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    One of my favorite quotes I heard is “Be kind to one another-you don’t know what they may be going through”
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  1. How long did it take for healing? I’m going to a consult on Monday for tummy tuck, breast lift and aug w brachioplasty but we are scheduled to go on a big trip in June. Surgery would be February Trying to gauge whether I’d be healed enough for the trip which would be snorkeling hiking etc
  2. @ms.sss Thanks I know going in as well that I will have scars that may be raised. I’m hopeful and going to buy stock in cocoa butter and massage the scars as much as I can. Thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Wow that tart looks professionally done and so gourmet!! Yummm
  4. That’s interesting what your surgeon said. I didn’t know that. Good info to have. I’m a keloid former as well. How are your scars? Are they fading? I had ankle surgery like 8 years ago and rubbed cocoa butter on it every day and it made it flat. Now it’s so faded you really can’t see it. Hoping that doing that same thing will help with my scars after surgery. I’m sure my hub would love to help me rub in the cocoa butter😊
  5. Donate them!! Don’t keep them for the “what if I get big again”. You can’t think like that. You have to think you won’t ever need them again! Treat yourself to some new things. I shop/shopped resale a lot. It can be expensive buying everything new again. Congrats on your success!
  6. Kris77

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    Yes in spanx/workout pants my tummy looks flat but without I have loose skin. Not hanging over a lot but loose none the less and stretch marks. I do a lot of sit up so my core feels strong but doesn’t look like it naked. I can’t wait for surgeon to pull the curtain down and get rid of all the loose skin. I’m not super excited about the scars from tt and lift but I’m hopeful they will fade over time. I feel like I’ll look like a patchwork quilt afterwards. So I can choose quilt or deflated balloon lol
  7. Kris77

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    Yes pretty awesome! Although once my girls get done I’ll be super excited too. I’m getting a tt, lift w aug
  8. Kris77

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    That’s amazing and def doesn’t gross me out! If all goes well w my consult hopefully I’ll be sending pics of mine in feb! Congrats
  9. He did mine too! He is amazing!! When did you have your surgery? Mine was in 2018
  10. Kris77

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    Im def not saying the price tag isn’t a factor bc it is. I won’t sink myself financially for this but I’m just saying picking the surgeon for a good fit for me is over the price. But price is too high then I’ll have to just wait in that case and save more.
  11. Kris77

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    Yes I agree, I’m def not basing it off of cost. This is one of those things i don’t want to go cheap on for sure. But yes i am def looking for someone that is a good fit for me. I’ve had recommendations on a couple dr and they were not a good fit for me so I am making sure they are a good fit first and foremost.
  12. Kris77

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    Omg!! That is amazing!! What a lucky girl you are!!! Man that day you should have played the lottery too!!
  13. Kris77

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    Wow that’s awesome. I’m sure that helped a lot!!
  14. Kris77

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    Hmm that’s a good idea too
  15. Kris77

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    I totally agree on the 401k. I would Never touch it either.