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  1. I am new to bariatric pal and find it a bit overwhelmed .... where to start? I’m deciding between gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, have fatty liver, hyperaldosteronism, hypertension, sleep apnea... I hope to decide this fairly soon and get my  surgery scheduled. Glad to be here and getting around a bit. I a 279 and have about 120 lbs to lose as I’m 5’ 7”. Thanks for listening!

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    2. The 56 Bypass

      The 56 Bypass

      You won't regret it! 🙂

    3. MFaulk3


      THanks, I’m 15 days out... trying to lose wt on the 1200 cal diet but it is a crawl... slow...excited!

    4. The 56 Bypass

      The 56 Bypass

      15 days until surgery? Congrats! If there is anything I've learned about RNY, its not a miracle cure all. But here's the good news! Prior to surgery I would knock myself out trying to lose weight, with very little results. Now, I work just as hard to lose weight and am rewarded with fantastic weightloss. So, don't think the surgery is going to magically cause the weight to come off. Those whom I observed who think this have very little weightloss. Instead, realize that the surgery changes the playing field, giving you a leg up toward weightloss success, so long as you are still willing to work at it. If so, you will do fabulous. I recommend keeping a log of everything you eat, good and bad, and weigh every single day. By doing this, you will learn much about your body and how food intake affects the sale one way or the other and you will learn the boundaries unique to you and your body alone and what you can and cannot do in order to successfully lose the weight. Best wishes!! 🙂