardless. I heart summertime ❤️
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    Michael S reacted to Arabesque in Hungry   
    I have odd days I feel hungry and days I don’t but when I feel hungry it’s more like a ‘it must be lunch time’ feeling not that I’m starving & have to eat.
    Protein is more filling & satisfying and a more nutritionally beneficial choice than other foods such as carbohydrates which many of us turned to when we felt hungry pre surgery.
    One of the benefits of the sleeve is that the area where much (but not all) of our hunger hormone is produced is removed. Another is a boosted metabolism which can make us feel hungry as we burn energy faster then before. This could be why you are feeling hungry.
    It could also be head hunger as against real hunger. There are several threads on this & on doing the head work which I’ve found useful.
    At least with our much smaller stomach we can’t eat that horse - at least not in one sitting 😁
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    Michael S got a reaction from Melanie Vandergriff in Hungry   
    same here 11 months out and I can eat a horse

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    Michael S got a reaction from Natalierae in Recipes and Suggestions for full liquid phase   
    Low sodium "cream of whatever" Soups blended with almond milk. V 8 juice was always a good go to as well.
  17. Congrats!
    Michael S reacted to ms.sss in ms.sss VSG Progress Pictures (Months 1 to 18)   
    So I meant to post something like this at my 18 month surgiversary, but first I forgot, then I got lazy, lol.
    Finally finished putting this together tonight (about 2 weeks late, oopsies), and seeing it finished, I wish I was more consistent/regular with taking pictures of my progress during weight loss phase...but I think the end result collage is still pretty cool.
    Height: 5'1.8" HW/SW: 235 GW: 120 127 (updated May 27) Surgery Date: 24-Oct-2018
    2 wks Pre-op: -11.8 M1: -21 M2: -17 M3: -13.2 M4: -11.1 M5: -10.3 M6: -12.5 M7: -9.5
    Goal Reached: 27-May-2019 (7m post-op) M8: -9.6 M9: -2.8 M10: -2.2 M11: (+1.6) M12: -2.6
    * 1 YEAR POST-OP WEIGHT: 113.0 lbs *
    * 1.5 YEAR POST-OP WEIGHT: 115.0 lbs *

  18. Congrats!
    Michael S reacted to aiclark1 in 1 yr anniversary vertical gastric sleeve surgery   
    Today marks my 1 year anniversary for me and my weight loss surgery. Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery
    Start weight 245lbs
    Current weight 159lbs
    Goal weight 130lbs
    The hardest part is trying to get this last 30 lbs off and they my Tummy Tuck./monthly_2020_07/20200707_142725.jpg.0057148de973703c2cbbd16db5d233bf.jpg" data-fileid="102851" rel=""> 
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    Michael S reacted to GreenTealael in OOTD   
  20. Congrats!
    Michael S reacted to rene50 in It's Going to Be a Lifetime   
    For years, my doctor has told me to stop dieting. In fact, she's told me all the dieting I've done has made me fatter. She's preached lifestyle change, over and over, but I just couldn't make the change until now. She wasn't onboard with my surgery because I didn't have health issues, but I think she might be changing her mind because I'm doing so well. I haven't lost crazy-fast and I'm feeling great, labs are good. I'm only 5.5 months out, so it's still new, but I'm listening to my doc now. No crazy diets, just eating healthy and exercising. Maybe, just maybe, the surgery got me on track!
    Do you feel you have finally made a lifestyle change ?

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    Michael S reacted to Slightly Less Fatty Matty in Cheese   
    I’ve come to the uneducated conclusion that post op diets past the 4th week are so disparate that they are essentially meaningless. Mine was pretty honest when pressed about this, saying I could try anything I want and if it doesn’t work I’ll know, and short of gorging myself I’m not going to hurt anything at this point. I’m four weeks tomorrow but I’ve had raw veggies, chicken breast etc without issue but that’s me. I’m lucky in that nothing has bothered me, but I’m limiting solids to about 1oz and love the restriction. Obviously healthy choices are key from here on out so I’m not breaking out a box of donuts... but a nibble of x or y isn’t going to erupt out of my stomach like an alien. It’ll either agree with me or not and I can adjust accordingly. But I’m not a doctor, follow yours please and be comfortable in knowing you have a paid professional in your corner, not some rando internet poster like me. :)
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    Michael S got a reaction from mattk53 in Work after Surgery   
    i dont know about a bypass. but I was mowing grass 3 days after my sleeve with no issues
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    Michael S reacted to Fit&FineBy40 in Real Good Pizza   
    Hi Michael. I will check it out. Thank you.
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    Michael S reacted to Paula’s in Before and After Pics   
    I’m almost 4 years out, had sleeve done. I’m down 122lbs and maintaining well. I still have cravings that I have to fight. I make sure to get my Water, Protein and Vitamins in everyday.

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    Michael S got a reaction from Hop_Scotch in Before and After Pics   
    Rainy Day Vanity 10 months out Aug 2019 - June 2020 267lbs - 173 lbs