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  1. So my hair has been falling out like it's got somewhere so much better to go. I don't think the shower drain, hairbrush, floor, vacuum or garbage seems that interesting and it should just stay put where it is. I've cut it and lightened it so it's not so noticeable, but apparently no one else really notices so that's good. I've been taking biotin 10,000 mcg a day since before the surgery but that didn't seem to do the trick. 

    I did however find out this week that I am now anemic and one of the side effects of low iron is hair loss... little upset that it took them 5 months to let me know that I had a problem. So yay double whammy on the hair. I also get dizzy a lot when standing, which I was attributing to my now low blood pressure but maybe it's the iron. I guess it takes the supplements 3 months minimum to get in there and boost my levels and I hope by then my hair is staying and my head isn't so dizzy.