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  1. On 1/26/2020 at 3:03 AM, Corne said:


    I am still way over 300lb - did not have surgery et, but am currently losing some weight beforehand. I have lost over 50lb and have another 50 to go before I could have RNY.

    Slowly but surely.....

    50 pounds on your own? That's incredible! The time will come sooner than you think but so far you're rockin it!

  2. 4 hours ago, ms.sss said:

    @MarvelGirl25 : sounds like your fam is like ours...we don't do birthDAYS, we do birthWEEKS (and week long anniversaries too, lol)

    ...also these tarts/pastries made my stomach MOVE just now. #yumYumYumYum

    ...am already planning on asking Mr. to take us to the bakery after lunch today when he gets back from his run... #futureYUM

    Lol yesssss that’s exactly what we do to, and everything is worth celebrating 🥳

    Theres this Portuguese bakery near his moms house and they do the best desserts! That’s where everything came from. The custards are addicting! Show us what you pick up!

  3. dinner + more belated bday celebrating at my bfs moms house yesterday.

    Ate rice, and carne alentejana (Portuguese pork, potatoes and little necks). They insisted I grab some Brussel sprouts but I didn’t eat them since we know how that went last time. Oh and I also had a rumchata shot and a big bite of the pasteis de nata custard.

    Surprisingly I still lost a pound this morning and I ate over 1000 calories last night.






  4. 1 hour ago, Puffy-no-more said:

    I loooooove Dominican salami and cheese made just like that. My husbands family likes to eat that with yucca. It’s sooo good. Sadly, I like in Kansas and I haven’t been able to find either of those for sale here. We have to wait until someone goes to either New York, California, or Florida to get some. But it’s such a treat when we do get it!

    Omg yessss its delicioussss. I love it with yucca too and the purple vinegar onions on top! I will say though, my preference is eating it with mangu.

    Awww that stinks! :( Have you tried checking Walmart? I wonder if there was some way you could get them shipped cold.

    New York has some great spots for Dominican Breakfast. I live in RI and I'm lucky because there are like 5 or 6 Dominican corner stores within walking distance from my house that sell the ingredients and sell it cooked.

    Pre-op I would go to one of the stores before heading to work and order a small container of mangu con los tres golpes (mangu with the 3 hits). $5 bucks for two pieces of cheese, two pieces of salami, two eggs, the mangu, and onions! All hot and freshly made at 7 am. It would fill me up for the whole day lol. Im glad im able to make it a little healthier now but its definitely a dish that needs to be eaten in moderation.

  5. Im so soo sorry for your loss... I cant even imagine what you must be feeling or going through.

    I know we dont really know each other but if you ever need someone to talk to, about anything really, dont hesitate to message me.

    My deepest condolences...Sending prayers your way ❤️

  6. Gochujang chicken lettuce wraps again. Gochujang burns fast so cooking it on the stove yesterday was a pain. Today I decided to try cooking it with the ninja foodi and OMGGGGG sooo good! What a difference! The marinade stuck to the chicken well without burning and the chicken held it’s juice. I think I’m going to be eating this the rest of the week. Tasted just like the spicy chicken thighs from Korean bbq 🍖

    Now all I’m missing is some kimchi...



  7. @AngieBear I bet you would look like a bad ass with a shaved head! I've always thought about shaving my head too but I have a big head so I know it wouldnt look good lol

    @ms.sss @Arabesque @GreenTealael

    My hair is kinda long so i think i can afford to cut it but it just breaks my heart. I usually just cut the ends every year and that's it so getting it cut shorter scares me. I've never even highlighted or dyed my hair, its a virgin. I was hoping to grow it out more and then get highlights once I lost weight. Ill keep you all updated!

  8. 2 hours ago, ms.sss said:

    HOLY CRAP. There is no appropriate emjoi for your post!!!

    Glad you are ok! The smell must have been HORRIBLE.

    hair on fire is like one of my biggest nightmares (that and getting eaten by sharks or stung by a swarm of bees)

    Did you cut it afterwards? (the hair, I mean)

    LOL i tried to look for an emoji while I was writing it and didnt find an appropriate one either.

    Thanks, me too! It smelled so bad and there was so much smoke I couldnt believe how quick it was moving up my hair. If it wasnt for my parentsitf would have reached the top of my scalp. Thank God I have no bald spots. I would have cried my eyes out.

    :o those are pretty bad fears! Mines is rats and mice. Uhh cant stand them!

    I ended up cutting the dead/burnt ends myself but I havent went to the salon yet. Im afraid they're going to cut my hair too short. Not sure if I should just leave it and let it grow or make it into layers so you cant tell.

    Decisions, decisions