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  1. Cashaggy

    March 2019 sleepers

    I had my sleeve done March 22 and so now I’m two weeks out. I initially lost 12 pounds - in the first week - but now I’ve hit a stall. I even put on a pound over this last week. I was feeling really discouraged but reading this thread and seeing people’s experiences and all the encouragement from everyone has been so helpful. I’ve noticed I’m shrinking, even if the scales aren’t moving, so just need to sit with this frustration. I too have had issues with constipation; a first for me and very annoying. Hope everyone is doing okay
  2. Cashaggy

    March 2019 sleepers

    Thank you! That’s really great to hear that you’re feeling good 5 days out from surgery. I tried to do a search of the forums to get an idea of when the gas pain might ease. I know everyone is different and heals at different rates so I figured there would be a range, but couldn’t really find what I was looking for. It’s nice to know how you’re doing and only getting those random pains. It sounds like you’re doing really well! Congratulations 😊 and thanks again for the update.
  3. Cashaggy

    March 2019 sleepers

    I had my surgery yesterday! I was really nervous but the team and the nursing staff have been great. Like a lot of people have said the gas pain is pretty unpleasant; walking really helps but I think the pain medication helps even more. I’m up and about but napping a lot. Looking forward to the end of these sharp gas pains in my shoulder and chest but feeling well supported in the interim. Hope everyone is going well leading up to, and post, surgery.
  4. Congratulations @FluffyChix On your great work! I have read this whole thread over the last few days and it’s been such a joy. You are all very inspirational and funny and kind. I am pre op for a sleeve gastrectomy on 22 March but I’ve been doing IF (16:8-18:6) for the last six weeks. It’s been so helpful with cravings and weight loss too - I’ve lost 20 pounds so far. I look forward to using it as a tool 6+ months post op like you all. Again, well done on your wonderful achievement. Please keep all the posts coming!
  5. Cashaggy

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Hi, I am currently pre op, but I’m loving this thread. In terms of “head hunger”, I’ve fount EFT really helpful for cravings and emotional eating. It might look a little woo woo but there’s good evidence behind it. Here’s a video of it in case you’re interested:
  6. Cashaggy

    March 2019 sleepers

    I’m booked for surgery on March 22nd. Nervous but excited! Reading this forum has been a big help already

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