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    Kidnurs reacted to deneen in Nausea   
    Feb 5th was my surgery date. Does anyone nausea often ? No vomiting but just waves of nausea just whenever. It feels like the dragging pregnancy nausea (women ). I’m not pregnant for those who may wonder. Lol. It’s such an annoying feeling. What’s crazy is it just happens whenever. Any info or tips ?
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    Kidnurs reacted to Krestel in Rumbling tummy   
    The same thing is happening to me as well. In fact, it's the stomach and not the pouch that likes to talk. That and the intestines say hi even more often than my lonely stomach. Ive never been so consious of where my stomach and internal organs are in all my life.
    In August I get back to my work as a teacher and hope it has calmed down by then. Otherwise I have to tell my students that it's my tummy rumbling and asking for food.
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    Kidnurs reacted to gabybab in Rumbling tummy   
    Susie, I'm over 3 months and get the rumbling with yogurt (although I live off yogurt) and also get the hiccups. They are both annoying and embarrassing. Glad it see it passes!
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    Kidnurs reacted to GradyCat in Rumbling tummy   
    I had this with sleeve too and it lasted from month 2 to month 6 but now it's gone.
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    Kidnurs reacted to SusieQ2019 in Rumbling tummy   
    I am 5 weeks out from gastric sleeve, and the same thing happens to me as soon as I start to eat, Soup, yogurt etc. along with the burping. Glad to hear it is normal and that i am not the only one.

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    Kidnurs reacted to sillykitty in Rumbling tummy   
    Normal ... it stopped at maybe 5-6 months post op for me
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    Kidnurs got a reaction from gabybab in Rumbling tummy   
    I am 2 and a half months post gastric bypass surgery and it seems like my stomach is rumbling and growling and gurgling constantly to the point that I am really becoming self conscious about it. It is sooooo loud and embarrassing! It doesn’t hurt and I am not hungry but it does it anyway. I just wanted to see if anyone else has this issue and if it will be like this forever or maybe tone down a little. On the up side....I feel great!!!!!
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    Kidnurs reacted to Briswife15 in Rumbling tummy   
    Yes! I am exactly 10 weeks post gastric bypass, and have the same problem!! I'm still on Protein Shakes (complications) and it doesn't rumble and gurgle on the shakes, but if I eat any real food the crazy noises start. Very embarrassing! I hope we ger some advice, because I don't know what to do about it!!

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    Kidnurs reacted to Frustr8 in Today is the most tempting day of the year   
    a thought for YOu
    Which is more important- that Junk food you have been craving for an hour?
    Or that body you have been craving all your life?
    The decision is YOURS!

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    Kidnurs reacted to CindeeAT in Carbohydrate intake   
    My doc says 20 to 25 NET carbs per day max.with our small stomachs and if were eating our Protein first this is absolutely doable. I'm able to stay within range pretty easily following the plan

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    Kidnurs reacted to Marisa3445 in Carbohydrate intake   
    Same surgery date! I agree with the poster above that talked about carb sensitivity. At 3 weeks out I had lost about 25 pounds from the day of surgery (I started at 370). At that time I was also progressed to soft foods, not mushies but actual food. I started adding small amounts of mashed potatoes with my salmon or chicken and even about 10 cheez its per day (horrible decision I know. I was quickly greeted with the dreaded stall and then a relatively big gain of 5 pounds. I didn’t immediately realize it was the carbs and assumed it was a lack of Water intake and simply a “to be expected” stall. After chatting with my nutritionist and doing a bit of research on here, I can say that I cannot handle carbs at this stage of my process. Mind you, I was still eating no more than 800 calories per day with the additional carbs. My safe zone seems to be keeping my carbs below 20g and my calories between 600-800. I have now seen my first loss on the scale after almost 10 days. I do plan to incorporate more carbs when I begin working out in one week.
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    Kidnurs reacted to Healthy_life2 in Carbohydrate intake   
    As you can tell, all plans look different. Can you call your dietician and get clarification? Ask for calorie range, carb, Protein and fats goals. When you log your food in baraitastic or myfitnesspal it will go by grams of carbs per day.

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    Kidnurs reacted to GradyCat in Carbohydrate intake   
    I don't know for sure the correct number of carbs, I'm guessing it's a percentage of your overall calories. But I do know that if I eat ANY carbs, I immediately gain weight. It's frustrating! I'm researching now about something called "carb sensitivity." I had a taco yesterday, probably 150 calories or less, not sure how many carbs, with an overall calorie count for the day of 750, but the scale went up 1.5 pounds this morning. Stupid carbs!
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    Kidnurs reacted to Bari_KS in Carbohydrate intake   
    At one month out of surgery you should concentrate on your Protein intake and Water hydration. Bariatric plate consists of 50% protein, 25% carbs and 25% fat. It means if you use 60g protein daily then your carbs should be about 30g and 30g fat.

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    Kidnurs reacted to Orchids&Dragons in Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada Soup   
    OK, I was craving bariatric-friendly Mexican food this week and couldn't find a recipe that grabbed me, so I made this one up. Obviously, you can vary the seasoning/spiciness to taste. This isn't too spicy because I can't handle that right now. Hope you enjoy it!

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    Kidnurs reacted to ItzBing in Stomach pain and soreness   
    It will help, I use mine alot, it keeps things protected especially if u cough


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    Kidnurs reacted to jenifaoh in Stomach pain and soreness   
    I am 4 weeks post op and am still very sore. I just ordered a compression garment from Amazon after it was suggested on a post. I hope it gives me some relief.
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    Kidnurs reacted to Katiebypass in Stomach pain and soreness   
    It was about a month before i started to get full relief. Maybe if you noticed it was related to when you increased to soft food try going back a stage for a couple of days and see if that help.
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    Kidnurs reacted to Frustr8 in Stomach pain and soreness   
    Could be extra stitching put in there for re- enforcement. if it is, it will release at the time you're healed enough, not every surgeon does do that, but many do. Say it helps prevent any internal herniation!
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    Kidnurs reacted to thatch in Stomach pain and soreness   
    I had extreme pain that felt like a really bad side stitch for about a month to a month and a half after surgery. I don't know if that's what you're experiencing, but the pain does get better I just had to be gentle with myself. If yours feels like it's getting worse or you notice any redness or swelling around your incisions, call your surgeon's office. Best wishes on healing!
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    Kidnurs reacted to ItzBing in Stomach pain and soreness   
    About a month I have heard. I'm post OP wk21/2 bypass, an it does hurt. Tender but managable


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    Kidnurs reacted to Kidnurs in Restriction   
    Thank you so much!

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    Kidnurs reacted to Kidnurs in Restriction   
    Thank you!

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    Kidnurs got a reaction from april042019 in Restriction   
    Thank you! That makes me feel better.

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    Kidnurs reacted to claricey in Restriction   
    I too have no hunger. What a feeling!!! Surgery was 3/11 and other than day one in the hospital I haven’t had any issues with any of the soft foods I’ve tried so far. However, I did have one issue when on puréed...my friend made an entire meal for us to help out. It was pork chops. I put 1.5 ounces in the processor with broth to make it smooth. Must not have been soft enough because half way through I got a tightness in the center of my chest that radiated across both breasts. I went for a walk and it passed in about 10-15 minutes. That episode was it. So you are not alone...everyone is experiencing this a little different. Keep up the good work!!