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  1. lzucks

    Isopure Unflavored

    I used unflavored protein powder in tomato soup. I think the stronger flavor of the soup disguised it better. I used Unjury Chicken soup flavored protein powder in chicken broth. Wasn’t great but it got me through the post-op liquid phase till I could eat real food.
  2. lzucks


    I’m also at 900-1000 most days, almost 10 months out. Will be increasing calories soon though because I’m TWO pounds from my goal!!! 😀
  3. It took a couple months to get my energy and strength back to pre-op levels. Now at almost 10 months out, I have more energy than I’ve had in over 29 years.
  4. For those sick of sweet, the Unjury chicken soup flavored protein powder was a lifesaver for me Post-op. Highly recommend!
  5. @silly kitty you look fantastic! I’ve started to find that elbow length or 3/4 length sleeves are my friend. I’m always cold anyways so my loose skin is covered and I’m warmer. Kinda worried about bathing suit season though....been procrastinating the new bathing suit purchase.
  6. lzucks

    The Maintenance Thread

    Great thread—thank you! I’m 4 lbs from goal and thinking about this a lot lately. Helpful to hear what others are doing.
  7. ⬆️⬆️⬆️ same here! Chew gum, no problem
  8. Gatorade zero and Vitamin water zero. Regular water didn’t taste right to me for several months.
  9. I’ve had this goat cheese ball recipe done with oil (pan fried) at a party and it was amazing. Looks like I’m going to have to get an air fryer to make this! Thanks for sharing.
  10. lzucks

    Grocery help!!!!

    Chicken, chicken sausage, Siggi’s yogurt, cottage cheese, Fairlife 0% milk w/ Swiss Miss Reduced Calorie Hot Chocolate, Quest bars, Think Thin bars, eggs, string cheese... those are my go-to protein items. Hope that helps!
  11. lzucks

    30 minutes

    I had the sleeve and was told to always wait 30 min between eating and drinking
  12. lzucks

    Onederland, 5 yrs ago. Now...

    How do you have a 2nd VSG? I’ve never heard of this and don’t understand. Thanks.
  13. lzucks

    Michigan sleevers

    I had the sleeve in August
  14. Congrats! You look amazing.
  15. lzucks

    Thinslim zero carb bread

    I had zero carb bread and felt like it was expanding in my stomach for 4 hours. Painful and uncomfortable. I haven’t tried bread again since and that was several months ago.
  16. lzucks


    Yes and yes!! I used to sweat really easily and now I have a hard time working up a sweat even when working out. Yesterday I was freezing AT THE GYM! I’m cold all the time now. This changed immediately after surgery for me, before I’d really lost any weight. I find this so incredible.
  17. I still get hungry, sometimes every few hours. The big difference is my ability to control cravings and make healthy choices, plus I get full by eating a fraction of what I used to. I had the sleeve in Aug 2018. I’ve lost 104 lbs and am 11 lbs from goal. 😊
  18. lzucks

    Alternative Pasta

    I haven't tried the edamame one yet, but definitely will! The two I've had that are good and easy to find around me are Banza (chick peas) and Free to Eat (i've had the red lentil one, but it comes in many varieties).
  19. I believe most plastic surgeons want you to be at your goal for at least 6 months or longer before post-Bariatric plastics. 6-7 months post-op might not be a realistic goal.
  20. lzucks

    Alternative Pasta

    I really like the lentil or chick pea based pasta. I only eat a small amount and have it with chicken or chicken sausage for protein. It takes care of my pasta cravings and makes me feel not deprived.
  21. lzucks

    Michigan sleevers

    I’m in Michigan too. Ann Arbor area.
  22. lzucks

    Is anyone angry about food?

    @FluffyChix—would you share the recipe for the bread?
  23. lzucks


    I was able to eat fresh fruit and veggies at 6 weeks post op
  24. lzucks

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    @GreenTealael— I walk, no running, but love my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 sneakers. Great support and comfortable also.
  25. lzucks


    @Vanessa Blair—I’m 8 months post VSG and I was recently discussing this same issue with my therapist. I feel like I have no emotions, very cold. I also happen to be going through a divorce. She thought it might be because I’m in my all business, super confident mode between my weight loss & marriage. Unfortunately, someone close to my son recently committed suicide and I found out I can cry and feel very sad. It was just kind of buried inside me for a while. Long answer, hope it helps...