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  1. Michael S

    Protein shakes

    I like Body Fortress. They look like laundry pods! You can throw them in the blender with some almond milk and have a decent shake.
  2. Aint no thang! They just want your money, I had a 3 day long food funeral when I was a week out. No one will know. Just dont do it again lol
  3. Michael S

    Protein suggestions

    Vanilla protein tastes pretty gross anyway. Try the chocolate flavors. (Just a suggestion).
  4. Michael S


  5. Michael S


    same here 11 months out and I can eat a horse
  6. Low sodium "cream of whatever" soups blended with almond milk. V 8 Juice was always a good go to as well.
  7. 11 months out .. Dropped 80 in 3 months and havent lost or gained a pond since. It is my fault. I eat pretty much the same as I did pre surgery, but not as much. I Also I cut soda and alcohol (for the most part.) My appetite returned to full blast after month 3. I can eat a whole pizza without blinking an eye and very little side effects, I do not make a habit of this however,
  8. Michael S


    try a little and see how you tolerate it. Everyone is different. But the short answer is no. You are a month out, so it probably wont kill you. I was eating pizza 3 weeks out. Remember everything in moderation
  9. Michael S

    Gastric sleeve

    best decision of my life. Almost a year out 80 pound lost and i cheated after month 3
  10. Michael S

    Work after Surgery

    i dont know about a bypass. but I was mowing grass 3 days after my sleeve with no issues
  11. Michael S

    Real Good Pizza

    i had the Walmart version......it wasnt to bad,
  12. Michael S

    To tell or not to tell

    I told no one. I just told coworkers I had a hernia operation,
  13. Michael S

    What do you wish you had known

    The hidden hospital charges afterward....
  14. Michael S

    Alcohol 😳

    soda water..... Oh, and you asked a very open ended question 😋 The soda thing varies from Dr to Dr. I am 10 months out and dink it on occasion with no complications. But, everyone's body is different, I would not drink it until you are a few months out in order to let your body heal.
  15. Michael S

    Alcohol 😳

    Vodka and soda.
  16. Michael S

    Before and After Pics

    Rainy Day Vanity 10 months out Aug 2019 - June 2020 267lbs - 173 lbs
  17. Michael S

    60" waist to 32" photo

    Looking like Walter White on Breaking Bad . Good job man!
  18. A lot of true false "I like poetry" I enjoy gardening I wake up often at night...ect ect.
  19. Michael S

    Returning to work

    Bari hit the nail on the head,,, can soups or pre made tuna packets come through in a pinch always come through in a pinch, Pudding cups ect
  20. this site has become sort of Instagramish Am I right?
  21. Michael S

    Turkey neck

    worry about you health benefits instead of vanity. You look great, I have the same thing and too ashamed to post pics,
  22. Motivation for me is getting on Facebook( I know ...no one uses it anymore) and looking at all of my old pics and my hot friends when I am about to order that Dominos Pizza, That kicks the craving right then, I dont measure.... I just use mind over matter. What scares me now, is the fact that I can eat a whole pizza and not blink an eye.
  23. I had the same thing,,, mine was caused by being able to sleep in new positions
  24. Hanging in there bro,,,Looking good