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  1. Hi I haven’t been here for awhile, I’m 9 months in and down 93 lbs. I was hoping to hit 100 before my appointment which was last week, I’ve been having severe nausea and vomiting, I have an appointment Gastro Doctor next week. I was Prescribed 800mg Motrin I know I wasn’t supposed take it but I started 4 months after surgery, I’m just hoping that I didn’t give myself an ulcer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Wintereyes

    Happy Halloween!

    Wow!!! Awesome costumes! Halloween is so fun. I'm dressing up tonight as a Bunny to match our cutie Mr. Butter's and on Friday as a Zombie. I throw my sisters B-day/costume party every year, so I get to dress up twice...yay! Happy Halloweenie to E1. 👻
  3. Wintereyes

    Where Is Everyone From?

    I'm from CT. Dr. Richie...Lebim said Surgerversary: lol I like that! mine was 8/6/18 lost 50 in 3 months. stalled 2 weeks now. I haven't been having shakes so I am wondering if that could be why?
  4. Good luck to you, I hope you have a safe surgery and a quick recovery. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Wintereyes


    You look great!!! GRATS!
  6. Wintereyes

    Woke up with sharp pain

    Sounds like gas to me. I would call your doctor just in case, also you ask if you can have gas-x. Happy birthday I hope your out of pain soon.
  7. You look great! very pretty! keep up the good job! love the slippers! hehe.
  8. Wintereyes


    I thought my weight also keep me posted. Thanks!
  9. Wintereyes


    I will try the dry brushing. Thanks!
  10. Wintereyes


    I have edema in both legs- my left is much worse, I take Lasix- 40mg. it has gone down slightly since my surgery on 8/6. I tried oils,massage, wrapping, also a machine called Verso that only fit on my foot it was meant to fit on the calf but that def. wouldn't happen. I wonder if the people who made the product even know what edema does. I was wondering if anyone else has seen a big improvement after weight loss, I really hope that it goes away. Thanks for any thoughts.
  11. you look great! nice smile! very happy for you!
  12. Wintereyes

    Hunger after sleeve...

    I felt hunger after a week, although I think it was in my mind more than anything. 1 week to go until I go to puree, actually kinda nervous about that, I hope I don't gain.
  13. I started at 385 I lost 15 before surgery which wasn't a a whole heck of alot but my surgeon said it was ok and I had my surgery on 8/6. I was 370 the day of. I am 2 weeks post op, the 1st week I lost 7 and this week 13 for a total of 20 which I am very happy about. I also think it's going to take at least 80 for people to really notice. It will come in time- it took time to put it on and it will take time to take it off.
  14. Wintereyes

    In absolute shock

    Very sorry to hear about your experience, I am also on lisinopril and bystolic my surgeon took me off lisinopril before surgery I also had bad EKG's had a Angiogram to get cleared, I wish you the best in getting your surgery done and without issues.
  15. Wintereyes

    40 something sleevers?

    Hi, 47 here sleeved 8/6. I'm happy with my decision, But yes I wish I had done it earlier. It has been 2weeks with 20lbs gone. 1 week to go in liquid phase little nausea but otherwise can't complain.

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