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  1. Bypassgirl92

    8 months Post OP Gastric Bypass

    Thank you so much!!!
  2. Bypassgirl92

    8 months Post OP Gastric Bypass

    Thank you so much!!
  3. Ugh. I saw this video of this girl on youtube. She was saying post-op how shes been breaking out with lots of acne. But all the youtubers were commenting underneath saying no thats not true bla bla bla. So I was not worried much about it. This past week I have been having breakouts all over my forhead and my chin and sides. And I am someone who has never ever suffered acne!!! Has anything similiar happened to you guys?
  4. Hey everyone. I am still pretty new to this. I am just a plethora of questions now a days haha. I am exactly 3 weeks and 2 days post op via gastric bypass. From my heaviest of 304 I am now down to 268 pounds. Yes it is nice but I still feel like I see no difference ☹. Others tell me they see a huge difference. I know when it comes to ourselves it is hard to see a difference and we are always our own worst enemy. I know a handful of people who have had this surgery and they tell me 6 months out I will see a gigantic difference. How was it for all of you guys? 🤗🤗🤗
  5. Hey everyone I am writing this tonight because I am 3 weeks post-op via gastric bypass. Currently I am in a lot of discomfort because my dietary paperwork said three weeks post-op that I am allowed to have turkey chili. So I proceeded to have a couple of spoons and then I realized it just seemed to not be going down. I felt so uncomfortable and I currently am still uncomfortable. I threw up a couple of times so that feeling can go away and I can feel some relief. It helped a little bit but I still have a weird sensation in my throat. Have any of you experienced this sort of feeling post-operation. It is just this feeling of not being able to swallow and burning it just feels awful. I guess I am still not ready to take on certain sorts of food. I must have not chewed well enough or had swallowed to many spoons back to back. I called my surgeon and she was no help all she said was that I have to wait till it passes. Blehh I feel yuck 😧😝😝
  6. Never give up!!! I am so proud of you and you are very inspirational. Especially since you did this later on in life. Keep up the great work and the dedication. I love your posts and answers your hilarious!! 🤗🤗
  7. Thats fantastic!!! I see it mostly in my face and shoulders as well. I still get really tired if I try to walk very fast or run so I am going to wait it out a few weeks then I am going to sign up to the gym to optimizr these results!! Everyone who I have ever seen or met looks fantastic 1 year out. I want to be just like them. Congrats on your progress as well!!! 😉🤗🤗
  8. I see a little difference. But I am only like a little over 1 month post op. 40 pounds down over 130 to go woot woot 🤗🤗
  9. Yes actually it went away. Thank you for asking!! Its usually something that lasts about a day. So all is well so far. How is everything with you going?
  10. Yes my nurse as well has told me to stop weighing myself! It will absolutely drive you crazy. My nurse told me I cant start working out really at the gym till like 6 weeks post op. So I cant wait! 38 pounds down. 140 more to go haha 🤗🤗
  11. Lmaooo your hilarious! 😃😃
  12. Oh my lord I cant wait till the day I can cross my legs! Im so proud of you love. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words its a breath of fresh air! 🤗🤗
  13. I would put it down to consequence but I am just not someone who ever broke out at all. Not even during my periods. I really do believe its what tou said about the first few weeks our hormonal balances are completely out of control with the surgery. I hope it is a temporary situation because I miss my clear skin 😣😣
  14. Hey darling congrats on your progress so far! I heard its a tad harder losing the weight when you have a pre existing health condition related to obesity. Hopefully thats not the case for you.
  15. Lets melt those pounds away!!! I cant wait to see the end reaults 🙂🙂
  16. Same here girl haha. My husband tells me my pajamas are falling off of me and I am like really? Haha 🤗
  17. Yes that is pretty much all I could tolerate at week 3 is sugar free pudding haha 🤗🤗
  18. If it continues I might do that. But I think its my bodys way of simply telling me that some foods are still too early to tolerate. Congrats on you taking this journey as well!
  19. Hey darling thank you!! Yeah the first few weeks are tough. All in all I have been pretty much just eating like sugar free pudding or jello or an egg here and there but even that goes down very tough. Low fat yogurts and soups. This really is a life changing experience without a doubt. I never imagined someone like me would struggle with eating 😂. I just want time to fly by so I can start a "normal" dietary regime and start going to the gym. But for now just soft puree protein foods and walking. I am stoked though because I have so far lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks! I have much more to go but its all just a work in progress 🤗🤗
  20. Hi! I am feeling much better 1 week post op. I would say the pain was pretty much bareable 4 days later. I was on morphine the first day and a half then they gave me percocets. My nurse also before hand had called in Hydrocodone for me even before the surgery. Luckily 1 week later Im feeling much more self sufficient. If I get the aches here and there I take the liquid tylenol like you do.I am happy you made it through the surgery and all is well. I just cant wait for these pounds to keep dropping off woooo! 🤗🤗
  21. Hey everyone I had my gastric bypass surgery Tuesday December 18th. I survived and everything went well woot woot! I got discharged today and I am finally home. They had me on morphine at the hospital via pca pump. Then they eventually started giving me percocets. I am not going to lie when the effects of the meds wear off I am miserable and I only have 2 days worth of hydrocodone. How did you guys deal with the pain afterwards? I am not looking forward to my pain medication running out 😣😣
  22. I had a very similiar experience. I just remember a lot of people going in and out asking me questions and viewing my medical history over and over. Then I went into the operating room with one of those gowns with the back open. Layed on the surgery table with the mask put on my face then boom! Next thing I know I woke up in recovery in severe pain haha. This was my first surgery ever as well. I have never even been hospitalized for anything. I just want these next few days to go by as quickly as possible so I can feel "normal" again ☺
  23. Thanks doll that is what I will try to do. I hope it subsides quickly like you said 😣😣
  24. Thank you so much. Yes today and tomorrow I believe the pain will continue. I just really hope it does not take any longer then that. I was given Zofran as well along with morphine day 1 and 2 and percocet on day three. But I am still in so much pain once it wears off. And this is under the circumstances of being sent home with hydrocodone for every 6 hours 😣😣
  25. Hi! I was actually wondering how your surgery had went. Glad everything turned out well!! 🤗