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  1. HalfCourt

    discomfort and pain 15 months later

    Did you get any answers?
  2. HalfCourt

    4.5 years, water still an issue!

    Get you a Cirkul. I know this is an old post but that thing is amazing.
  3. Finely chop low fat pizza ingredients you’d like. Mix with favorite sauce (I get low sugar and add Splenda) Cut wontons into smaller pizza roll size squares. Lay one square down and fill with about a teaspoon of pizza mixture. Top with second square with a bit of water in edges to seal them. Air Fry at 375 for 6 minutes.
  4. Watch The Biggest Ward on Netflix, if you like my 600 pound life.
  5. HalfCourt

    Packed Lunches

    Oh, I should have also added I am on week 7...on regular foods-ish. Haven’t tried raw vegetables.
  6. HalfCourt

    Packed Lunches

    And I should add, I know what to eat but physically having to pack lunches is giving me a mental block. I also don’t necessarily have to pack, as we have plenty of refrigerator space at work to take a weeks worth of stuff.
  7. I am going back to work next week. I work a ten hour day, and commute an hour each way for a total of 12 hours away from home. I need ideas on what to pack for breakfast/lunch/snacks. The only food that I don’t like are plain hard boiled eggs. Pinterest ideas really aren’t helping. Throw your ideas at me please :)
  8. HalfCourt

    Accountability Group

    Oh ok. I’m in Ross County
  9. HalfCourt

    Accountability Group

    What part of Southern Ohio?
  10. HalfCourt

    Depression and anxiety

    Yes! My anxiety has been crazy, especially this week. I found out Saturday that I have a intestinal bacterial infection. I had painful diarrhea and surgeon advised to go to ER after time passed. My anxiety makes me go to worse case scenario. I was waiting for a CT scan and had convinced myself it was blockage. I was so grateful to find out it wasn’t. Then I got home and the thoughts started. First, it was if I progress to soft foods will I make things worse. Then, I was like will the next stage of food cause a intestinal blockage. I’m trying to get past my health anxiety that I was doing so great at controlling. Heck, I had this surgery to reverse some of my health worries. Now, at this time , I feel like I’ve added more to my list. I’m working on some of the cognitive therapy stuff to work myself out of it, but if anyone has any pointers, have at it. My NUT suggested that I do another week of purée, or bounce between purée and soft if I feel up to it.
  11. HalfCourt

    Soft Stage Question

    I think I am going to hold off on soft stage that I’m suppose to start Monday.
  12. HalfCourt

    Soft Stage Question

    I have had horrible gas pains since last night that produce a little bit of diarrhea. I’m hoping it’s either the beans I ate yesterday, or the protein drinks. I just took some gas-x hoping for some relief. My whole day has been messed up too because of it. I did make sure to get my water in.
  13. HalfCourt

    Light headed standing up

    I had a few days of dizziness and read on here it could be lack of protein or beginnings of dehydration. I definitely wasn’t getting 64 ounces so I tried harder to git that goal and even the next day the dizziness was almost gone. Two days and completely gone.
  14. HalfCourt

    Soft Stage Question

    Oh ok. That’s what my plan suggests too.