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  1. I lived through the third week (and a half) stall, and I'm past it and losing pounds again. Given the stresses of the last two weeks, losing instead of gaining is a miracle in itself. Or maybe not. It isn't like I can really stress eat, at this stage. I've found that I fail myself in other ways, though: shorting myself on liquids or proteins or -- just the one dose, so far -- vitamins, when the pressure gets to be too much. I'm working on that: I know I can't afford to lose too much muscle mass, so I have to keep my protein up; I spent a day with a splitting headache after falling short on liquids, so that was a decent object lesson; and I know how important vitamins are, too. I'm just ... really crap at self-care, but I'm actively working on getting better.

    I way overdid it at a vigil/protest last week (long walk, long time standing, and I really did know better but also didn't want to "let anyone down" by bowing out early to take care of myself 🙄) and re-damaged an old stress fracture in my foot, so my activity level has dropped badly. Getting in the pool will go a long way toward fixing that, and I'll be cleared for swimming next Tuesday. (I may sneak into the pool on Monday. My incisions are fully closed, and my doctor said that if that's the case, I should be good to go.) In the meantime, I am trying to take good care of my foot so it heals up quickly. Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise, they say, so I'm not really losing that much ground, now. It's fine. I can take the time to heal.

    I can finally drink room temperature water again, at least some of the time! I still strongly prefer hot tea. But carrying a water bottle might not be a total waste of time, anymore, which would be amazing for my hydration levels on days when I'm at work or school.

    So. Past my first month, not doing perfectly, but certainly chugging along.

    1. Orchids&Dragons


      Congrats on getting past the first month, it's definitely the hardest!

    2. Wanda247


      Glad that you are losing again...stalls are just crazy huh?? but from what I've noticed just in the 9 weeks that's it's been for me since surgery is that I will stall long like you then drop a good amount of weight for about a week then back to a stall LOL. I'm just going with the flow and not letting it stress me because I'm doing my part and sticking to the plan.

      We are GOING to get to goal!!

    3. ElectricBoogaloo


      Thanks for the update. I was wondering how you were doing, sleevetwin, since I haven't seen you regularly posting. Take care of yourself and be well!