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  1. fluffy562

    5 months and I hit goal!

    thank you. it's a great tool and I hope it's a lifetime of pleasure.
  2. Had surgery August 23 2017. Never thought I would of hit goal so fast. I mentally prepared for at least a year. I know that 70 pounds might not be much to some, but I too struggle and am an emotional eater. its been a whirlwind of fun and crazy emotions. I have decided to just tell people how I lost it, cause it has become so apparent and happened quickly and people were concerned I was sick. So far everyone has been positive ( at least to my face) and Its such a great feeling. I have been diligent on keeping to my diet. Mostly protein, No sugar or Carbs. I take my supplements daily but struggle to remember the last calcium of the night. Ive recently had my blood work done. waiting to hear. Hopefully everything is normal. ( keep fingers crossed) But I can say I haven't exercised at all! EEEK. it's been a mental thing. I HATE working out and I know that it needs to happen. my muscle mass is suffering and my skin is not pretty. i'm trying to jump start it. the weather hasn't helped. cold and raining and I'm freezing ( no body fat). I'm not perfect... I have had sips of soda here and there. I ate a couple chips on Super Bowl. I'm human and my problems aren't solved. I take it day by day and miss so many foods. This is all a learning curve and I'm happy to ride this journey.
  3. fluffy562

    Just sleeved monday

    first month for me was challenging. YES, it does get better! I'm 3 months tomorrow and boy life is GOOD! no regrets here. Hang in there. Everyday seems like eternity but then starts to fly by .....
  4. fluffy562

    Stalled since week 2

    I’m 10 weeks out and just hit my first stall 😞
  5. fluffy562


    Is Salad a slider food for you?
  6. fluffy562

    Non Scale Victories

    You look Fabulous! Keep up the good work. You can tell
  7. fluffy562

    My Journey 8 weeks

    @vsgnewbie77 I do still struggle with water. I drink probably about 45-50 oz of water a day and then have 2 sugar free popsicles a night. I can’t remember if it’s liquid total or just water portion? If it’s liquids as well I think I’m over with protein shakes and coffee? Does that count? 😂 lol
  8. Today has hit 8 weeks for me and I wanted to share my journey. I can't believe that time has flown but in the beginning, it felt like eternity. My surgery itself was pretty smooth. Not much pain just mostly discomfort because of the incisions. My first four weeks were definitely a challenge mentally. 2 weeks of puree probably was the hardest. That and my water intake. But when I hit that 4 week mark and I was given the green light from the doctor that I was on my own, it felt liberating in a way. I didn't feel so restricted and I became mentally more conscious about what I put in my mouth and I focused on protein and water. My strength and mentality changed. I don't own a scale. Mentally it has always been depressing for me and I decided NOT to get one. I didn't want to let the numbers define my journey. Being that I have been on all kinds of diets and my weight has always YO-yo'd, I have a closet full of jeans in all different size ranges. I organized them by sizes in different slots and will let that tell me where I am at. At last weeks doctors visit ( 7 weeks) I was down 30 pounds. I couldn't be more proud!! I feel so good and full of energy. This probably has been one of the best decisions I have made to do this surgery. I haven't started exercising yet , I do walk my dogs 2x a day for about 20 mins each time and have since a week out from my surgery. I know that I need to get started. At least walking long periods. I make sure all meals are protein based and if I have room, I will eat a bite of veggies. I cook a lot at home for my family and make sure its in the diet and on the days it's not. I usually have left overs. I always have a protein bar/snack in my car and water at all times. My meals consist of about 3 oz of protein and usually can't eat much past that. I have about 4- 5 meals like this a day. Every morning I have collagen protein in my coffee so I know I start the day with 22 g of protein and then usually go from there. If by the end of the day I haven't hit my goal, I end it with a premier protein shake. For those of you that are just starting out, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I used to read all the posts on here daily and just kept saying to myself will this ever get easier and YES, it does. I've excepted my new lifestyle and hope that my journey continues to be as smooth as it has since week 4. I'm sure I will hit bumps here and there and I know it's always going to be mentally challenging when food has always been comfort for me. But I can say today I feel strong and I just take it day by day.
  9. fluffy562


    Thanks. I will try more fiber. And yes I stop drinking 30 mins before and 30 mins after.
  10. fluffy562


    I’m on Prilosec. I can eat 3-4 oz of protein and then I stop and 20 mins later my stomach feels empty. Like I didn’t eat.
  11. fluffy562


    I’m on my own. No more liquid, purée or soft.
  12. fluffy562


    Thanks! That was a good read😊 I appreciate the reassurance cause I was about to call my doctor and say “ Helllloooo” I paid cash. I expect nothing but the top shelf!! Lol
  13. fluffy562


    I’m 2 days shy of being 5 weeks post op. I’m constantly hungry, I eat proteins all meals and I don’t feel restriction. I just mentally stop at 3-4 oz cause I’m not really sure how far I should take it?
  14. fluffy562

    slider foods

    What exactly are slider foods?
  15. i Just order a 3 month subscription from Bariatricpal. Looking forward to receiving my 1st box. Was wondering if anyone had tried? what your thoughts are. It's my understanding it's all protein based food and snacks to try.

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