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    Hello!💜 <br /><br /> I have been venturing on this surgery journey since May 2018, as of December 3rd I finally got my surgery for the VSG for January 7th. My highest weight which was one year ago was 334 and today I am proudly 257!
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  1. jessicaalyssa

    January surgeries?!

    What things are you drinking? I put myself on a little rotation when it comes to my drinks so I don’t have tired of them easily.
  2. jessicaalyssa

    January surgeries?!

    Don’t be nervous, I know it’s hard to not be but this is such an amazing thing that you’re doing. Just remember to take it slow post-op.
  3. jessicaalyssa

    January surgeries?!

    Congratulations! That’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it!? I remember when I got my surgery date I was literally glowing for like two days straight, I could almost compare it to when my husband proposed to me, haha. Is that silly?
  4. jessicaalyssa

    January surgeries?!

    Kaiser Richmond in California. 😁
  5. jessicaalyssa

    January surgeries?!

    Meep meep, me too! 10:30am can’t come soon enough, 18 more hours!
  6. jessicaalyssa

    January surgeries?!

    I haven’t packed either, I literally just thought about that today like “Oh shit, I better pack a bag for the hospital!”.
  7. jessicaalyssa

    January 2019

    January 7th! 💜
  8. jessicaalyssa

    January surgeries?!

    That’s awesome, we’re surgery siblings! Is your pre-op diet the liquid one? The Bariatrics program that I’m doing doesn’t require the two week liquid pre-op diet, they do require you to eat similar to what you will be eating like when you’re all healed up and I’ve been doing that since April.
  9. jessicaalyssa

    January surgeries?!

    Congratulations, everyone! I have a day tracker on my phone counting down the days and I’ve been trying to not pay attention to it in hopes of that making seem like time is going faster. 😂😂
  10. jessicaalyssa

    January surgeries?!

    Congratulations! Are you excited? When does your winter break end? I was hoping for something a little sooner because I wanted a least two weeks to heal before school started but oh well, one week will have to be enough!
  11. jessicaalyssa

    Pre Op quitting smoking cannabis

    Hi, Jessica! I used to be an everyday smoker but quit when I realized I wanted venture down this journey I quit and that was back in April/May 2018. I was completely honest with my whole Bariatrics team in this process even though it delayed me getting the surgery. My first drug test came back Positive, which was devastating but kind of expected and had to wait three months to get my second one. I passed my second drug test with flying colors. It’s always important to tell your doctor things that you’ve taken or done just in case, you never know what could happen. My Mom has been as avid weed smoker and has been for many, many years, when she has surgeries her anesthesiologist always suggest she stops smoking before hand because they’re worried about how her body will receive the anesthesia. Just be careful, girl! And good luck!💜
  12. jessicaalyssa

    January 2019 Surgery Date

    Hi, Johnny! Congratulations! My surgery date is five days after yours and I can absolutely relate when it comes to your anxiety. I went to support group the other night and they brought up the subject that when you lose massive amounts of weight you also lose muscle mass and that when you’re at a lower weight you will feel weaker because you don’t have that weight behind you helping you anymore. It make me a little nervous to know that my legs (the body part that I love and work out the most) are going to inevitably get weaker.
  13. My VSG is scheduled for January 7th, 2019. I have to get it done before school starts up, which is January 14th. Is anyone else celebrating getting a surgery date like I am!?
  14. jessicaalyssa

    Surgery date set!

    My appointment with the patient coordinator went well-ish, I get my ass chewed out a little bit for drinking alcohol while on vacation last month but in the end I got my surgery date which is on January 7th, 2019! I’m beyond excited.
  15. jessicaalyssa

    Can’t wait!

    Hello loves! This coming Monday I have an appointment with my patient coordinator to make the date for my surgery and I’m beyond excited! ❤️❤️❤️

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