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  1. Greetings all, I have been off this board for some time now, but I have come back because I need support. I lost 110 lbs with the gastric sleeve surgery in March 2019 and was doing so great until the pandemic started last March. Before I was restricted to the home office I was doing so well, I was working out every day at the company gym during lunch and I was careful about what I ate. Since then, my workouts have all but ceased, I may squeeze in a cardio session about once a week now. My eating habits are still restricted by the sleeve, but I have been eating things that get through easily, many sweets, high fat and high salt foods have been making their way into my diet. That said, the biggest issue was alcohol abuse. I was getting buzzed nearly every night from August through the end of the year. While I was feeling good I would also lose inhibitions about not snacking as well. I forced myself off the vodka (which was easy to hide from the family) and I have been doing well in the last 3 weeks since quitting, but I've been replacing those lost good feelings with even more snacks. I feel like I'm losing control and it's only a matter of time until I undo all of my great work. I haven't weighed myself in months, but I estimate that I've gained back about 50% of what I lost, I will find out in a couple weeks at my Dr appt. I need to find a way to get this turned around because all my new skinny clothes don't fit anymore and I'm starting to wear my fat clothes again. It's bad...FML...
  2. Status update for myself for the new year.  I've been away from this site for a few months now.  I have a new job (so I can't log in as often) and I've stopped being obsessed with the weight loss.  I haven't weighed myself in 2 months because I know that I'm not losing any weight.  My belt is on the same hole and so is my watch.  

    Most of my eating habits are still pretty good but the holidays (sweets) have not been good to me.  Fortunately, I don't feel my clothes fitting any tighter, but i know I haven't lost any weight either.  I might get up the courage soon to try and get on the scale to see.  I do still work out about 3 to 4 times a week when time permits, so I really think I'm in maintenance mode; no gain, but also no loss. 

    I think if I can get over the hump and get all these horribly good treats out of the house I can get the needle moving again.  I think i have about 40 lbs until I'm at a weight where I'm satisfied and can officially move into maintenance mode.

    Until the next update...

    p.s.-Happy New Year to anyone reading this.

  3. Jobber

    Um, sorry but gas after surgery

    The gas pains royally suck and the only thing that gets rid of them is movement and time. Sorry, no magic bullet here.
  4. nice work man!!! I agree that you will need exercise to keep it going. It's the only way that I lose weight these days now, it's no longer enough for me to just rely on my diet. I've cut out complex carbs, most simple carbs and pre-processed foods, I'm only eating whole foods that I prepare myself and every breakfast I'm still doing my protein shakes only and STILL the only way i'm losing weight is consistent exercise. Now that is how my body works, you may still be ok doing diet alone. Just wanted to give you a frame of reference since my procedure was only a month before yours. Good luck sir
  5. Jobber


    lol.....that one got me. Nice!!!
  6. Jobber

    Getting back in control

    Making good choices is very difficult once your hunger comes back, isn't it? I have kids and I refuse to cut them off from all snacks and desserts, so they are in the house. We do have a ton of healthy foods available in the house, but I find myself staring into the cabinet with all the great snacks so many times when nobody is looking. Sometimes I fail, but most times I succeed in choosing the right kind of snack. The one thing I don't know that people really understand going into this is that the surgery really isn't a magic fix. Down the road in your journey you will regain your hunger and cravings. How you handle that is what will determine your success. Good luck to you Chuck!
  7. I wanted to weigh in (no pun intended) on this subject because I have chosen to keep this a secret with the exception of a very tiny group of people who I trust. Here is what I have found now that I have lost 100lbs+ and I am nearly 7 months post-op. People are smart, generally, and they tend to figure things out. But the good thing is that if they respect or like you, they won't tell you that they know unless you tell them. Besides, it's nobody's business but your own. If someone asks how you lost all the weight, you need to be prepared if your'e going to be completely honest or just slightly honest. Most folks just don't understand that it's actually hard work to go through this process. After the first 4 to 6 months or so, you actually have to work to keep the weight coming off, it's not about restriction anymore when you're at the point I'm at. I have been working out every single day since a month ago and I've only lost about 5 pounds, but I figure it's my body figuring things out....hopefully. Good luck in whatever decision you make, there's no wrong answer.
  8. I am 7 months post-op. I wish I had the money back that I wasted on measuring devices, blenders, books on the subject, including recipe books, etc. I got so caught up in being "in the program" that I wanted to feel like a member by getting all these new things I thought I needed. In all honesty, you will learn very quickly how much food you will be able to eat without special scales, etc. Also, you will learn what you can handle and what you cannot in the early weeks. It's all nice to get excited for the process, but not at the expense some of these things cost me. Speaking of that, I have a nutri-ninja for sale and some recipe books if anyone's interested, just kidding. Good luck on your surgery upcoming
  9. Jobber

    How Long is too Long for a Stall?

    I've been the same weight (give or take a pound) for the last 4 weeks, but in that time I've also moved in a belt notch and a watch notch, so I know there's more to what's happening with my weight loss. I work out almost every day and watch what I eat. Be patient and keep with your routine. If there's other reasons that you're not losing, it's time to be honest with yourself as to why this may be happening. Good luck
  10. Jobber

    Before And Continuing!!!

    Nice work, you don't look like the same person, what a great transformation. Congratulations!!!
  11. Jobber

    WLS for Friends and Family

    Thank you for sharing your story here. This just reinforces my commitment to the lifestyle that I have adopted and plan to maintain forever. The biggest change that I've taken on, not including the daily exercise, in regards to food is cutting out all the processed foods like you have, that is great. I thought it would be harder than it has been, but I am fortunate enough to have a background in culinary arts, so preparing fresh healthy food and constantly coming up with new ideas is fairly easy for me. If I had to tell everyone considering this surgery and those who are in the process to have it done is; to not wait to change your lifestyle and not expect it to be easy after you do get the surgery. You still have to work and not cheat and it's incredibly hard, but it's so much easier with WLS to get a head-start and maintain once you do adopt the lifestyle. It's very much a commitment to healthy living so take it seriously and make sure you have good support in your life, but more-so, don't have bad support, is probably a better way to say this. You can be lead down a bad path by people who are not empathetic to what you need. Oh, how many times I've had to bite my lip while friends or family are sitting there eating garbage food in front of me while I try to get out of the situation. So freakin' hard... Thanks, Danny, for sharing this
  12. Jobber

    Goal Weight Achieved

    I really like it when someone has a great transformation like this and they wear the same clothing item in both before and after pics, it really accentuates the impact of the transformation. I can tell you worked really hard, you look incredible, nice job sir!!
  13. I'm really struggling with red meat (which I don't need anyways), anything starchy (like potatoes), and bread (which I have cut out about 99%, still have a bite every now and then). I find if I stick to lean protein, fruit, veggies, nuts, and seeds, I have no issues.
  14. Jobber

    101 pounds!!

    The 100lbs lost mark is quite an accomplishment. I just crossed it myself and it just feels like a major milestone in some regards. Good luck reaching your goal, your hard work will pay off! Congrats!
  15. Your hard work and perseverance is truly inspiring Mike. Best wishes on reaching your goal.

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