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  1. Congratulations! It's so exciting when you get approved. Good luck with your weight loss journey.
  2. GradyCat

    Liquid Diet

    I drank a lot of sugar-free or unsweet iced tea, Gatorade Zero, sugar-free popsicles, sugar-free jello, and water with Crystal Light.
  3. GradyCat


    The statistics of problems with surgery are so very low and if you look at the total number of people on this site compared to the number who've had problems, it's a low percentage. I'm 3 months post-op and haven't had any complications or troubles whatsoever, so it is possible to be okay. It's just your nerves getting to you. Pre-surgery jitters.
  4. GradyCat

    Weight Creep

    Yes, I read about pouch resets all the time on the internet, though they're not on the bariatric sites, so I don't know if they're a real thing. They talk about going back to post-op eating, starting with liquids only for a week or two, then soft foods, then solid foods staying between 600-800 calories.
  5. GradyCat

    Severe Gerd?

    I had GERD before the sleeve surgery 12/11/18. It got worse for several weeks after the surgery. Now it's completely gone! I was taking prescription Omeprazole (generic for Priloesec), 20 mg and it was working. I don't take anything for it anymore and it doesn't happen anymore!
  6. The last time I saw my cousin, who lives out of town, who I hadn't seen in 10 years, the first words out of her mouth were, "So I see you finally got fat like the rest of us." It really hurt my feelings! My brother is obese and my mother was obese and my cousin who said the hurtful thing is obese, so yeah, it runs in my family but I'm working hard at overcoming the issues and breaking the cycle.
  7. GradyCat

    Today is my one year surgiversary!

    Oh wow, you're my hero! Congratulations and Happy Surgiversary!
  8. GradyCat

    Rant: MIL is obsessed with people’s weight

    Do we have the same mother-in-law? Mine too! She'll talk about her friends, "She's as wide as she is tall" and "She's really large" instead of talking about their personalities or generosity or kindness and I can't help but wonder how describes me to others, probably, "My daughter-in-law is really, really big." It drives me nuts! She knows I'm a large girl, so how can she speak ill of other large people around me? Insensitive and unnecessary! And, to top it off, my MIL isn't exactly small herself!
  9. GradyCat


    I use a vanilla protein shake as creamer in my coffee. That way I get protein and coffee simultaneously!
  10. I've thrown up "the foamies" (no food, just mucus) when I eat something too dense and then I know my body's not ready for it. Items include soft tortillas, steak, and ham.
  11. GradyCat

    Bad habit of swallowing gum!

    Nope, I've never swallowed gum. Can't imagine it'll hurt you though.
  12. GradyCat

    New to the sleeve

    Yes it's very common for them to find them and repair them during surgery. I had a small hiatal hernia they repaired with mine.
  13. GradyCat

    The night before

    Well sure, you're excited and nervous. That's normal.
  14. GradyCat

    Can’t throw up??

    I've not heard that. I've thrown up the "foamies" with the sleeve when I eat a food I can't tolerate.
  15. I'm 3 months post-op and I just bought the Biotin gummies at Walgreens and am starting them now.