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  1. I'd ask if they have a nutritionist as part of the program and what their involvement will be. I found it helpful to meet with one several times and have a nutrition plan for before and after surgery. I also can call her if I have questions or (hope this never happens!) regain weight. Some people seem to leave the surgery with a solid nutrition plan and some people seem like they didn't receive sufficient info. I also wanted to know where my doctor went to school, did her residency, how many of the procedures she had done, and which she recommended for me. I ❤️ her.
  2. JessLess

    Is There Enough Time?

    I was on Harvard Pilgrim when I had my surgery. I have mental health issues that are managed with medication. All the psych person wanted to know was that I was seeing my psychiatrist and planned to keep seeing him. I did not have to do a diet for a special time before, just meet with a nutritionist about four times. It took me less than a month from my first appointment to surgery. Your surgeon will want you to get your surgery, it's how they make money. Use them and their office manager to help you advocate with your insurance company. Good luck to you!
  3. JessLess

    Best thing for scars?

    I used Mederma. My scars were small and now they are almost invisible.
  4. @loridee11, I have 2 75 pounders! This is why they are on harnesses. One is just super excited to jump on people.
  5. JessLess


    I know many of us are not taking NSAIDs for pain relief and my go-to is Tylenol. While it isn't really known, some scientists think Tylenol is better to take than Advil if you have Coronavirus. Many stores are cleaned out of Tylenol in the Boston area. If it's medicine you rely on for pain relief, you may want to arrange for some now. @Alex Brecher, I don't know if you can get it or are allowed to sell it in your store?
  6. I followed you on Instagram too.
  7. @MaddieSpahr, you are so cute before and after! And your weight isn't that far from mine, I would have put you at 130. You are doing great! @FluffyChix, I just followed you on Insta, in case you are wondering who the new weirdo is. (YesJessica)
  8. Are you eligible for unemployment and have you applied? Are you able to work and do you want job ideas? I'm from State College, PA and can research resources. Please let us know what you need. This virus is getting everyone down. Just making myself get up and walking my dogs in the rain gave me a boost today. I lost 100K+ in the market, but I believe a lot of it will come back. As for the rest, it was overinflated and due for a correction. It sucks, but it's not something we can really do much about now, except trying not to sell and lock in your losses. Can I help? You sound so down. The suicide hotline number is 1-800-273-8255. Please call them if you are feeling suicidal. I'm worried about you. Let me know how you are doing.
  9. Thanks @Alex Brecher! I placed my order before you posted.
  10. 2.8 mile walk/run with the dogs. Golden retrievers are bad at social distancing.
  11. JessLess

    Bostonians, are you there?

    Good morning. I'm in Newton and I had my sleeve surgery a year and a half ago at Newton-Wellesley. The surgery went great. Let me know if you all need anything.
  12. I like you a lot @summerset, not disagreeing with you, and I think you agree with me. I have an anxiety disorder and I can worry about a lot of different things at once. I don't have much control over COVID-19 outside of my immediate family. But gaining weight IS under my control. I'm the kind of person who might displace anxiety about something super scary onto something I can actually deal with. I have no idea if @jasmineinmymind has the same issue, but... the concern kind of makes sense to me.
  13. I used them all through and still drink them occasionally. My program recommends them. I like vanilla and caramel the best.
  14. I'm long past the shake days, but I loaded up on: Protein Shakes Isopure Protein Water Case of Built Bars Healthy Choice Power Bowls Carba-Nada Pasta Unsweetened almond milk Frozen fruit to make into smoothies Also, I learned eggs can last a YEAR in the fridge.
  15. The reason most of us are taking precautions is we are not worried about getting Coronavirus. We are WORRIED about giving it to people who have compromised immune systems. Do you have any elderly relatives? And the reason I brought it up is that it's the second time you have in a thread I've been posting in.
  16. @BayougirlMrsS, why don't we leave politics out of the discussion and focus on health and support.
  17. I had the same concern about gaining, but it's not happening. Without my usual office cues, sometimes I even forget to eat, and that never happens to me. With all my newfound free time in the house, I'm planning on making some healthy crockpot recipes. I never cook, but I can cook. Walks outside are safe.
  18. Elective means you can elect to have it or not. I feel terrible for everyone who didn't get it, but many states are under a state of emergency. I would be more afraid of getting coronavirus at a hospital because many medical professionals are getting it from their patients. Sorry for everyone who has to wait.
  19. This is from yesterday's New York Times: The Coronavirus Is Forcing Hospitals to Cancel Surgeries Hospitals in coronavirus hot spots like Seattle and New York are postponing elective surgeries, hoping to conserve their resources as the outbreak escalates.
  20. JessLess


    OK, I bet I'm going to get super judged for this but... is there a reason you can't smoke a j?
  21. JessLess

    Post op 5 days HELP

    If you can't keep down liquid and get dehydrated, please go to the hospital. You'll need IV fluids. How to tell if you're dehydrated. I hope you feel better really soon!
  22. JessLess

    home meal kits?

    I eat a lot of Healthy Choice Power Bowls. They are just frozen meals that are low calorie and low carb. No subscription!
  23. Thanks for the update from Mississippi. Some people think things will improve when the weather gets warmer, so I was wondering how things were going in states where it's already warm. In Boston, all kids are out of school through April and most religious institutions are closed. The Boston Marathon has been pushed to the fall. I agree it's going to be a huge hardship for parents and anyone who gets laid off.
  24. Hospitals in Seattle (the US epicenter) are canceling elective surgery. I would assume some other hospitals will follow suit in a week - 2 weeks.