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  1. AutumnG

    3 Month Stall. WTF?!

    I didn't. I am currently 15 months out and I'm down 83 pounds. Still working towards it, though. Congrats on your weight loss!
  2. AutumnG

    The Last 20 lbs...

    I'm gonna check it out. Thank you -AtA
  3. AutumnG

    The Last 20 lbs...

    Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy will these ast 20 lbs not go away?? I am SO sick and tired of my body being disproportionate. It's like, my entire body is a size 12, but my belly is a 16. My skinny jeans don't fit right cause I have to get them bigger around the belly. I just don't know what else to do. I'm working out 3 days a week on average and eating decent. And of course this feeling makes me wanna eat. It's all so stupid. -AtA
  4. AutumnG

    The night before

    You got this! -AtA
  5. AutumnG

    Depressed, Scared, and Everything In Between

    This is such great news!!! I am so glad things are going well for you! -AtA
  6. AutumnG

    Depressed, Scared, and Everything In Between

    Thanks. Im actually doing way better since this post. Im also taking biotin with my other vitamins. Im still seeing my therapist and we are talking about other areas of my life, not just the surgery. I'm doing really well :-) -AtA
  7. AutumnG

    Depressed, Scared, and Everything In Between

    I still have a full head of hair! And I will continue to claim victory in this. -AtA
  8. AutumnG

    Depressed, Scared, and Everything In Between

    Yup! I order from the kids menu all the time. -AtA
  9. AutumnG

    Depressed, Scared, and Everything In Between

    Is she seeing a therapist? I will be the first one to tell you that changing my eating habits has been the hardest thing for me. Sometimes, the food doesn't even seem enjoyable. And yes, it's hard to eat out but she can totally do it! I've been telling people that my success with weight loss has been that I am eating a lot less, a lot more. And that is not a lie. She just needs to let her friends know (when they start asking) that she is making a change to better herself. And ask for a box to box up half her food! This is a HUGE change for those of us who has lived to eat all of our lives. Its a constant struggle. But at this point in time, I don't regret it. I pray your sis sees the process for what it really is! -AtA
  10. AutumnG

    Depressed, Scared, and Everything In Between

    So sorry your sis is going through this. I, fortunately, only had these thoughts for about 48 hours then I was ok. I would say that she will start feeling better once she sees the weight come off, but she should be seeing that by now. Does she ever say why she regrets it?? -AtA
  11. AutumnG


    From the research Ive done, the reason why caffeine should be limited is because it can cause dehydration. I also read somewhere that it increases appetite, but I have never experienced that. -AtA
  12. I walked in a popular 5K in June 2018. I was actually training myself to run it, but it didn't happen that way. I'd taken a picture with my participation medal, and the picture was posted by the photographer on a website so that people could go and grab theirs if they wanted. Before I was able to get to the website, I got a notification that someone Id met at the race that morning posted the pic and tagged me on FB. When I saw the picture, I broke down in tears. I was angry that the girl posted it because it seemed weird for he to post a picture of ME, but I was disgusted at the way I looked. I tried so hard to find good in that picture and I just couldn't. That did it. I was 100% tired of being big. -AtA
  13. AutumnG

    Air Fryer

    How was it? -AtA
  14. Hey yall! I just wanna know what you all are cooking up in your Air Fryer?!? Lemme see! -AtA
  15. AutumnG

    8 weeks post op

    Im about 2 months out and Im scared to get on the scale tomorrow for my weekly weigh in. Last week, I lost nothing. -AtA