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    april042019 reacted to Superman84 in 20 in a month? That's crazy lol   
    Pretty sure that's a very specific insurance company because most won't do COSMETIC surgery unless medically necessary!!
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    april042019 reacted to Sunnyday25 in Favorite non scale victory   
    I biked the golden gate bridge from fishermans wharf I think it was a grand total of 24 miles it was amazing!!!
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    april042019 reacted to SueSaBelle in Favorite non scale victory   
    My favorite NSV was when my husband and I went to the new Little Ceaser's Arena for Pink's concert. I had never been but many people told me how small the seats were which became a huge anxiety fixation. Everyone knows that feeling...well my husband sat down first and had to squeeze in because in the first row of mezzanine the drink holders were on the arms of the seats and made it even more of a tight squeeze. He told me, "I don't know, honey, if I had to squeeze in, it might be tougher for you."
    I SLIDE IN EASILY AND HAD SPARE ROOM IN MY SEAT!!!!! I could even cross my legs in my seat. Yes, it was an amazing feeling to let all of the anxiety and stress go and enjoy Pink's amazing performance. My husband even apologized - he knew I weighed less then him now but that really demonstrated it.
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    april042019 reacted to Fluffy Grandma in Favorite non scale victory   
    I love clothes shopping now. It’s been a long time since I fit in every piece of clothing I bring into the fitting room. It’s no longer about what I can get on, but simply what I like! At a size 10/12, (from a 22/24) I can shop at pretty much any clothing store I want.
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    april042019 reacted to Frustr8 in Favorite non scale victory   
    Me too, at a 20 teetering on the brink of 18, started out a 28-30W. No longer do I have to ask "Hmmmm where are your largest clothes hanging?" No longer do I look at me in bra and panties and break down crying unceasingly, increasing my I can rotate , only take 2 mirrors instead of 3 or more to visualize myself. Oh, I am still a project that hasn't finished but now I have been given a transplant of HOPE and DREAMS for my future. No longer do I have to ask in a quavering voice," Is THAT all there is?" for there is much still ahead and I will live to see it all! AND THAT IS THE GIFT📦 THAT IS THE COOLEST THING OF ALL! 😛🍀❤🌈
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    april042019 reacted to BlueEyedAngel28 in 1 yr and 10 months out (pics)   
    I didnt get enough extra skin to do anything bout it my surgeon told me because I am 30 yrs old and the elasticity of my skin will just bounce back and it did big time so I am happy.

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    april042019 reacted to BlueEyedAngel28 in 1 yr and 10 months out (pics)   
    I am so proud of myself. Gastric bypass has been a journey and still is. I went from 274lbs my highest to 130lbs...    
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    april042019 reacted to Lynnlovesthebeach in The Last Pound!   
    So, I am now 10 months post op RNY Gastric bypass. I have exactly one more pound until I am "normal" BMI! I am so excited! I saw my doctor recently when I was 125 lbs and he told me not to lose any more weight. After much discussion about how I really want to be a normal BMI and it was only 2 more pounds he agreed it was ok to do. I'm sure this last pound is going to be the hardest one to lose! According to my doctor I have lost 93% of my excess wt. I wonder if I can actually make it to the "ideal" wt they gave me, 117 lbs. My doctor said he doesn't expect me to go that low. Hmmmm....sounds like a challenge!
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    april042019 reacted to hazel_ize in VSG surgery scheduled for Monday   
    Hi everyone this is my first post here. I am having surgery on Monday at 8 am. My stats are 48 yrs old, 5'7, HW 280, CW 265, not sure on a goal weight yet. I would like to stay in touch with others who are going or have gone through this procedure.
    I am feeling excited and nervous. Is there anyone else here in Canada who has gone through Smartshape in Toronto?
    Anyone here with stats similar to mine who have gone through this? What have your results been like? 
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    april042019 reacted to Bianca S. in VSG surgery scheduled for Monday   
    Congratulations and welcome! And don’t be! I was nervous about surgery but thankfully the day of I just focused on my breathing which calmed me down and now I am 5 days post op! I even have posted how my procedure went if you want to read how it went with others.

    I got the sleeve
    I am 22yrs old
    Height is 5’2”
    Highest weight known: 274
    Highest weight recorded: 270
    Pre-Op appointment weight: 270.6
    Day of surgery weight: 266.8
    (With only a 2day clear liquid diet)
    Today’s weight (5days PO) 258.4
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    april042019 reacted to Darktowerdream in How many calories do you eat a day?   
    I keep thinking about this subject every so often and what really is upsetting to me is how hard I fought to lose weight for so long, I was able to lose on my own at least twelve years ago when my weight hit its maximum both due to metabolic disorders, chronic illness, disability etc. and just plain old frustration and sugar addiction. I kicked the sugar addiction as hard as I could, did a combination of low carb and calorie counting. But fast forward to before surgery and my weight was constant war to keep it down, to maintain the right calories and carbs etc. what gets me is that prior to surgery I was eating average 800 calories a day based on calculators for pcos and metabolic disorders. Plus less than 20 net carbs. Admittedly some weeks as I pursued figuring out what was wrong with my gallbladder and the idea of weight loss surgery, I loosened up and had things like sweet kale salad with gardein grabless crab cakes or gardein fishless fish with cauliflower tots. The worst thing I ate was a Piece of cake for someone’s birthday, I hadn’t had in years and the frosting was just too good. I did have a little Pasta here and there. And the frustrating part? My mom was eating nearly all the same foods and similar portions, we are both 5’ 0 yet at my heaviest she was half my weight and thought anything over 100lb too much.
    At the same time I don’t care, if I get my Protein I’m fine. But I see people able to eat what I consider normal calories ie. 800-1000 and still lose weight. While I was gaining.
    Im glad to see the weight coming off but it hangs over my head, can I find the right balance to lose and maintain a healthy weight long term? My loss is slow but steady but my overall progress to “normalcy “ not so much. Not that anything in my life has ever been normal ...
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    april042019 reacted to Darktowerdream in ADHD Medication Malabsorption after Gastric Bypass   
    I posted a resource for information about medication after gastric bypass surgery on another thread but one key thing surgeons fail to mention is that you will no longer be able to take extended release/ timed release medication.
    No one ever mentioned anything about medication post surgery. Even knowing my chronic illness and disability. I sometimes think they just assume it will magically go away.
    Ive got the odd mix of ADHD and chronic Illness that causes debilitating fatigue. I used to find coffee in the evening would help calm me somewhat, clear my brain a little bit and help me fall asleep a bit faster. Not by much but sometimes just enough. I haven’t had coffee in a while though. And am too sensitive to side effects from medication. I was taking a beta blocker for orthostatic intolerance but that was timed release. I had stopped it when my insurance wouldn’t pay for name brand and it has been rough.
    Id assume it would help to take smaller doses paced throughout the day when you need them most. I also think it’s better long term to find medication and Vitamins that come in liquid form (as well as sublingual or chewable)
    Keep on top of this with your psychiatrist. Doctors can be a pain when it comes ting in contact with them. Is there someone in their office that you can speak to such as an assistant? Maybe they can help you get the message to the doctor or even find out the information you need.
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    april042019 reacted to Darktowerdream in Malabsorption of psych meds? Or any meds?   
    21 Medication Rules after Gastric Bypass
    There are certain pills that you should not be taking after surgery because they will either irritate your pouch, such as all pills in the NSAIDs catagory or pills that just won't be absorbed like they should. Any pills with enteric coating (kind of like a candy coating) or any extended release type med may not be absorbed like it is supposed to. If any of your meds do fall into those catagories you will want to get them changed. Those meds need the gastric juices to break them down and after RNY those juices just aren't there to do the job until well down your intestinal system which won't be enough time to break those meds down.
    So basicly, you want to avoid any meds that are extended release, delayed, controlled, sustained or any medication that is an NSAIDs.
    Over-the-counter NSAIDs are:
    Aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Orudis KT, Ibuprofen, Excederin
    Prescribed NSAIDs are:
    Motrin, Naprosyn, Anaprox, Toradol, Lodine, Feldene, Indocin, Daypro, Relafen, Voltaren and Celebrex.
    There is the belief by some surgeons out there that even one NSAIDs can cause some kind of damage to your pouch and they strongly recommend staying away from them, if possible. If medically there is a reason to be taking them, such as the use of low dose asprin for heart conditions, it is okay to take them but you should also be placed on some kind of protectant such as Carafate or Cytotec.
    If you are unsure if any of the meds you are on fall into any of these catagories talk to your Pharmacist, they will know. It isn't a bad idea to let your Pharmacist know that you are a Gastric Bypass patient. They can list it in your information almost like an allergy so that if you are ordered a med that you shouldn't be on an alert will be generated. There are ALOT of physicians out there that don't know this kind of information it is our respondsibility to make sure they are aware of it.
    Here are 21 basic rules we should all follow in regards to our meds:
    1. If side effects appear or increase, consult your doctor or your pharmacist about dosage or other medication options.
    2. First-pass effect medications may not provide effective absorption at the currant dosages. Check dosage or check for alternative medications that do not have first pass effect. (your Pharmacist will know if any of your meds are "first-pass" meds)
    3. Medications that are in a liquid or solution form will be absorbed faster than those that are solids. Check for liquid forms of medications.
    4. No extended-release, sustained-release, controlled-release, timed-release or osmotic pump medications.
    5. Many medications can also have gastrointestinal side-effects like gas, diarrhea, constipation or intestinal cramping.
    6. Read the pamphlet attached to the prescription bag for potential side-effects.
    7. You should not take any NSAIDs without a protectant such as Cytotec or Carafate. EVER!!!!
    8. Be able to recognize an NSAIDs when you see one.
    9. Use a protectant if taking daily low-dose aspirin for heart health or to prevent stroke.
    10. Check all PMS over the counter medications (OTC) for NSAID ingredients.
    11. Read all OTC medication packaging to check for NSAIDs ingredients.
    12. Inhaled steroids for asthma are okay.
    13. Taking steroids of any kind, even by injection, requires taking a protectant as well.
    14. Medications commonly used in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis such as Fosamax, Actonel and Boniva have the potential to cause gastrointestinal ulceration. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about alternatives.
    15. Do not continue to take medications that have been discontinued.
    16. If dosages have been changed, do not finish out a previous dosage just because it is there. CHange the dosage immediately unless instructed otherwise by your physician.
    17. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if any of your medications are fat soluble. If so, stay in touch with the prescribing physician and report your currant weight every month for possible dosage changes. (as the amount of fat in your body changes your dosages may also need to be changed)
    18. Tell all medical providers about your status as a weight loss surgery patient. (Lap-Banders too!)
    19. Keep all your scripts at one pharmacy if possible.
    20. Meet and get to know your local pharmacists. They truly can be invaluable friends.
    21. Remember to have everyone work as a team for you! You're worth it!
    One other word of warning when it comes to taking Tylenol. You MUST watch the amount of Tylenol you are taking. No more than 4,000mg in a 24 hour period. You can cause yourself liver damage with Tylenol overdose. You need to read your labels. Look to see if things have Tylenol or acetamenophin in them. Vicodan has Tylenol so if you are taking Vicodan or Lortab make sure you aren't adding a lot of Tylenol on top of it. That is why it is important to read the information on those pharmacy bags and on otc medications.
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    april042019 got a reaction from ARMoma45 in ADHD Medication Malabsorption after Gastric Bypass   
    Hey guys!
    So I'm just starting medication for my ADHD and my doctor prescribed me Concerta. I've been reading a little bit about it and with it being an extended time release medication, I'm thinking maybe it wont work because of malabsorption issues after gastric bypass. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, though, and waited to try it for a few days before judging. But I don't feel like it's doing anything. I've taken Adderall before and immediately felt an improvement. Could this just be because it's in my head? Has anyone had any similar issues with these types of medications? What worked for you? Recommendations?
    I forgot to tell my psychiatrist about my surgery so when I realized this I called her office and left her a message but she never got back.
    (Im going to be 5 months post op in about 2 weeks)
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    april042019 reacted to Ellf in Three Months Post-Op   
    My only two go-to meals are three light mini Babybel cheeses for Breakfast (50 cal each, 6 g Protein each), and Wendy's chili (which I can now eat a full small chili... for 21 grams of protein and 210 cal).

    The rest I kind of play by ear. My workout consists mostly of me just walking around the office during the daytime and getting lots to drink. I should probably swim more, and am planning on getting some swimming in this week.

  16. Congrats!
    april042019 reacted to Ellf in Three Months Post-Op   
    And I'm down 65 lbs. I'm finally below 300 lbs, and I couldn't be happier. I haven't been this weight in ten years. Hell, I haven't even been close to it since 2012. I know I'm going to continue the weight loss too.
    My highest weight was 427 lbs. April 2018. My weight on surgery day was 360.8. I weighed myself yesterday morning and was 295.2.
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    april042019 reacted to Lynnlovesthebeach in Oh So Close!   
    I usually update my weight on Sunday morning...today it is 130.4! Only 0.4 until I'll be at the weight my doctor suggested. I think my personal goal will be a little lower.
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    april042019 got a reaction from Frustr8 in How many calories do you eat a day?   
    Hey guys!
    Just wondering, how many calories do you eat a day (on average)? and how far out are you? Also, how many times a week do you workout and for how long?
    I eat about 500 cals a day and work out 3 times a week ( I try to burn 800 cals every workout )
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    april042019 reacted to sstormer72 in Pounds lost   
    I had RNY GASTRIC BYPASS on Dec 12,2018 and I'm down on April 2nd 90 pounds..

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    april042019 reacted to FluffySaysForkIt! in Extremely rude nurse   
    I am so glad you decided to follow through on this! I know it can't be easy.
    Please don't let a slow pace or seeming inaction discourage you. What happened to you and your family was SO wrong, and you have a right to be heard. Ultimately, no matter what happens, you can feel good about doing everything in your power to stop this nurse from ever treating someone else like that again.
    Thanks for updating, and I hope you get some measure of justice in this.
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    april042019 got a reaction from Carrot64 in Extremely rude nurse   
    I just my had surgery a few days ago and while I was at the hospital my mom and friend came to visit (both of them wear hijab). They went home and I took a nap and when I woke up my nurse was standing by my bed putting syringes into my iv and she asked me if the people that visited me were related to me and I told her they're my mom and friend. She started telling me how much she hated the islamic hijab and what it stands for and how she liked other religions veils but not the islamic one. Later, she became incredibly rude and aggressive with me. She was trying to show me how to give myself the blood thinner injection that i'm supposed to take when I go home. She put it in my hand and told me to do it now. I told her to give me a second because I had just woken up and was feeling groggy but she started telling me not to be a coward and to do it now. I told her ok I'm gonna do it just give me 1 second to breathe but she grabbed my hand and pushed the needle into me against my will.
    Later, she told me she would go to lunch for 30 mins and come back to help me walk. I waited for an hour and a half and when she didn't come me and my mom, who had just arrived, went to walk by ourselves. We had walked for half an hour and just got back to my room when the nurse came back and started yelling at me and my mom because she thought I hadn't walked and have been waiting for her the whole time. I told her I just got back from walking but she didn't believe me and was yelling at my mom and saying that my mom is going to be the death of me because of how much she spoils me and doesn't make me do stuff and my mom was telling her that we just walked but the nurse wouldn't have it and kept on going and saying that it's all my moms fault and she can't trust her to take care of me at home and she started trying to pull me up from my chair to walk and I told her I couldnt i just walked and im in a lot of pain now and she started yelling at me and I was crying and telling her i cant and that my stomach and back and arm hurt a lot and she would keep telling me to stop crying and get up and that I'm too lazy. She made me get up and walk and after that I asked to be discharged right away and I left that day. Every time I remember that nurse I get so mad at what happened and wish I could've done something.
    Am I right to be mad? Any suggestions on what I should do?
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    april042019 got a reaction from FluffySaysForkIt! in Extremely rude nurse   
    Hello! Thank you all for all the support and advice! I don't think I would've done anything if it weren't for all your kind words and encouragement. So I filed a complaint to the State Board of Nursing and it's currently "under investigation" However, they told me it would take at least 18 months until they take any action towards my file because "they get hundreds of complaints and they sort through them based on severity" Apparently, a racist nurse isn't very dangerous... Anyway, I'm going to speak to the actual hospital now and see what they do. I'm not very hopeful after hearing what the BN told me. I feel like they'd just brush it off. I hope not. I'll keep you guys updated, though! Thank you so much!
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    april042019 reacted to Frustr8 in Extremely rude nurse   
    Amen Frou Frou! And I apologize for her insensitivity and please don't let her Mar a beautiful surgery and a wonderful recovery period. She seems envious of 2 ladies who are commited to their religion and have pride in the external trappings as well. I have friends of your religion along with my many Christian and Jewish ones, and each has enriched my life greatly. There is No Room for such actions in a caring profession like nursing.She shames a beautiful profession by her actions!
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    april042019 reacted to froufrou in Extremely rude nurse   
    There should be a patient liaison person at that hospital - give them a call. Her views on religion should not come in to her job. I'm really sorry that you were treated badly - she should not be doing that job if she can't keep her personal feelings out of it.
  25. Hugs
    april042019 reacted to Mychoice19 in Extremely rude nurse   
    I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. Report her to their medical board and your Surgeon. You just had a major surgery you definitely didn't need that extra trauma in your life. I pray your journey gets better throughout the process..

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