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  1. aseret

    Flying. Talk to ME!!

    One of my favorite quotes in the world "Keep it simple stupid" ~Judge Judy. Now with the cord attached I hope I did not offend you it's just something I tell myself when I try to over-react or overpack or overdo anything. I am also having surgery in Mexico in December from what I understand we will be staying four nights the first being the hotel after our plane leaves we did that on purpose so we have a day to explore California before leaving for Tijuana in the morning we are East Coasters. The next two nights will be spent at the hospital and the fourth night will be spent at the hotel accommodated by our Hospital so the doctor can check in on us before releasing us. my most concerned for you would be the CPAP everything else you have you can pack very light for even in December the coldest it'll probably be is 60s to 70s so pack light clothes. Of course I'm an anal packer so I've already packed my bag two months in advance mostly I packed T-shirt dresses because I know I'm not going to want anything on my incisions. We also already booked our flights so we already know that we only get one carry-on and would have to pay for checked baggage so each of us are only allowed in for one backpack. I just recommend packing light wear clothes slip on shoes your phone in a charger contact the doctor to see if you even need your CPAP machine maybe they can accommodate one for you in the hotel and in the hospital will you really need it under the medical care? As far as the airplane travel goes the less I would have to get on and off a plane the better I would feel and I would pay the extra money for it to me the hardest thing about flying isn't being on the airplane it's about getting through the security checkpoints after 9/11 they started doing the take off your shoes go through the scanner no fluid over a certain amount so you can't even take a full water bottle for drinking later so take an empty bottle with you and fill in the water stations around the bathroom areas. I read in some of the other forums that if you tell the airport staff that you just had surgery there more than happy to help you I suggest doing that are you taking someone with you would they be willing to help with your bags? I apologize for the book I just wanted 2 help and add support anyway I could. in a nutshell my suggestion is to pack as light as possible you won't need half of what you bring anyway. Keeping in mind you will be in hospital gown for 2 days at least so the only thing I was really worried about is a light robe and slip on shoes. Best of luck on your surgery.
  2. aseret

    Any December sleevers here??

    My Boy friend and I are doing a couples sleeve together on December 12th In Tiajauna Mexico we are also self pay. I honestly think I am dreading the pre op diet more than anything....but the thought of being slimmer and healthier this time next year I know will make it all worth it. Best wishes to you all.
  3. So I'm confused on the liquid diet, my paper work says I can puree canned soup, can I make my own soup and puree it? I know every doctor is different but I don't want to screw this up...and like everyone have an easy recovery after surgery. HELP... I need drink ideas for pre op! I grow bored of the drink mixes quick, would like to hear about your more savory options. I'm not much for sweets.
  4. aseret

    Pureed food ideas

    I've been playing with recipes in anticipation of my surgery in December...today I made carrot curry soup and OMGoodness it was yummy. It was a bag of baby carrots and one small onion saute in olive oil and a bit of butter for 5 minutes then add 3 cups of chicken broth 1 table spoon of curry and a bit of Cheyenne (to taste) salt and Pepper to taste and 1/2 cup of red pepper simmer for 15 minutes or until carrots are extremely soft then take off heat and put in blender mix up pureed and enjoy. It was yummy.
  5. Thank you for the comments and recommendations. I feel a bit more at ease. Booked our flights yesterday and this East Coast girl will be dipping her toes in cold west coast ocean water before changing her life for ever.
  6. aseret

    40 something sleevers?

    I'm 46 but do not tell my grand babies they all think I'm 29 yes every year. My surgery date is dec 12th my boyfriend and I are doing a "couples" Sleeve surgery on the same day. I enjoy reading everyones stories, advice and support and I hope to do the same for someone else when it's my turn to tell it. 46 years and not much scares me but with 4 months til Surgery day I have very high anxiety. I'm a care giver and I wonder will I try to care more for him than I do myself? There has to be a time when we put ourselves first. Deep breath....I got this. To Heathier lifestyles.
  7. My wedding dress. Surgery is Dec 12th and we are planning a new years day wedding for 01 01 2020 fingers crossed.
  8. aseret

    3 Days Post-Op

    My boyfriend and I are doing a "couples" sleeve on Dec 12th...I'm afraid I will be too worried about him to take care of myself. I read you had your surgery in Mexico this is our plan as well, what pain meds did you take when you got home as I'm sure we can not take meds back to the states, I wanted to know what I should stock up on. Did you find yourself uncomfortable for more than a week? Hope you doing well still and on the mend.
  9. My boyfriend of 3 years and I have been on roller coaster diets our whole lives and have been unsuccessful. He wants to propose I want to accept but we both want to be healthy committed before committing to each other. We are going to Tiajauna Mexico Dec 12th to do a couples Gastric Sleeve and neither of us want to tell family or friends until the procedures are completed. We will be our own support systems until we feel the need to share. Mostly we don't want to worry our mothers and children ect but also because we just do not want to hear from the nah sayers. Of course I want to make an unbiased knowledgeable decision to do this so I welcome your input no matter what you have been through. So please tell me your story the good the bad and the ugly. And feel free to answer my attached questions as well. I am a self pay and found Mexico to be the most financially effective for us I have researched all hospitals that do this surgery and my best choice I feel is Dr. Jalil Illan and BariatricPal Hospital MX . If anyone has ANY experience with either the Dr or the Hospital I am curious to hear your story. I am concerned with pain meds, I am aware that meds can not be taken from Mexico in to the US legally what do you recommend as an over the counter substitute for pain following surgery and did you need require any "stronger" meds 3-4 days post op? What is the most important thing you took with you to the hospital or wish you had? Would you say post op you find it easy or hard to stick to a diet plan, are you still finding excuses to eat poorly or does the surgery disable your want to, need to feeling to eat what you shouldn't? What happens to you if you do over indulge? How long after surgery can you swallow vitamins? I take Prenatal and collegon mostly for hair growth and skin elasticity I will be reading the forums as I have many questions I don't know I need to ask yet. Thank you all in advance for your input and time I hope to share my story and do the same as my story unfolds.

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