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  1. JLondon11

    Weird Stuff That Delayed Your Surgery Approval

    Freaking out... everything was done, classes, endoscopy, approvals and surgery date is/was 2/20 and JUST found out I don’t have the same insurance that I thought I had. Unitedheathcare is no longer covering federal employees in CA apparently. So frustrated, I have no idea if they transferred our insurance to another company or if we have anything at all at this point, will know tomorrow hopefully and praying I don’t have to start from scratch and that my health group I’ve been doing all this through is even in my network. I want to cry! Ugh hopefully will have an answer tomorrow 🤞🏻😞
  2. What surgery are you having? My Dr. said I will probably go home the same day so I haven't put much thought into it but definitely bringing slippers and sweatpants! Chapstick is a good one!
  3. JLondon11

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery 2/20/2019

    I never really lost much weight and when I had fluid in the lapband I couldn't get anything down so I have had it empty for about 8 years now and just started gaining again in the last year. The lapband typicallly has a life span of 10 years and I am at 10 Years this past January, I have had acid reflux issues with it which made me worried about getting the sleeve but because I have a hiatal hernia and lapband, and not a history of Acid reflux, he is convinced the two combined are causing the reflux in the first place so hopefully that is the case.
  4. JLondon11

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery 2/20/2019

    I’m on 2/20 also in Southern California, not on liquids until the day before surgery. Have to take milk of magnesia at noon and that’s about it. I am having my lapband taken out and revisioning to sleeve so hopefully all goes smooth! Good luck to you! Glad I found this website!
  5. JLondon11


    Have you tried Hint water? Its kind of new around here but I just ordered some online, no calorie, no sugar, no sweetener, they are just water with naturally flavored after taste. I have only tried the Peach but I like it a lot and I don't love water usually. I am ordering the 36 for $36 on their website for after surgery. and most of the CVS's and Targets near me sell it. https://www.drinkhint.com/collections/water
  6. Awesome!!!! Crossing fingers for you!
  7. Thank you! I don't feel so alone, I think "seasoned" is a good word for it. Maybe unmotivated is not what I am feeling, I've lost ten pounds in a few weeks and starting to change my ways prior to surgery, I guess when I am on these boards and at support group meetings locally I just feel like I am missing he enthusiasm I had prior to band, could be fear too of the unknown switching from one WLS to another. I think once a few lbs come off during liquids I will get a 2nd wind of excitement! Thanks for sharing!
  8. No I was approved on the first pass, but it sounds like they know what they are doing, just breath and put your faith in them, will pray for all to go well for you!
  9. I have united healthcare and am revisioning from lapband to sleeve on 2/20 I am wondering if your medical group has a lot of experience with revisions, mine did and told me they knew “all the right things to say” and got approval. Hopefully your group will fight for you with the insurance company and all will work out for you... I know you are probably as anxious as I am to get the lapband out! Best wishes!
  10. Have any revisionists had trouble getting motivation to lose more weight? I am going from lapband to sleeve on 2/20/19 and I feel like even though I have plenty to lose, I’m not feeling like I am going to, or that I am not as motivated to. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism? I am hoping it’s like when a woman has a baby and their “maternal instincts” kick in that I will feel more motivated after surgury to make weight loss a goal rather than just getting my lapband out... any one else struggle with this and if so, did that change after surgery? Thanks ahead of time.
  11. JLondon11

    February 2019 Sleevers?

    Getting sleeved February 20, got lapband in Mexico in 2009 and revisioning to sleeve! Super excited! Dr. Leport in Southern CA this time around!
  12. JLondon11

    lapband to sleeve

    Following, I am going from band to sleeve on 2/20, they are doing both removal and sleeve at the same time. Wondering how the restriction will differ from the band and the purge vs. waiting for something to go down on its own. Good luck with your surgery!
  13. I’m getting my lapband out after 10 years and getting bypass. I didn’t tell anyone the first time around and it was awful. I learned when I did let people in they were all very supportive, this time around I’m not going to lie to myself or anyone else close to me. Might separate those who love me from those who do t but living with the secret is something I refuse to do again. I promise it’s better to tell your truth.
  14. Thank you for your response, good luck tomorrow!
  15. Hi all, I am having my lapband removed after 11 years for acid re-flux issues while sleeping, my GI and my Bariatric Doc both recommend Gastric Bypass because of the sleeve issues with reflux but I am so afraid of dumping and the side effects. My mom had bypass over 10 years ago and still has to go to the bathroom for LONG periods of time after almost every meal. After being on lapband and experiencing the purge, I don't ever want to deal with ANOTHER embarrassing side effect, and my reflux issues now are exacerbated by my lapband so once that is out, I am hoping the reflux will not get worse. I am at 195lbs and still want to lose 30 lbs or so. How bad is dumping for regular people? How bad is the reflux for those on the sleeve, I really need to decide, all thoughts are appreciated.