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  1. fmellnick

    Blahhh STOPPED!

    Thank you guys!!! I did have a separation around the time I stoped losing and I legit didnt eat anything when I was losing I ate pop corn and cheese and drank a ton of water. I do eat more and i feel hungry now that didnt happen before. I do think its time to hit the gym and get it going.
  2. So its official! I have reached a stop in my weight loss! I have 4 kids and I work a full time job, I havent loss anything in 3 months! J ust staying in the 190's! Help ANYTHING will help! How do I get back on it and im able to get a lot more then before! UGH I needddsssss help
  3. fmellnick

    100 lbs down!

    Thank you!!! ❤️
  4. Youre 100% right! Im just dramatic lol! That and the feeling of being over weight again scares me
  5. Hey!!! So iv seen that im able to eat a bit more then I have been!? Why is this?! Im 5 months out of gastric sleeve. Eating has become a lot more tolerable. But Iv been able to eat a bit more. I usually cant seem to toss down more then maybe 4 oz or so. The other day I was able to drink at least 6 oz with no issue!!! :0 I know I know Im dramatic! lol But yeah Iv also been on a stall, iv lost maybe 20 pounds in the last three months. I know Its going to slow down but this fast this soon? Iv lost 82lbs since surgery. I just need so clarification you guys!
  6. fmellnick

    100 lbs down!

    Yall are the best!! Thank you!!!
  7. You guys!!! I did it! 100 pounds down and it feels great! Dont get me wrong its been crazy hard and its hard to see the changes in my body but I know this will all be for the best! im 4 months post op about 70lbs from surgery and 30 from before! Any ways just wanted to brag lol!
  8. fmellnick

    Three week stall! :(

    Thank you!!! Its crazy how the body works! Your doing great too!!
  9. fmellnick

    Three week stall! :(

    Thanks for the motivation!! I need it so bad. Im only three months out and I think to myself why am I not losing weight as fast as I see most ppl! But I will keep my head high! THANK YOU!
  10. fmellnick

    Three week stall! :(

    Thank you!!! I will for sure do that!! BTW how do you get the little car weight loss display?!
  11. You guys! Im on a three week stall with the scale jumping up and down! IDK what to do! Please help. I havent lost any weight for almost three weeks. I hardly eat and I drink a ton of water. When I do eat its usually a spoon full of food; and its usually rice and a meat with veggies. Im much more active then I was before but not as active as id like to be. Any advice will be helpful! Thanks! Frankie M.
  12. Its dry under arm smell yuck! I shower everyday because I HATE the way it smells! Deodorant doesn't help much I figured it had to be my diet....im on my third week post op!
  13. You guys please help!!! So im usually not the type to have a certin smell to me but OMG after my surgery I cant get the smell of BO off of me?!?! Has any one else had this issue?!
  14. Thank you!!! Im deff looking forward to all new ways I can get veggies!