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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. I'm 6 days out and I have nausea off and on especially after eating. I got really nauseous after my first big walk. I took my grandaughter out for a stroll and I guess I pushed it, got home and was feeling nauseous and lightheaded, and pain flared up around the umbilical site. I had to lay down for an hour and when I got up I was still feeling sick. ughh
  2. Gypsykate

    Smelling Sewage Constantly

    I'm not even a week out yet, but I'm so glad I saw this thread. I thought I was losing my mind!! I have the worst smells hitting me, I look like a lunatic sniffing around looking for the source. But I would smell these sewegy/dirty/moldy smells anywhere in the house so it wasn't a specific location. I also noticed I'm picky about taste. Things that are too sweet I just can't tolerate as well as too salty ( I would put salt on everything before) and I have to water it down or just not touch it. I'm glad I'm not crazy!!
  3. Gypsykate

    October 2018 Sleevers

    Hi, I’m new here too. Had my surgery on the 11th. I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time with your family. Of course I can’t speak as to why they are against you having surgery. I don’t think anyone “likes” a loved one going under the knife. But at the end of the day you have to remember this choice was for you. So you can have a chance to regain control of your life and health. The liquid diet isn’t fun and I’m sure is contributing to how your feeling. Hang in there... it definitely gets better!!
  4. Gypsykate

    October 2018 Sleevers

    Hi I just had my surgery on 10/11. I also had lap band removal and a hernia repair. If anything I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in that my reflux is basically gone. For the first time in years I’m able to lay flat and sleep!!!
  5. Gypsykate

    Revision from lapband to sleeve

    Hi I just had the revision done on the 11th. I had my band for over 15 years. Should have taken care of it so much sooner. I chose the sleeve because I personally didn't want the nutrition issues that go along with the bypass plus its a much more invasive surgery. I had to have the removal with a hernia repair. My band created a big old hernia that had me suffering with severe reflux for years. Now I can actually sleep lying flat!! I'm on full liquids just as of yesterday and I've been really careful to make sure to go slow. The stomach needs time to heal is what they told me so my doctor has me on full liquids till tomorrow I think then I can start pureed. I have trouble with artificial sweetners so I'm just trying to eat things that are lower in suger content. It's water I'm worried about. I'm so afraid I'm not going to be drinking enough fluid that I'll get dehydrated. I get full so fast even when I'm taking my time eating/drinking.