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  1. Emmy J


    The pain is temporary - but don't discount it! I was not mentally prepared for the incision pain. I walked all my gas out before leaving the hospital but that incision pain is no joke! You use your core for everything and they just sliced through all the layers of it and yanked out your stomach! Just be prepared. I was fortunate enough to get 10 days of liquid hydrocodone. After that adult liquid Tylenol worked well.
  2. Emmy J

    Incision pain

    Oh the incision pain! I was not prepared for that and when I read about people not having pain it all it just pissed me off! LOL! My surgery was 4/22/19 and I still have some pain when bending over to pick up things. But, this week has been the best week by far when it comes to the pain. I managed most of the time after week 2 with no pain meds but like Sunday night I was in pain from being very active that day - walking the dog a couple times, cleaning, doing laundry, so I did take some tylenol. It still hurts a bit to lay down flat to sleep and especially when I roll over. Just a pulling sensation. Hang in there!
  3. Remember everyone is different and your body may react different than others. My surgery was 4/22 and I was not mentally prepared for the incision pain I had. Everyone talks about the gas...I had minimal gas pain. My original plan was 1 week off but ended up taking 3 more days and going back this past Thursday. I was exhausted by the end of the day. Don’t fear taking your pain meds either...I tried that and it only caused me more pain. The important thing is to just listen to how you feel. This is a serious surgery! Also, don’t get down on yourself if you don’t bounce back as fast as you thought you would!
  4. Emmy J

    Any regrets

    Congrats on making this decision...it’s a huge one. I had my sleeve surgery this past Monday 4/22. The worst part so far is the incision pain. Everyone talks about the gas they pump into you hurting, and it does initially. Just walk, walk, walk! I had a great nurse on the night shift that had me up doing laps around the nursing station every 3 hours. Luckily I’ve had no nausea. Everyone is different...just be prepared mentally for any or all of the things you could experience. The incision pain is something I was not prepared for. I’ve been sleeping up in a chair the last 3 nights...with a pregnancy pillow my sister in law gave me. It has been a lifesaver! I don’t have any regrets...just keeping my mind on the end game when I get frustrated with the pain. Oh, I’m not hungry either. My mom is taking care of me and has ate everything from pizza to Chick-fil-a and I haven’t even wanted to eat. Keeping clear protein water down, I’ve had a sugar free popsicle and a little chicken broth. Best of luck to you!
  5. Emmy J

    April buddies?

    Surgery was Monday. No nausea, thank goodness but the incision pain has been horrible. I walked all the gas out before I left the hospital. All people talked about was the gas pain...I guess I missed the part about in incision pain. Had some chicken broth today that was fabulous. Please remind me the first couple weeks are the hardest!
  6. 32 more days MrsGamgee? That’s a long time. Thank goodness mine is only 1.5 weeks! Tomorrow I’m starting 5 shakes a day and no meals. 😬 Drinking lots of water has helped with the headaches. According to my scale at home I’m down 8 pounds since Wednesday.
  7. Yes...no headache for me on day three but the hunger pains are real. I’m on 3 shakes and one sensible meal. I had some salad for dinner...salad had never tasted so good! Lol! I think I miss crunching on food!
  8. @KCgirl061 I haven't been totally sugar free...but I didn't have any caffeine yesterday so that may have been the cause. Hoping it's just my body adjusting!
  9. Hey everyone...I’m finishing up day 2 of my liquid diet and have had killer headaches by the end of the day yesterday and today. Does this go away once your body adjusts? I have terrible migraines already...not liking this headache either.
  10. Emmy J

    Upper GI

    I have GERD and am also having sleeve on April 22.
  11. Emmy J

    April buddies?

    I'm also scheduled for April 22. Go for pre-op appointment next Tuesday, getting anxious! I feel like this will be the hardest thing I've done in life, but so rewarding. I've never had any kind of surgery, no kids, nothing. I learned with having my EGD that I did not like being the patient, lol! I'm usually at the hospital for my grandparents or parents. It felt so weird even being rolled around on the stretcher. 🙄 I read a quote recently that I'm keeping in mind for this process - "Nothing that lasts is accomplished quickly". I've also created a vision board for the tough days just to help me keep my eye on my goals.
  12. Read this article today. I can identify with many things written here. Wanted to share with you folks! https://humanparts.medium.com/the-ever-shrinking-world-of-fat-people-d6d31f582847 This does make me think - who am I going to be after I lose this weight? I so use joking as a way to cope with my weight now. For instance....I shop at Lane Giant, not Lane Bryant. And I've even found myself calling this surgery "my fat surgery".
  13. Yes, from what I remember from the info seminar there is a support group....from my notes it's the 3rd Thursday of every month.
  14. Awesome! I'm Emily....guess I will meet you next Tuesday!