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  1. Cala B.

    any Oregonians out here??

    Mostly yes, the same struggle most are having getting enough protein AND fluids...….how about you?
  2. Cala B.

    any Oregonians out here??

    My surgery date was 0n 4/11 at OHSU
  3. Cala B.

    No weight loss since surgery!

    Be sure to measure yourself! It took me 8 days post-op to even get back down to surgery-day weight, but I had lost several inches.
  4. Cala B.

    Dog Walking Belt

    If you wear your abdominal binder it should be OK, and it will help you feel more secure as well......
  5. Cala B.

    Favorite non scale victory

    I have two! 1. My jawline has re-appeared, first photo is from three weeks post-op, second is from January this year. 2. My chronic cough is GONE! I blamed my allergies but apparently it was from the hiatal hernia that they repaired. This is EPIC!
  6. Cala B.

    Immediate Weight Loss

    Be sure to take you measurements. I finally got to surgery day weight day 8 post-op, but I had lost two inches at the waist and hips.
  7. Cala B.

    TMI question re. vomiting

    I'm in the process of switching vitamins, some I tried made me feel sick too, I was surprised I didn't throw up! I just ordered the ones that taste like Starburst candy
  8. Thanks GradyCat, I actually chose to stick to water at first, didn't take any Pepto. Catwoman7; oddly enough, I baked tomato sauce with cottage cheese (1/4 cup of each) and had no issues with it, same with tomato orange soup. 2Bsmaller18, that's what I did, just water at first, then I had some yogurt, later an egg salad puree. ED_NW, hey neighbor, I'm in Portland, I have a version of those but didn't try them, I will have to remember them in the future! I appreciate the feedback, thanks everyone!! It's 5:30pm and I feel like it never happened. But I discarded what was left of the soup!
  9. Yesterday I had some tomato soup, and right away I could tell pouch didn't like it but I ate it anyways. I also had a serving of crackers (a no-no I know), thinking it would help settle my new gut. Instead, I had horrible pain all afternoon, similar to when I passed gallstones before my gallbladder removal. So five hours later I vomited. I felt better for a while but then the pain build up again, for another 4 hours later I vomited again. Now the problem is Ms .Pouch doesn't even appreciate room-temperature water, and my gut cramps up for a while after every drink. Clenching, icy, intense pain for a few minutes, that seems to travel as if the whole gang was protesting. I'm afraid to try to consume anything with calories, even worried above taking my vitamins. Do I try Pepto-Bismol? Leave it alone and suffer through it?
  10. Cala B.

    TMI question re. vomiting

    No matter what, I *never* want to be in the same room as others when I throw up, whether it's a noisy production or not!
  11. I'm having the bypass on the same day My surgery date was originally set for June 6, but I got a call Thursday that my surgeon had a cancellation, I'm so excited! Not nervous at all, super ready!
  12. I've heard they can change, but not always, and not necessarily forever. I'll just play the cards as they are dealt
  13. Lol, I probably have enough! I just got a call today, my surgery is now moved up to April 11, ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!!!
  14. Cala B.

    April 10th 2019 Sleevers

    Close! I just found out today that my RNY surgery has been rescheduled for 4/11. It was originally set up for 6/06 but there was a cancellation

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