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  1. Well how many calories do you think you're eating? But you do have to train yourself to slow down... It took me a while but after throwing up a bunch of times I had to learn...
  2. Superman84

    Still in shock

    Totally hear you mate looking back at photos a year ago of myself I don't recognise myself... Congrats!!
  3. Superman84

    How to tell kids

    Personally I think it's good to be honest and open communication with your children just explain it so they understand there's nothing to worry about.. Mummy is just going to get healthier
  4. Superman84

    Changing facilities

    Pretty sure each surgeon has their own rules and guidelines they need you to follow even here in Australia I rang a few different surgeons and each one has their own set of rules...
  5. I've watched documentaries where they are treating serious bowel issues with fecal transplant in humans and it has helped... I feel the bypass has totally changed my metabolism and the way my body now processes food like now I'm in maintenance in eating more calories and still staying the same weight where before surgery I would put on weight so easily... It's like I have a thin persons body and mind now
  6. Superman84


    It is still major surgery and your stomach/bypass will be new so I suggest starting slowly on a liquid diet for even a week plz don't rush into solids
  7. Superman84


    Do you have any set goals they need you to hit
  8. Superman84


    Yes need to look closely at your food intake your calories and stuff
  9. Superman84

    Things that Taste Like Peanut Butter

    I just find all Natural PB
  10. Superman84

    Pre-Op Diet, Are you hanging in there?

    Yes I lived off shakes for months didn't feel the need for food...
  11. Ur surgeon should tell you how many days in hospital
  12. Most ppl have a date then just wait for approval
  13. Superman84

    Pre-Op Diet, Are you hanging in there?

    Yea my own decision. Took a few months to get surgery so I started my diet early protein shakes
  14. Superman84

    Pre-Op Diet, Are you hanging in there?

    Personally my pre-op was like 2 months
  15. Superman84

    Concerned about Slow Progress

    Maybe I was lucky or I was just very strict and I lost over 150lbs in like 8 months
  16. Superman84

    Concerned about Slow Progress

    Sorry don't know who told you to eat that much I was still only on like 500cal for months. I still eat plenty of protein but low calories I only just increased mine at 6 months
  17. Superman84

    Revision options

    Yeah started at 322 now hovering around 165-168 most days. Feel free to msg me if you have any questions or need a friend with BYPASS
  18. Superman84

    Revision options

    Duo switch should lose quicker bit can have issues with deficiencies more so than a bypass as it is more aggressive. I had the bypass and I've lost over 150lbs already
  19. Superman84

    New Member, Revised!

    So you got duoendal switch??
  20. Superman84

    Failing w the Sleeve

    I would go for bypass if the sleeve didn't do enough
  21. Superman84

    Revision options

    Well need to know how much weight you wish to lose or if you have GERD etc
  22. Superman84

    Hate bypass

    Stop complaining okay there's people out there who can't even get surgery either due to insurance or lack of money so be thank full
  23. You need to try other shakes until you find one you like I've been using shakes for months
  24. Superman84

    Working out again question.

    Yea jeez take it very slow try different machines do it your own pace