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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. ttj3mom

    6 Months and Stalled

    I am in the same boat, same height and same weight loss, I stopped loosing around 9 months, it has been two years, I have maintained the weight, I still usually eat under 1000 calories and I do not loose, I have 60 more I want to take off. My hair did the same but finally coming back, I had a lot of hair so it looked straggly but didn't look bald, after 2 years it is getting more full.
  2. ttj3mom


    Unfortunately it’s part of the whole ride!! I lost a lot a hair from about 4-5 months to a the year mark, it finally stopped. My hair is so thin on the bottoms but growing so eventually will be good again, until there extensions, tape in ones, work great, ask your hairdresser!
  3. ttj3mom


    How did you do it?
  4. Same! I was never a chocolate craver before surgery!
  5. ttj3mom

    Travel Question

    Lots of yogurt and lactose free milk! hard boil eggs as well. premier protein bars are good too
  6. ttj3mom

    Dr Review

    Dr Domkowski, Sebastion Fl Had a great experience, he has a wonderful bedside manner, and always made me feel comfortable. I was never nervous about my decision before surgery while he was around. Gave me great information.
  7. ttj3mom

    Yup. I regret this.

    Try getting Iv therapy, I did and it helped the blood pressure. I thought I was getting enough hydration and I really wasn't, I did that for about 2 month and was fine after. I added vitamins to it as well. Iron too
  8. ttj3mom

    Gastric sleeve and fibromyalgia

    I have Fibro as well, I had my surgery in August 2018, down 55 lbs. I have had a few flare ups but not as many as I use to. Mostly in my hands and arm area. Some days I have fatigue but other days I have more energy then I ever had, I feel the surgery helps a lot, I was nervous as well before surgery.
  9. ttj3mom


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!!!
  10. ttj3mom

    Body Composition Scale @ Surgeon Office

    What kind of scale is this?
  11. ttj3mom

    Stalling Early ON

    Thanks it does help, I thought something was wrong, I am right on track according to the chart!
  12. ttj3mom

    Struggling to stay with it.

    I am only about 3 months out bag. When I feel panicked about my choices or any guilt I just go back to the liquid diet, the premier protein, yogurt, for a couple days. Of course I am only 3 months out and it’s more in my head that feeling of guilt then me actually doing bad. Maybe that will help you.
  13. Hang in there, I am about 2 in a half months out, I felt the same way at 3 weeks, I did Iv fluids once a week starting at 3 weeks post op, I could not get enough fluids in and my blood pressure was low because of that, making me exhausted. I was like, why did I do this? I can now say it's going a lot better!
  14. ttj3mom

    Onederland! (Barely)

    Very true!
  15. ttj3mom

    Onederland! (Barely)

    Congrats 🎉🎊 mine was 226, I am 206 now so you do loose quite a bit more faster, with the bypass, then sleeve. I am happy to. E loosing hope it continues! I originally was 238 so with the 2 week liver shrinking I was 226 onnday of surgery.

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