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  1. Krestel

    Long, long time ago...

    Yeah! A surgery twin almost. I totally agree with what you wrote. I feel the same way, I want to lose a few more pounds but dont want to yo-yo them.
  2. Krestel

    Long, long time ago...

    2 years ago and going strong. Absolutely no regrets after more than 130 lbs down. I feel like Im back to eating in a total normal way, but I think that is due to my body giving me "normal" signals now that I never had before. So even post-GP other than the weight, I dont notice any differences. The only thing I do now food related is food journaling and watching out for extra fatty/sugary foods in order to not dump. Im also back to playing sports and have a WONDERFUL time doing them. Im working on gaining muscle now though and dont know how well that will go. Oh, I jumpstarted my weight loss but getting rid of sugar AND sweeteners from my diet. I also limited bread. This REALLY helped me get a grip on things just before surgery and then when surgery came around I really didnt want anything sweet for THE longest time after that.
  3. I got an Apple iWatch and used the calorie meter to tell me approximately how many calories im using. So even though Im still trying to lose my last pounds, Im giving myself a mental break and just trying to stay under those calories. Yeah, it might be higher than the 1500 calories, but by losing over 100 pounds, i think I need a mental break. My weight has been steady which Im greatful for and Im sure Im not eating correctly and am possibly deluding myself. BUT I think we all need to mentally give ourselfves a break after all the hard work we've put in. Either that or Im just rationalizing my bad eating. Who knows? Just being honest.
  4. Krestel

    Pre surgery diet freak out

    Getting off sweeteners (artificial and natural) can really help as well.
  5. Still dont feel skinny/thin..wonder when that is going to happen.

    1. Lynnlovesthebeach


      I don't "feel" skinny/thin either but I know I am just by looking in a full length mirror! I remember one time I was in TJMAXX and passed a mirror and saw myself from the side. I had to stop and take another look because I couldn't believe that was me. Actually, I never felt "morbidly obese" either. I just knew I was by looking at the size of my clothing and the number on the scale!

    2. BayougirlMrsS


      Same here.... I remember the first time i caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror in a mall.... i had to back up and i started crying ... I could not believe it was me. that was way back in 2012ish.... when i was 143#..... now at 120# even though the pants size says 0-2..I still don't see it. I know i have body dysmorphia

    3. BayougirlMrsS


      Lord yes... some days i feel huge.... Other days, i'm like, dang i look good... but mostly fat

  6. Krestel

    Pre surgery diet freak out

    I think the toughest thing is to find protein/meal replacements that you like. I still love my iced vanilla protein powder coffee drink. In fact, I still have it for breakfast and lunch. For me the higher the protein, the more full I feel. Also make sure you get enough sleep and water. If you dont have enough, willpower will go out the window.
  7. Krestel

    Can anyone eat carbs?

    From the movie Mama Mia 2, "I think my soulmate might be carbs." "And mine must be wine." Best quote ever!
  8. Anyone out there got any sayings...I came up with a one. 'You know you're a bariatric person when you avoid alcohol not because it could cause you to get really really drunk and lead to alcoholism but because you have to count the massive amount of calories when u drink it.'
  9. Krestel

    Liquid ideas

    I liked water down prune juice to be honest. It helped a bit with the constipation and for some reason tasted absolutely amazing! Also, I ate lots of ice...still do. My stomach loves the stuff! ..even when im freezing my skinny (and saggy) booty off. Oh, I just remembered, I also drank watered down protein water and watered down meal replacement shakes. Ive found at least 3-4 types of coffee flavored ones and still have them for breakfast (with lots of ice ofc).
  10. Looking back at all the encouragement that I got here when I had my surgery...I KNOW you can do it! Nerves are a good thing when having surgery because it reminds us that it is actual surgery and not just a safe routine. //Digital hugs!
  11. Krestel

    Regular meds

    I didnt have any issues and I take pills that are rather large. I guess im one of the quiet masses that doesnt have many issues post-surgery. (Other than the normal..gawd it hurts moments post-surgery.)
  12. Today I played my first (American) tackle football game (Stockholm Mean Machines) I am SUCH a rookie! I only got my pads 3 weeks ago and had to borrow all of them from the team and other players... BUT boy was it fun. I (now) play Offensive Right Guard and was deathly scared before the match but it turned out that our own team during practice hits much harder than our opponent. At 48 years old and about 16 months post GPB, I am soooo happy to have done this. I still have problems seeing myself at my weight though and think i'm still "fat" in my head even though everyone else sees me as somewhat of a bean poll (Im 5 foot 11). I also could only play this one game this season because I'm getting surgery on my foot which is what killed my playing sports when I was 19. On the other hand, I was Googling around about football and weight issues since I dont want to gain weight from eating too much (like I did after injuring my foot but muscle is fine though) and I ran across this article about a very overweight somewhat famous player (that I had no idea about). A great read by the way. After reading the article, I wondered how he was doing now and saw the blurb in the middle. He had died at 38. So it just reminds me (my sister died from complications from obesity) that I truly need to keep "on the wagon". Still happy but cautious....
  13. Krestel

    No longer obese!

    Great job! I got my BMI order by 1 year as well...so now we have the next hurdle....keeping the weight and making it sustainable. BUT wonderful wonderful news! Has your head caught up to your weight though? It's still taking me forever to not see myself as "big" anymore.
  14. Hello my name is Krestel and Im a banana addict...Ive eaten bananas for the past xxx days.

  15. Krestel


    What I dont get is the why...Why would someone troll this type of surgery? I too found the story lacking credibility, but dont understand why a person would go to this trouble. Boredom? Hate? No idea...

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