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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. LesbianDad30

    Morning Nausea

    I wonder if it could be the vitamins. Thanks for the responses. I will try vitamins maybe after breakfast.
  2. LesbianDad30

    Sleeve or Bypass... help!

    The control reflux wasnt for you i just haven’t quite got this app controlled.
  3. LesbianDad30

    Morning Nausea

    Most mornings its hard to just eat breakfast without feeling sick first. I pop in two women’s multi gummy vitamins. After that its breakfast and I constantly have to rotate my choices. Rather it be eggs or oatmeal. I have to move it around. Im going into week 4 post op. So solids for me. Im sleeved and loving it. Still some getting use to. Like figuring out im full. Because stuffing causes pain. Also the burps to satisfy the food right after eating. Protein drinks are a no go since surgery. Im 12/17/18 ❤️
  4. LesbianDad30

    Sleeve or Bypass... help!

    Control the reflux
  5. LesbianDad30

    Delaware Sleevers 2018-2018

    From Delaware
  6. LesbianDad30

    Sleeve or Bypass... help!

    Oh wow i know alot more whom have gained weight back with bypass
  7. LesbianDad30

    2 weeks post op

    Same for me vsg 12/17 i been up n down & stuck. I thought it was the scale
  8. The bathroom roars are coming. Lots of walking & burping
  9. LesbianDad30

    One Week Post Op

    Metallic is really it. I be disgusted
  10. LesbianDad30

    One Week Post Op

    Thank you will do
  11. LesbianDad30

    One Week Post Op

    Thank you I hope sooner than later
  12. LesbianDad30

    One Week Post Op

    Today I am one week post op. I feel more nauseous than anything. I try to relieve it with burping but its starting to disgust me. Today I stood on the scale at 266.0. makes me happy. But this has been a long road. I really really regret it. I am 18 pounds down. I need to stay away from the scale. The protein shakes make me feel sick to my stomach. My me maw made me some chicken broth. I also got a couple pints of low sodium chicken broth from Walmart. But it does me no justice. Its nasty. Its like my taste buds are different. Before surgery I ate Popsicle sf and jello sf. Now it tastes disgusting to me.The homemade broth is the best part. Today my pain tolerance is a little better. Sleeping is still very uncomfortable. I'm not able to cuddle which sucks. Bending forward without gaping my legs like a frog is bad. It is very uncomfortable to sit straight up. i drink water and crystal light fine. The proteins I'm having trouble getting in. I'm angry and I'm just ready to reclaim my life. I tried Maalox and it helped. But I see I'm still constipated. Overall it has been a nightmare from hell. I'm praying for better days.
  13. LesbianDad30

    Dec 17 Surgery two weeks only liquid

    Im still hurting i can only walk about 1 min then i bending over in pain the only way to relive it is to lay downflat on my bk

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