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    There are a few cool causes. I think mine is from an Imodium I shouldn't have taken. I'm just glad it's not fatal. 🤑
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    I have a better time searching on Google and including the forum name, FWTW. Today's search: Black tongue 🤮
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    I never got constipated before surgery, but... surprise! As a benefit of being married, my husband has and uses everything I was allowed to use in the house. Dulcolax claims to work gently overnight, but just in case, I think you should try it on the throne. My bestie offered to get me a bidet after the surgery... now it doesn't seem like such a terrible idea. I guess she was Googling my surgery.
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    Kevin Smith / Silent Bob

    He's big in fat-accommodation/ableism circles because a budget airline, South West, kicked him off for not "fitting in his seat" a personal horror of mine since I travel for work. https://people.com/celebrity/kevin-smith-too-fat-to-fly-southwest/ Clerks was his big cult movie.
  5. All things in moderation. But white flour, white rice, white pasta, and white potatoes are carbs that turn into sugar in your body to simplify things. I hope to have quarter cup of brown rice or wheat pasta and yams occasionally on my new diet. Mashed vegetables like cauliflower are healthier for most people that potatoes, and once you get used to them, they are delicious.
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    Omeprazole intake

    A couple times I have been a little nauseated in the early morning, taken Omeprazole, which I take daily, had a little yogurt, and been fine, FWTW.
  7. That's too bad. I would guess the type of laser, skill of esthetician, and your skin type and skin and hair color all play a role. It don't it hurt me except during the process and the machine blows cold air on your skin to balance it off. My friend also found it too painful to continue.
  8. If there was one perfect diet that worked for everyone, we would all be on it and looking fabulous.
  9. The reason some people think BMI is is bunk (myself included) are it doesn't take body composition into account. Some buff athletes have high BMIs because muscle weighs more than fat. When my PCP broke out the BMI chart I almost left her office for the 21st century, but all her other thoughts have been helpful.
  10. Finally, a topic near and dear to my heart. I'm a neurotic femme (cis female) who doesn't want facial hair at all. I have snow white skin and thick dark brown hair and I have been fighting this fight since I first had a job to pay for solutions. This is the regimen that works for me. Electrolysis with someone I trust. I got a little emotional lift out of it like a tattoo. You DO NOT have to grow out the hair. You shave before you come in. It takes a bit to fall out, and you can remove it then too. 10 or so treatments on my face. Sideburns are gone but the white hairs need to be plucked. 6 treatments on my pits and it's gone. 6 on my bikini line and gone. 6 on my underarms and I pluck a hair once every few months. I've had 4 treatments on my full legs. I will need more. I rarely shave ever. Heaven Shaving I shave my upper lip and jaw line once a week. Very feminine, I know. I use a Venus Razor and Aveeno shaving cream after exfoliating. I like to wash my face with the Clarisonic brush to lift the hairs first. Plucking Plucking your face is risky, you can get a big gouge with pointy tweezers. What feels like a lot of hair on my fingers is usually just one hair. I prefer Rubis Perforated Stainless Steel Tweezer #135, available on Amazon. ___ Since I'm not spending time shaving, except my face once a week, this seems easy to me. Did it hurt? Yes. I take a painkiller before lasering. It also helps to have a relationship with a place you trust and you can get package deals. Most will negotiate. Other Methods Electrolysis What is this jive? I probably had 20 treatments on my face with lots of different people, but because I pluck, it will never really work. I think it's on the outs and for me, laser was a night and day difference. Waxing I don't have experience with it. So yeah, I hate the hair, I pay out the b*tt to remove it, but I am happy with my routine.
  11. I lost 80 lbs. dieting, exercising, and most importantly, taking Phentermine. I made that low weight my goal since it was about 6 years ago. My low weight was 175 and I felt like I was as low as I could get then. That’s my goal, although I’m hopeful I can go lower. I used to look fantastic at 140, but I was in my 20s. I’m going to do my best and see what 48 feels like at different weights.
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    Wow, I hadn’t thought about that! Cool idea. I have one small crescent moon with vines on my ankle I drew when I was 18. I’m now 48 and have a corporate job. I like the idea of a feather like “light as a feather.” Something more symbolic would be cool. That will be fun to Google and think about!
  13. I liked your post because I like carbs. But eating too many carbs, "bad" carbs, calories, sugar, fried food, ethnic food, etc. got me to the point where I hopped under the knife Monday. I think the research and trends on diets go in cycles and obviously different things work for different people. Weight loss research is particularly hard to parse because entities like food and drug companies fund a lot of the research. In the 80s many dieters were on low fat diets. Fat was a dirty word and we ate carbs, did aerobics, and some lost weight. Now some of my friends are doing keto and some are doing high protein. I've been told there may still be small amounts of tortellini in my healthy future. And I'm happy about that.
  14. I bought it because my hospital and dietitian recommended it. I like it and I don't really care about the minor reduction in protein because I have a lot of other sources of protein and these taste pretty good. I bought them online before I heard about the class action suit. I must be feeling better from my Monday surgery because I just found my receipts and submitted them, which I recommend anyone else in the class do. I'm not sure if buying them on Amazon will count but it is proof I bought them and just made the cut off when I was stacking up. Time to check out the locally pitched brand I guess!
  15. I had 2 oz of mashed potatoes today and it was awesome. I also plan to eat mashed bananas, mashed avocados, mashed refried beans, hummus, and applesauce.
  16. JessLess

    October 2018 Sleevers

    My VGS was Mon. I spent two nights in the hospital. My doctor tried it through my navel (my request) but told me it was hard at my BMI. I have another small incision. The pain has been the worst but I'm doing well getting all the water in and some of the liquid meals. I've been moving a lot inside but going out in the freezing weather seems daunting.
  17. @Alex Brecher I'm a lawyer. I'm having my surgery today. Newton Wellesley, MA recommends Premier Protein. Can you sent me the lawsuit so I have something to read? Thanks!
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    Thanks! Whatever happens... I have a Xanax prescription.
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    Well, I'm a total n00b with my surgery tomorrow and all I have to rant about is now I know why they call it a GAStric sleeve.
  20. I make unsweeted almond milk into ice cubes and mix it with whey powder and vanilla = milkshake!
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    Questions for the nervous.

    My doctor only wrote down by first weight. I am right on the borderline with a 40 BMI. The last time I got weighed I left my boots on just to be careful.
  22. JessLess

    Questions for the nervous.

    My doctor only wrote down by first weight. I am right on the borderline with a 40 BMI. The last time I got weighed I left my boots on just to be careful.
  23. JessLess

    Questions for the nervous.

    My doctor only wrote down by first weight. I am right on the borderline with a 40 BMI. The last time I got weighed I left my boots on just to be careful.
  24. JessLess

    Questions for the nervous.

    My doctor only wrote down by first weight. I am right on the borderline with a 40 BMI. The last time I got weighed I left my boots on just to be careful.