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  1. I know its tough some-days more than others. I remember thinking ....I thought I would have no more hunger!!

    That was only true the first 60 days, but my feelings of hunger returned shortly after.

    Commercials never bothered me, I

    I find years later what bothers me , is I no longer do not enjoy any meals.

    They over before you know it.

    So take your time when you can eat.

    I do have one regret, I wish I would have had to see a shrink more than just one time to see if I was ready for the surgery , it would have been nice to get to the root cause of the reason why I gained so much weight.

    But I am happy and doing the head work years later.

  2. I am not joining WW waist of my $. I am
    an emotional eater which is never really addressed when having WLS. Overeaters anonymous is helping me change my mindset, it’s free and it’s working. You can attend on zoom and there are meetings 24/7/365. Best thing I ever did. Was sleeved in 2018. And after 4 months my hunger came back. Only list 80 lbs from the 165 my dr thought I would. So his disappointment lead to mine as well. I just joined OA and it’s not a weight loss club it deals with reasons why we eat overeat etc… free and best thing I ever done. They have group meetings for Bariatric people a few days a week but I attend a meeting every day. It’s amazing how better I feel about myself, less shame, less guilt and the scale is starting to move slowly but it is moving. In the right direction. If you feel you have mind work to do , or are an emotional eater try overeaters anonymous. It’s world wide

  3. I feel like we are in the same boat. I went to gastric sleeve surgery at 289 lbs I went down to 202 felt great- doctor wasn’t happy that I didn’t reach my 160 goal. Covid hit back up to 220. I will also add I fell and injured my already Osteonecrosis and osteoarthritis knees pretty bad. Both were sprained one worse than the other. So being in an immobilizer a few weeks didn’t help. I am still in PT and just joined WW.

    I thin my doctor being so disappointed instead of saying it’s ok you got 80-81 lbs off just keep going. I felt scolded and a failure. I am trying to shake that mindset.
    no groups in my area but on zoom at a time I am not available. So that’s another reason why I joined WW the support.

    good luck every one we can do it!!


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