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  1. Cheeseburgh


    I just did this on my iPad.
  2. Cheeseburgh

    The Maintenance Thread

    I am officially in maintenance. Saw the surgeon today and they don’t want me to lose anymore weight. He is the nicest young guy, he is so excited at how well I’ve done. He and the nutritionist both suggested I gain a few pounds because of my age and health history (cancer). I explained why I don’t want to do that and he understood I was ignoring his advice. Here is a video of him, he’s so cute I want to stick him in my pocket. (He reminds me of my oldest son) Matthew Pittman
  3. Cheeseburgh


    Just in case you don’t know, you can highlight just the phrase or text you want to copy. Just click and drag, a little pop up comes up that says “quote this” . It is what I just did with your post. Saves on scrolling through the same pictures and bandwidth.
  4. Cheeseburgh


    Ugh, I don’t have a lot of before photos. Here is one I stumbled on, but I’m sitting.
  5. Cheeseburgh


    I’m not going to do yoga but I’ll do some stretching. For cardio today I’m going to go on a bike ride. I still have to adjust my bike though, I think that will take a few rides to get it sorted out. My 1 year follow up with my surgeon is in an hour! Times flies.
  6. Cheeseburgh


    I honestly believe if the teacher could have given me an F in Home Economics in 7th grade she would have. I think I passed just because I showed up. I have zero skills in sewing or crafting. I am a good cook though.
  7. Cheeseburgh


    I have a 28” inseam, I have short legs too.
  8. Cheeseburgh


    I decided to be brave, or stupid to represent us older women. I am wearing workout gear not a bikini. I’m never going to have the same body I had in my 20’s through 40’s but I feel really healthy now. It’s never too late. I was born in 1960 (I’ll be 59 in 2 months) and this body has been through a lot lol.
  9. Cheeseburgh

    Where are my water guzzlers?

    When I asked my Doctor why I could drink water quickly he replied, “You’re one of the lucky ones”
  10. Cheeseburgh


    I don’t know if this will make sense to you but it worked for me. I was not eating enough to gain weight on 600 calories a day, that is impossible. There were times I would step on the scale and the number would be a few pounds higher. Logically I knew I had not gained weight. I changed my thinking and told myself, “I weigh more today for some unknown reason” I stopped thinking in terms of weight gain it was just fluctuations. I started weighing myself less frequently and only on mornings when I felt “lighter “. It really helped me and kept me sane. Best of luck to you!
  11. Cheeseburgh


    Headed off to the gym to do strength training. We have big storms headed this way so I’ll have to postpone my bike ride on the nature path. I hope it clears up enough to go later today. My husband got a bike too so I’m excited to have someone to ride around with. Mixing it up helps break up the monotony and boredom that I get while exercising. @Deedee12 You are off to a fantastic start! That was so nice of you to send the staff a thank you gift.
  12. Cheeseburgh

    Food Before and After Photos

    I had no idea you were Amish.
  13. Cheeseburgh

    Where are my water guzzlers?

    I could guzzle within a few days, I still do.
  14. Cheeseburgh


    Met my sister for breakfast this morning. Here is another Amazon dress. (It’s black so shut up lol)
  15. Cheeseburgh


    PC free. Ipad Android phone. I pretty much let every company track me apparently.