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  1. RuthD

    Can anyone eat carbs?

    Eating carbs with no problem as long as it is paired with protein and not sugar or loads of fat
  2. RuthD

    Loose skin and sex

    I feel exactly the same way. I know it is a confidence thing etc. but so far I cannot overcome it so I just avoid dating in general
  3. Ok here it comes! I am going to pour my heart to you and I truly hope this forum can help me out. So, I am 27 years old, live in Europe, have a decent education, have my own studio apartment, car, some savings, good sence of humor, I am still studying to become a Vet. In my teenage years I was a strong athlete, fit. Then I got injured and never fully returned to sports, but recovered. As the years gone by I have focused on my studies, graduated as bachelor of Law, did not feel as if it was the right path for me so got in to Veterinary School. I am very happy with that decision and career wise completely satisfied. My problem was always relationships. Even when I was quite fit I only had one boyfriend for shorter time loved him, but after sime time he broke my heart. Experimented with a girl, nothing too serious and the I got overweight, then obessed, not morbidly but obessed never the less. I strained from dating because I was ugly, have never put myself into possition to date, hid, ran from relationships like from fire. I had my surgery half a year ago, and little by little I gotten into a better shape, no where near perfection or my goal, but I look decent. I have not told anyone apart from my family that I had RNY and I am not planning too. Which I know will be a problem in my future relationships too. I think about dating but I am terrified! So scared. Firstly, I am not experienced, and shy when it comes to that, I don’t trust guys, always think they will make fun. Secondly, I am scared of people seeing my body, I have loose skin, loads of stretchmarks and still fat on my belly, and my chest is deflated and crepey crikly. I just want to cry every single time I think how unatractive it must be, and that no man would actually want to touch this blahhhh body. I started to excercise but of course it is not making a change that would impact the skin that much I just feel a bit stronger. I feel like I have told my self that I will be happy I just need to lose some weight, now that I’ve lost 35 kg I am sad , because I realised I am not skinny nor at my goal, and the skin problem is still keeping me from wanting to date. All of my friends tell me to get Tinder etc. but I just panick that I would disappoint the guy when it would come to sex and stuff. As they see me dressed I seem quite ok, but imagine the disgust when undressed. I do love myself but I am disgusted by the thought that a man should see ir touch such body. Everyone just assume that I get loads of attention etc because my personality is fun and bubbly, but truly I am lost. I want to be loved and I know I could love someone like no one else. I know I am the most loyal and giving person, and once I have my eyes on a person I don’t need no one else. But I am afraid that no one would have eyes for me. I know that with time I could get some plastic surgery to lift or tuck. But I feel like this would be just another excuse for me, to “just wait until .... and then you can find your love” type of thing. I am not getting younger too, I don’t have loads of time to meet new people because I work a lot. I don’t even know what I want people to advise me on, but please do ❤️
  4. RuthD

    I just wanna eat

    500-600 calories is that even enough?
  5. Cocoa nibs? There is no sugar just the nib, and cocoa has so many beneficial things in it. Also it is natural. I see no harm other than self control.
  6. RuthD

    Shirataki Noodles

    I’ve geard about them years ago and never came to actually buying them. Instead I used to buy lentil pasta. What is your thoughts on that?
  7. RuthD

    Sub to bread

    Why sadly?
  8. RuthD

    Sub to bread

    I miss bread! I just want warm peace if sower doigh ir some italian bread 🤤 with butter and salmon or cheese. God. I am RNY and only month post op. But I wonder will I ever be able to eat a sandwich/bread, what abiut tiny slice if pizza ir sushi? I thought after you are heeled you can induldge on rare ocasion? Please, someone who knows 😂
  9. I’ve looked to amazon in uk, there are either old packages, old formulations or fakes. Which is sad. Thanks for the advise anyway ☺️
  10. Also Celebrate vs Bariatric advantage?
  11. Damn it I made mistake 🤭 I am not the VSG I am RNY
  12. Thank you both for the reply. I had RNY. The problem with the store here is that they only ship from USA which to the price of the product would add ankther 21% for duties and taxes 😢
  13. Hello everyone! If you care to share I would appreciate! I am almost 3 weeks out, and it is time to order some supplements, as my surgeon told me I could start taking them after 4 weeks post surgery. Sadly, his list is basic and he advised me to talk to dieticians, which her respons was you need good multivitamin, calcium and B,D vitamins. In my country there are no specifically VSG vitamins, so I will need to make my own kit and order from abroad. What is your vitamin routine?Dosage? What are the brands, formulations to look for? Should I order Bariatric advantage? Anyone who lives in europe, could you please share where you order your supplements? What is the best supplement for hair? I know that: Calcium citrate is the best form. B12 needs to be Methocobilyn Thank you in advance!