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  1. Thanks for sharing... I am going to use some marina (low cal stuff).. Had 1/4 c pureed porkchop with beef broth and went down fine tonight. Learning a lot with . this new way of living!!
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Haven't had trouble with the couple of crackers I've had but today was MISERABLE after I got dry ground beef/rice (pureed).. only about 1/8 c of food stuck in my stomach, foamies and the whole nine yard, finally vomited after a couple of hours. I can never foresee this coming. Small bites, chew, chew ,chew... the first and only time since surgery I've vomited. Taking it easy, liquids only for a while.
  3. Loved this, has described me to a t thus far... thank you!
  4. Thank you... this morning I had 1/2 cup fairlife skim milk, plus 1/2 cup water, plus 1 scoop of my strawberries and cream protein powder no carb Isopure and got in 32 grams of protein.. and only 145 cal1 Does anyone have a favorite high protein, low calorie cracker they like? 1 to 2 per day with tuna or something like that?
  5. MFaulk3

    Anyone use a CPAP machine?

    Yes, I've had sleep apnea for about 20 years! As a nurse practitioner I have worn it religiously, understanding the problems it can give you if you don't. Tried it one night and no dry mouth. I'll go back to it until I hear otherwise from my sleep specialist.. Thanks for everyone sharing their experiences.
  6. MFaulk3

    Anyone use a CPAP machine?

    Yes, I took mine and they used it in surgery and every night when I slept! I have lost 41 lbs since July 1 and noticed my mouth has been getting very dry. Wondered if the pressure was too high for me and I slept without it last night...no dry mouth... hmmmm. Have an appointment in September to see if I am needing a less amount of pressure or what!
  7. MFaulk3

    I Got The "Foamies" Today

    I got my first real bout of the foamies. Gastric Bypass July 1, 2019 lost 41 lbs. Really struggling tonight after eating toom much coconut soup with chicken. Think I was eating too fast AND not chewing it up well enough. UGH
  8. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions... hard to see the upload of diet, but can make most of it out, even with enlarging. I am to eat 3 meals per day, 1 snack, no more than 5 hours apart. Last week better but not getting in enough veggies either. Trying to be ingenious about adding protein and not calories. Food Log.pdf
  9. I'm struggling with staying in the 400-500 cal range while getting in enough protein! Any suggestions? I get in between 40 to 50 g of protein daily. Feels like a frustrating puzzle at times.. Thanks for any and all suggestions. BTW down 36 lbs!
  10. MFaulk3

    July 2019

    My gut has been tight off and on but I’m able to drink short sips of water, broth. Did have a rough bout with soft boiled egg... owie my pouch of a stomach definitely tells me if I give it something it doesn’t like! So far so good. Another week of puréed foods...
  11. MFaulk3

    July 2019

    My surgeon does things a bit differently and allows you to go home on pureed foods if you are able to keep 2 meals down in the hosptial. Doing good today overall. My BP and HR were low inpatient and I did not re start one of my meds until today when my bp popped up. I am an NP and have been following it quite closely. Had pureed cottage cheese 1/4 c at breakfast and nonfat yogurt 1/4 cup at lunch, went down well. Taking in 1/4 c of protein shake in between my meals and water is working well too.
  12. MFaulk3

    July 2019

    Had my gastric bypass on July 1st and came home today. Non eventful... thank goodness. Trying to swallow 1/4 cup of pureed turkey. Tastes great but getting full at the 2 tablespoon, 1 ounce point. Otherwise a bit tender around my 6 laproscopy sites, no dranining, water and protein shake going down well. Have others had their surgery yet?
  13. It is interesting how differently the surgeons pre op diets are. I am drinking loads of water, fresh vegetables, keeping it around 1200 calories. Doing my best.. Two weeks and 1 day!!! Acck... surgery July 1st!
  14. Wow, purple glue! Looks good!
  15. Thanks for the info, did you start the nature’s bounty just after surgery, or days later?