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  1. I’ve never had a full feeling that’s why I was concerned just my NUT said 2 bites of course I wasn’t thinking her two bites and mine weren’t the same lol. I’m using baby spoons. I’ve started measuring everything and never eat more than a 1/4 of a cup and sometimes stop before that if I get a tight feeling in my chest. Thanks everyone!
  2. I’m 2 weeks post op from gastric bypass? My NUT told me I’d probably only be able to eat 2 bites?!? I’m eating more than that. How do I know I’m full? I don’t want to screw up this whole process 😥
  3. SRP1985


    Ok thanks so much!
  4. SRP1985


    @Msdooloo ok I wasn’t sure if I was to start the calcium right away I couldn’t remember and couldn’t find it in any of my paper work.
  5. Question about taking vitamins. Can’t call my surgeons office u til tomorrow and that’s when I am to start so wanted to get opinions off here. I had gastric bypass on August 1, my surgeon told me to start the vitamins this up coming week. I purchased the Pro Carr One a Day from the office. Am I suppose to take calcium as well? I also was told from another person who had this surgery to start hair skin and nails. Does anyone take that just 12 post op?
  6. SRP1985

    Liquid Diet

    I’m suppose to start purée Tuesday I can’t wait! I never want to eat beef or chicken broth again lol.
  7. SRP1985

    Liquid Diet

    Yes I have two protein shakes a day as well
  8. Any way to spice things up a bit lol. Broth jello and popsicles Are becoming very boring since that’s all I have had for 3 weeks almost. I’m not even hungry honestly but the hot dogs my kids are eating are making my mouth drool, and I don’t even like hot dogs 🤢 lol
  9. SRP1985

    Gas X

    Any other recommendations to help with the extreme belching. I’m still on clear liquids so not even eating food yet. It starts as soon as I get up and moving in the morning.
  10. I have RNY bypass on Wednesday. The belching is about to make me insane no matter how small of sips I take I still belch constantly. TMI but they are very liquidity sounding. I have heard about other people using gas x strips. Would they help with the belching? I’m about to be insane, especially since I never ever belched pre-op.... :(
  11. SRP1985

    August surgery ppl

    @YoBL congrats on your surgery! I had the RNY on Wednesday and I have to agree the gas pains are terrible!! I’ve been trying to walk as much as possible to get it all out. The belching is also awful which I assume is from the gas. Good luck with everything on your journey!
  12. SRP1985

    Strange Noises

    Thanks. It seems to be louder when I walk too maybe that’s the gas trying to escape as well.
  13. SRP1985

    Strange Noises

    @orchids&dragons....thanks so much for the reply. I was really starting to worry cuz the noise was so loud. But good to know it’s normal thank you!!
  14. I had rny bypass on August 1st. Came home from hospital yesterday afternoon. Trying hard to get all my liquids and protein in everyday. My stomach is making these loud rumbling noises, not like I’m hungry but it strange. Is that normal??
  15. SRP1985

    August 2018 sleeve surgery!!

    @taystott I was able to come home yesterday afternoon. Getting the fluid is in def a hard thing to do. Did u have the sleeve or the rny bypass?