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  1. I've had a freckle on my eye for years - likely nothing to worry about. As for the vision, mine hasn't changed, but when I was having problems, they found a Vitamin A deficiency. Doc asked if I'd had vision problems because apparently Vit A deficiency can cause that? Might want to get your vitamin levels checked.
  2. I don’t really have a lot to add. But if you want time to think about it and see how your weight loss continues, ask your insurance how long your approval is valid. I was having doubts, and I found out that my approval was valid for 2 years. That way, I could finish my pre-reqs, get approved, and think about it without having to start the 6 month program over.
  3. I am. It has been working for me. But, honestly, I'm only 7 months out and spent months 3-6 REALLY sick, so I think almost anything would have worked for me up to now. Here's a thread with some good tips.
  4. I have the same requirement. That requirement is 6 consecutive months sometime in the last two years. If you've done that with your surgeon, then you don't need records from a PCP. I'd call their insurance coordinator again. You will likely eventually need to see some kind of GP to get your medical clearance for surgery, but you definitely do not have to have had a PCP for the 2 years leading up to surgery.
  5. notmyname

    I didn't realize when I lost weight that _____

    I'd have to move my car seat up. My ample behind was pushing me forward. Now that it's going away, my seat started to feel uncomfortable - and I figured out I was just a touch too far away from the pedals.
  6. notmyname

    Hijacking a Group Session

    I can’t go to my surgeons meeting. Chaotic is the only description that comes to mind. Typically, one person asks a question and 5-10 yell over each other to answer. Then when people get tired of waiting to ask their questions, people start asking questions at the same tome and there are people taking over each other in different parts of the room. The nutritionist that runs it doesn’t even try to reign it in. Two of the three I attended were dominated by the same person - the mother of a patient (first was before her surgery and second was after). Her daughter kept saying things like “mom, i already told you that”, but mom just kept on, saying things like “you’re my baby and you’ve put your life in danger and I need answers.” I was so stressed out by the chaos I felt sick to my stomach. I signed an agreement with my surgeon that I’d go for 3 months post-op, but I didn’t. Luckily he was ok with that since I have a therapist who specializes in Bariatrics.
  7. notmyname

    Grocery help!!!!

    Not sure what phase of eating you're in. I'm 7 months out, so take whatever of this you can eat: I always have different types of yogurt, quark (a cheese that is yogurt consistency), eggs, different types of cheeses (cracker cuts and various shredded cheese), baked tofu in different flavors, frozen tilapia, frozen shrimp, frozen veg, veggie burgers, tuna, and milk. I also keep frozen berries in the freezer to put in the yogurt. I also typically have a couple cans of veggie chili and pouches of Indian lentils. For condiments, I always have salsa, thai chili sauce, and soy sauce on hand. For snacks, I have individual hummus tubs, parmesan chips, and some carrots. I make two batches of eggface's ricotta bake (google it) in some mini loaf pans (4 loaves per recipe) and add a bit of sauteed spinach for flavor. I'll freeze 4 loaves and put 4 in the fridge. I'll make a modified tuna casserole (no noodles) - take any recipe for single serve mac and cheese and just add the cheese sauce to a can of tuna and bake for about 15-20mn. This will usually last me 2-3 meals. Sometimes I freeze what I don't eat. I make fish curry (http://meerasodha.com/coconut-fish-curry-from-my-book-made-in-india/) - freeze in individual serving sizes. I like this (although I cut the recipe WAY down: https://www.bariatricfoodie.com/one-pan-cooking-tilapia-fire-roasted-tomato-sauce/ I'll also make egg salad (2 hard boiled eggs, mashed with 1 TBL greek yogurt and 1 TBL mayo). This all gives me some variety and lets me have some food stocked in the freezer. I have a vacuum sealer, which helps the frozen food stay fresh.
  8. notmyname

    Always the "fat girl"

    "Thanks. So how is/are [you kids/job/hobby/siblings/vacation/parents/whatever is important to them." It redirects the conversation to them and most people will answer questions about themselves rather than return to the previous topic. IF they do, just say thanks and continue to try to redirect. Eventually, most people will move off the topic. That said, I flubbed this so badly one time I actually got an email apologizing for being too nosy. I just said it was OK and I'm clunky at taking compliments.
  9. notmyname

    Not telling anyone

    I told my brother and SIL (b/c she had to come stay with me after surgery), my boss (who also happens to be a friend), and one other friend. After about 6 months, I told my sister because she was worried about how I was eating. Other than that, if people notice my weight loss or eating habits, I just say thank you or I'm eating more, smaller meals. It is nobody's business.
  10. notmyname

    Regrets, regrets, regrets

    I was unbelievably sick months 3-5 and couldn't get in to see my doctor because I was on jury duty and couldn't leave court. I called them on my lunch break and they called me back after I got out of court. They were able to order some tests that I could have done on the weekend at the hospital. So, it is worth it to try to at least call your doctor. Mine was able to change my meds around and find some vitamin deficiencies that helped some (those changes at least made me feel better enough that I didn't cry every day in pain). I eventually started to feel some better. But, really, if I could go back and not do this, I would.
  11. notmyname


    Call them. At least with my insurance, I had the hospital copay (easily found on the insurance website), doctor’s copay, and anesthesiologist copay. Also know whether you get some surgical follow-ups included with the price of surgery (I got 90 days, but my surgeon’s office kept trying to bill me.). The hospital overcharged me by $150 (not given the discount for being a center of excellence) and the surgeon kept trying to charge me for follow ups, so understanding my insurance likely saved me hundreds of dollars.
  12. notmyname

    mother's day jerk

    Amen to that!
  13. notmyname

    mother's day jerk

    I can't even imagine what my grandmother were say. When I was in middle school, I was at a healthy weight, then lost 20# because my mother pressured me. My mother said something to my grandmother about how good I looked, and grandma just looked at me and said "I don't know why she let herself get that fat in the first place." And I wasn't fat (although neither my mother nor my grandmother could admit that - let's just say they have problems). People can be dicks.
  14. notmyname

    October 2018 Sleevers

    They put me on a stronger PPI, nausea meds, and some new specific vitamins. I think that's what is helping. I'm on far more meds now than I was when I was 100# heavier. Maybe I'll keep feeling better and better and one day won't long for the days when I was obese and healthier.
  15. notmyname

    Sick during surgery

    Call your surgeon's office AND talk to the anesthesiologist. I don't mean to scare you, but when I had a different surgery, they had a hard time getting me back breathing on my own when they extubated me. I had to have an emergency re-intubation, and the surgeon and anesthesiologist both said it was because my lungs were temporarily damaged by my cold. In retrospect, I should have just put off my surgery (although at the time I didn't want to because my surgeon was going out of my insurance network the next week).