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  1. OhMyGracious!

    What did you do with your old clothes

    The hospital I used is known for their WL program. They have a give and take store. You drop off what you can’t wear and pick up what you can. No charge. I am only two weeks out, but I can’t wait to participate in the program.
  2. OhMyGracious!

    April Sleevers

    I had surgery 4/15. For the first few days, after laps at the hospital, I only got about 1800-2000 steps a day. It was a week out before I hit 3000, and now I’m over 5000 steps. I’m actually dedicating 2x’s a day to walk my block outside- which is 1/2 mile. My doctor expects 2 mile walks by 6 weeks out. Sounds like your doing fabulous.
  3. OhMyGracious!

    Outpatient sleeve

    They would not do outpatient in Huntsville, AL. I would be leery of leaving that quick.
  4. OhMyGracious!

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    I like the grape or wild strawberry best, but beware CL has caffeine, so I’ve moved to the generic great value version at Walmart- No caffeine. I think there are also several sf syrups you can add for flavor, but I haven’t tried them yet.
  5. I was told not to shave legs within 48 hours of surgery. Knicks are open wounds which could be infected by staph. It’s a precautionary method my hospital used. I also had to shower using dial and hibaclense twice.  No wipes unless they did that after I was knocked out.
  6. OhMyGracious!

    Experiences with Phentermine?

    Ditto on most post. Initially it worked great! However it’s an upper, as such expect to be wired, nervous, on edge, easily angered and unable to sleep. It’s a short term solution to a lifestyle problem. If you can’t change your lifestyle weight comes back with a vengeance. I don’t recommend it.
  7. OhMyGracious!

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Consider Protein Water. Premier Protein Water has 20g protein, but counts as water too. I have to add Crystal Light to cut the aftertaste, but it’s been a lifesaver for me.
  8. OhMyGracious!

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    I said this yesterday! I need savory items. Everything I drink taste sweet- Protein Shakes, Jello, Popsicles, Protein Water. I’m so tired of chicken broth and veggie broth. I’ve branched our a little to cream soups... but I want eggs!
  9. OhMyGracious!

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    How are our Completed surgery- April buddies doing now? I’d love some post surgery updates!
  10. OhMyGracious!

    Crystal Light Rustrations

    I think it’s just the flavors I prefer... wild strawberry, grape and orange. I’ve previously had reflux and the lemonades scare me. I’m not a big tea drinker, so I’m loving these other options and recommendations.
  11. OhMyGracious!

    Feeling full or gassy?!

    How are y’all doing otherwise? I have one incision and spot that is still quite sore. Otherwise no pain. A little tired, but doing well and weight loss has been good so far.VSG- 04/15/19 HW: 322SW: 300CW: 290Down: 32 pounds and 8.5 inches
  12. OhMyGracious!

    Feeling full or gassy?!

    I am so ready! All of the liquids and proteins are sweet or chicken broth. I so need savory in my life. I am hoping to purée some squash, carrots, deviled eggs- minus a few ingredients- next week.
  13. OhMyGracious!

    1 week post op, liquid diet

    I just liquified this recipe. I’m on full liquids and don’t want anything else sweet. I am in need of savory and cant stand chicken broth any longer. I left out the bacon, curry and red pepper flakes, and added unflavored protein powder. It was an awesome liquid dinner! https://insidebrucrewlife.com/loaded-cauliflower-soup/
  14. OhMyGracious!

    Puree options limited please help

    I just made amazing fake potato soup. I’m on full liquids and liquified a cup. https://insidebrucrewlife.com/loaded-cauliflower-soup/ Left out bacon, curry and red pepper flakes.
  15. OhMyGracious!

    Crystal Light Rustrations

    Thanks so much for all the insights and suggestions.