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  1. bettie.blue

    Maybe I'm Being Sensitive, But...

    I think he was out of line and was ashamed he got called out for it.
  2. You guys, my hair is falling out like crazy these last 3 weeks. I was intellectually prepared for it. This is a normal happenstance. My bloodwork is good; no nutritional deficiency or hormone imbalances. I’m grateful for that and so fortunate... but the hair loss is so noticeable. I just wasn’t emotionally prepared for it. My hair was already fine and not very thick, so I have really felt the loss of it. I go this weekend for a haircut and some damage control. I have no idea how much I will have to take off but I am dreading it. It’s really just a waiting game for it to come back, but as a woman, this was a little traumatic to deal with and I’m struggling. For those of you who experienced this, how did you get through it?
  3. bettie.blue

    Has anyone kept their surgery a secret?

    I didn’t keep my surgery a secret... Partially because I work in healthcare and my coworkers would easily put two and two together but mostly because I was comfortable talking about it. The big thing is feeling comfortable with that; if you don’t then that’s okay. I finally plucked up the courage to start the process for my surgery and a better life because my colleague had the procedure done and was open about it. Maybe some day that will be me in her shoes? I don’t know but it was the right choice for me.
  4. bettie.blue

    “Clean Your Plate!”

    I certainly didn’t leave a clean plate! Lol I optimistically put a little of everything on my 5 inch plate and ate half of it. No guilt whatsoever! How about you?
  5. I agree that therapy is a good avenue here; we all have different relationships with food and for some of us, it was an emotional coping mechanism. It’s worth checking out. I hope you feel better!
  6. I did! It started the day after I came home from the hospital and lasted 2, maybe three days. There were a couple of moments after that but mostly then. I was in pain, couldn’t eat, couldn’t get out of bed without help.... I had a demanding toddler who didn’t understand why I couldn’t lift her and didn’t give a fig that Mommy had boo boos. It passed though, as I was quickly distracted by new challenges associated with my surgery... Mostly having to do with drinking enough fluids and eating. How to do it, how much, the grams of protein I needed, what foods were theoretically okay to eat but my body didn’t want. I treated it like levels in a video game, which made it fun.
  7. bettie.blue


    That was very beautifully written. Good luck!
  8. .... In the past I have loathed shopping for them and that old familiar feeling is still strong. I know I need to at least buy a pair or two of jeans. My three surviving pairs are either falling off of me or have holes from where my thighs have been rubbing together. These jeans are over 2 years old and lived a long life but I hesitate. I’ve become a non brick and mortar shopper and the thought of setting foot in a store makes me nervous. Have any of you experienced a reluctance to shop for clothes; online or in person? Maybe have some fear that you won’t see your progress reflected in the sizes you where?
  9. bettie.blue

    Non-food rewards

    I decided to get a second set of ear piercings once I am under 200 lbs! I always wanted to but never felt myself worth the money and effort. Almost there!
  10. bettie.blue

    “Clean Your Plate!”

    Ugh. I feel the same way about friend chicken, which is practically a cardinal sin in the southern United States. Yuck!
  11. bettie.blue

    Most important..

    I like @KimTriesRNY‘s grabber idea and wish I’d had one. I kept a couple flavors of protein drinks on hand, along with bone broths (higher in protein than regular), and flavored protein powder with frozen fruits for smoothies. I really struggled to get calories in immediately after I got home and having a couple options helped. Also kept water by the bedside for when I woke up in the night; those random sips can add up and make a big difference in how you feel overall. Good luck!🍀
  12. @sideeye is right, I would worry more about sourcing the right foods on the go. Depending on where you go, there may be a significant difference in what methods, ingredients, conditions are used to prepare food.
  13. bettie.blue

    Food funerals?

    It doesn’t seem to be unusual to have those moments. I mourned pizza and would eat half of a large pepperoni pizza by myself and have lava cake for dessert. It was a weekly occurrence for at least a year and something I am not proud of... I did that one more time the night before I started my pre-op diet. I did that again, despite months of careful food journaling to put me in the best possible condition I could be for surgery. The end result was getting unbelievably sick from the sudden influx of calories, grease, and salt. I am not at a point where I can eat solids yet, but in the future (when I can stand to look at it again, much less eat it), I will enjoy a slice of pizza again. Many of us have done things like what you and I did and gotten through it. I know you can too!
  14. bettie.blue

    The TERRIBLE 250’s!

    Were it me, I’d be pleased with loose clothes and gained muscle mass, although I understand why the scale would be discouraging. How often do you weigh? I only weigh once a week and until my surgery, didn’t even have a scale; I weighed once a week at work. (Same day, same clothes, same scale.) Day to day weights can vary so much, even the time of day can make a difference. Mornings are the time of day I prefer, since I work on my feet. Consider your baggier clothes a victory and try not to feel discouraged. It’s easier said than done, but please try. You’ve come so far!
  15. bettie.blue

    Non Scale Victories

    I just ordered new uniforms for work.

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