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  1. After dieting for years and going through the gastric sleeve 9 years ago, I can relate to your questions. This is what I was told over and over.
    It is normal to go through a stall, especially not long after surgery. Your body is going through some massive changes and is still dealing with anesthesia from the surgery.
    Just breath, give yourself grace and keep working the process. Your body will eventually come around.
    You've got this. I will be praying for you!
    Dont get discouraged, people will see it before you do, that happens

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  2. Hello everyone! I am new here. I'm 40 years old, I've been married for almost 21 years, and I have three kids and one grandbaby. I also currently have custody of my niece. I've been on this journey towards surgery for quite some time. My insurance required six months worth of doctor's visits and then my surgeon required some tests before they would submit to my insurance. I got the call this week that my insurance has approved my surgery and it's officially scheduled for March 31st. I am a teacher so I wanted to get as close to our spring break as possible. That way I will be off the week of March 31st and then the entire next week as well. I've pretty much battled with my weight over my entire life. I've had periods where I've been thin, but I've always gained the weight back. I am at my highest weight right now, which is 323 pounds. I'm only 4'11". I'm very excited about the surgery, but also very anxious. I'm worried that I'm not fully prepared. I would love any tips you have to offer. Right now I have no pre-surgery instructions from my surgeon, but I go for a four hour appointment on March 19th so I'm sure I will get all of that then. In the meantime, I would love to hear some things from you guys, like what items did you buy before your surgery, what did you pack to take to the hospital with you, what seemed to help with managing the pain afterwards, etc. Anything you think I might need to know. How bad am I going to hate my life when I first get home???? LOL. My family is very supportive. My husband has just started a new job and doesn't have the days to take off with me, which stinks. My mother-in-law is taking off the entire week after I get home to help with my kiddos. The things I'm most scared about is over-drinking or over-eating and getting sick, knowing what to eat and drink, and just being prepared in general so I'm ready when I get home from the hospital. Anyway, that's my life story. LOL. Can't wait to hear what some of you have to say!

    This is a life changing, I am also always think about gaining the weight back but hopefully I won't it all a mind thing , my husband is a big guy and he eats everything so I have to be mindful of myself and not follow him even tho it's hard, it will be 1yr this month and I lost 78lb
    So yes the journey is all worthwhile
    Good luck
    I love this site lol

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