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  1. Bowties

    *** September 2018 Sleevers ***

    OMG! We have the same sleeve date! 09/18/18. I had irritability and some hard emotions both from surgery and after but it was minor. I am already a cryer when it comes to movies etc. But the surgery amplified it for a few weeks. Most likely with the hormones rampaging through our body as fat is being used up, hormones are released. It hasn't been too bad though, and the irritability didn't last.
  2. Bowties


    That's awesome. I actually am 3 weeks. I thought I was 1 month and got my dates wrong. 1 month is next week. Thank you, this will help me judge where to be. I only walk and not too fast yet. But I'm looking into doing more. Feeling better doesn't always mean we should do more... Really appreciate it.
  3. Bowties


    Tomorrow I'm exactly one month post-op and been looking at doing more exercise besides random small walks during the week or hours long walks on the weekend. Anyone with any tips for when you were about 1 month out? I know I'm not fully cleared yet to do any weight training or too heavy activities.
  4. 12 hours until my sleeve surgery. Just trying to breathe and not freak out. Any direct tips or just love would be wonderful. We'll be better, healthier, together. Good luck everyone. <3
  5. Bowties

    *** September 2018 Sleevers ***

    Ah, my surgery is tomorrow at West LA Kaiser. I'm bummed I wasn't put on a liquid diet but doing so today and been extra careful. Kinda freaking out that I didn't prepare all I need for the first stages and am missing things. Anyone interested in a Discord group or just general chat instead of a FB group?
  6. Bowties

    *** September 2018 Sleevers ***

    I had my Pre-Op appointment on Wednesday, I was a bit disappointed that the doctor didn't ask me to do a liquid diet, just no solids the day before and nothing after midnight. I might just do a liquid diet a few days in preparation. Let me know how yours goes.
  7. Bowties

    September surgery

    Hi Melly! Mines on September 18th. Hope everything goes well for you <3
  8. Bowties

    *** September 2018 Sleevers ***

    Just joined today. Glad to see so many people in September and working so hard. I'm scheduled for September 18th, a bit nervous, a few doubts, but been feeling better as I read everyone's posts. Good luck everyone!!
  9. I am having surgery Sept. 18th! Literally have been stalking this forum for a while till I saw this. I'd be interested in a discord group even. Or a few buddies around the same time frame.