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  1. I'm 28 and have no clue. My dad had great vision until he was in his early 50's and was stubborn for a while. He finally got some prescription glasses and they've helped him (when he remembers where they are) Ha! My mom, on the other hand, had poor vision her whole life and ended up doing Lasik a few years ago. Maybe it's mom's genes kicking in, maybe it's a vitamin deficiency, getting older, maybe it's working from a computer all day or the dramatic weight loss? No clue! Hoping I'll get a good doctor who can give me some solid answers
  2. Me too! Hoping it's just a quick fix Thank you!!!! ❤️
  3. Thank you, may not be related at all but you never know! I'll post an update after I see the doc next Tuesday!
  4. Thank you very much, but my surgery was in October 7 months later, 100lbs lost since surgery, 135 total. My family members have said their vision has fluctuated with weight loss/gain...IDK, we shall see!
  5. I am 7 months post-sleeve and for the past 2 weeks, I've had issues with my vision. I've always had fantastic vision and only used light Rx glasses for when my eyes get tired from working on the computer. I'm talking 20/10 vision. Suddenly every day my vision is getting worse. Up close and far away. Everything is blurry, I'm having to squint as I drive and as I type. So... I went to an optometrist over the weekend, thinking, maybe I'm just getting older and these years of working on the computer are catching up with me. The doctor did his tests and said my vision had definitely gotten "worse" since my last visit (about 2 years ago). My left eye is 20/20 with a little help and my right is 20/40. He decided to dilate my eyes and noticed a "freckle" on my retina on my right eye that wasn't there before. That was the one and only thing he could find that was off, he told me that I need to see an Ophthalmologist for further testing because he "has no idea what's going on" VERY REASSURING lol. He also informed me that my new glasses won't fix whatever underlying cause is making my vision so bad so quickly. I have an appointment next Tuesday to see the Ophthalmologist...so we'll see what is really going on. Just wondering if anyone had anything similar happen with their eyes and what the cause was. It could be completely unrelated to the surgery...so I'm just curious Hope you're all doing fabulous!!!!
  6. Thank you very much for your feedback as well. I didn't know about the potential fo plugged milk ducts...I don't want any unnecessary complications because I was vein 😕 I do want to try and nurse as well, I've heard the same thing. I hope I get that opportunity some day and soon. I think I just have to live with my "lava" boobs as I lovingly refer to them as for a few more years.
  7. Ok, thank you so much for sharing your experience! I wasn't planning on getting anything else done until after I'm done having kids (God willing!) Just was contemplating getting my breasts done, but from this and advice from friends and family, they're telling me to wait. Thank you so much for the advice, I think I'll just have to wait until after for everything put back in it's place!!! LOL
  8. Ladies, I have sagging skin on my inner thigh region and my belly that...eventually I will have removed. But what's really bothering me are my breasts. I would really like to get a lift and probably implants. I haven't been able to get pregnant (which is why I had the surgery in the first place). So I had it in my head I wouldn't do anything drastic like skin removal until I finally get pregnant. Having never been blessed with children, I don't know what to expect if I get my breasts done before we start trying to conceive again. Even if I don't breastfeed, will the fluctuation that happens during pregnancy basically put me in the same position?
  9. HI there! I'm just wondering if there's anyone in the Las Vegas area that wants a workout buddy/someone to commiserate with about their weight loss journey? I don't have the opportunity to make a lot of new friends and working from home makes it hard to leave my house. I want to maybe try some beginner classes...I've always wanted to try an aerial fitness class, but am nervous going alone. I was always too heavy before to even attempt one of those classes (I think their weight limit is 250). I have a treadmill at my house so even just doing at home work outs is cool with me. Let me know!
  10. danieocean

    This is why....

    Beautifully put, my dear. That is a horrible feeling. The worst is when people just say it out right. Painful stuff we had to overcome! Great post ❤️
  11. You should be more than fine, it's really the first few days of soreness and gas that are the worst. The only way to get that gas pain out is to walk around. I felt almost completely normal after 2 weeks (aside from my new diet). Keep moving when you're awake, rest while you're healing and stay hydrated. Every little sip counts
  12. danieocean

    This is why....

    YOU GO GIRL! I remember I knew I was getting big when I went to California Adventure after not having gone for a few years and had trouble fitting into the seat on the "Soaring Over California" ride. Still took me 8 years to actually do something about it. I'm so happy for you, it's a great feeling!!!!!
  13. danieocean

    This is why....

    I am really happy with my decision. It was the right choice for me and has worked a miracle so far! I TOTALLY get it. My brother and I used to use our phones and look at the internal pedometer and there was one day only 3 steps were logged. Granted, my phone isn't in my hand every-time I get up, but STILL. I know there were days I'd walk to go to the restroom, walk to the fridge to eat and then take a shower and that would be it. My treadmill arrived today so I'm excited to see how the weight loss goes or if I'll put on muscle? We shall see! I was the same, thin all my life...then before I knew it I was 299!!! You can do it and you will get to a place where your body is healthy and comfortable. Thank you so much, I really hope so too. My heart aches every month, but I'm praying it'll just happen in time. Keep me posted on what you decide and if you ever have ANY questions, know you can ask...I'm an open book girl Lots of love and luck on your weight loss journey!!!
  14. danieocean

    This is why....

    He's very thin. But I swear, his bone structure is really small. I've got a strong frame (My last name literally translates to the word LARGE in english HAHA!) and my family are all built the same, more broad and thin. That "I'm just big boned saying is really true!!! He's a type 1 diabetic and has a hard time packing on weight (the opposite of my problem) LOL! When we met I actually put 40lbs on him, he was very very thin. He's maintaining at 185 now and he's happy. Buying clothes for him is such a challenge. Most stores have "big & tall" sections for men, there aren't any "thin & tall" stores out there that I'm aware of. Luckily more places have been carrying "Large Tall" sizes, so it's been easier to buy him clothes that are long enough that he's not swimming in. There are pictures of him on my profile in my before picture. He may appear even smaller because I was so large hahahaha
  15. danieocean

    This is why....

    When I was diagnosed with PCOS, unable to get pregnant for the last 10 years...I was told losing the weight would increase my fertility and some of the PCOS side effects. Also, around the same time II'd had a bad bout of pneumonia and was put on steroids for a good few months and packed on weight. After I recivered from the Pneumonia and was released from the hospital, last April I started the process. A few months into my waiting period, still pushing 300lbs , I broke a chair on the 4th of July. I was so embarrassed. Enough was enough. I want my baby more than anything and I'm tired of worrying about the weight capacity of a lawn chair. All of this was humiliating and discouraging. I also work from home and aside from walking up and down the stairs during work hours, I'm usually sedentary for 10 hours.. My hubs is 6'6" and weighs 178, I FINALLY weigh less than him. HA!!! What procedure are you looking to do?