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  1. 1 hour ago, StratusPhr said:

    How are you doing? I have surgery the day after Thanksgiving. whey Protein smell is killing me. I'm supposed to be on Clear Liquids, but I started RTD Quest Protein Drinks a couple of days ago. I couldn't do the other, and found myself doing very little. Decaf coffee and tea both taste different, not bad, just I don't enjoy them now. I put the Benefiber in a hot cup of coffee every morning.

    sugar free ice pops, chicken broth helps too. There’s a clear Protein Drink that’s 20 grams of Protein i had to Water it down it’s super sweet to me. You can make your own broth with chicken and veggies too, just strain it.

    I’m better, but it wasn’t fun in the beginning. Things still don’t taste right to me but today I was so happy to finally drink a whole cup of coffee. I didn’t have to drink Decaf after I went to full liquids. I actually like Peets decaf it helped me that week I had to. Once I started eating more food I wasn’t as tired anymore, thank goodness. I would sit and just fall asleep like I had narcolepsy. 😂😂.

    You can’t drink Premier Protein? I hated whey protein though and I used to like it. I want to try it in the blender with Peanut Butter powder and half a banana. Someone know said it’s good so I’ll give it a shot.

    Every day is better. Just remember sip sip sip and keep moving. I felt almost normal by The end of the fourth week. I had 16 here for Thanksgiving, too!

  2. 8 hours ago, StratusPhr said:

    I had surgery the day after Thanksgiving. I'm still on the liquid diet until this coming Friday. Tell me about dumping. What does it feel like and what causes it for you?

    I know not sure if what I had was dumping (I’ve had the “foamies”) but I get it with leftover meats (chicken, roasted pork) I think because the meat dries. I thought I chewed enough but it sat in my chest like a brick and all of a sudden, I started burping and up the foamy mucus came. It’s nothing like regular vomiting. I now reheat with a little broth and that seems to help.

  3. 1 hour ago, oldandtired said:

    Hi, I'll have my surgery in about a month. I'm 68. How was it?

    Honestly, it was rough in the beginning — constipation and really bad gas pains (nothing from the surgery). Once I got that figured out and passed the two week mark it got better every day. And when I added more foods and being able to walk a little and not being tired all the time, it’s been a blessing. Good luck to l look forward to hearing your progress! And message me if you want. 💗

  4. On 12/02/2021 at 07:48, Kaguragetshealthy_87 said:

    I won't get on the scale. I am still learning that this is a tool. I got frustrated with my self because I had a family emergency and I moved on to soft foods earlier. Sometimes I feel like food is stuck in my throat but I try to slow down and keep moving forward. In any case I'm walking almost 10 miles every week and using MFP. I have to count calories!

    I hope you all are doing well!

    Wow I still can’t walk much but will when I go back to the office next week. I moved to soft foods a few days earlier too and it got stuck but go slowly. I finally am officially on all solids now and am nervous what to eat.

  5. 19 minutes ago, Tupelo said:

    6 weeks today. Surgery weight on Oct 20th was 213.2 so 20 lbs. I started at a relatively low height/weight and am 59. Plus I had a stall that lasted an entire 3 weeks! Except for the darn stall and the frustration/trepidation associated with it, I'm happy with my progress so far. I know some people lose far more, but I'm taking the middle road on diet (average 800 cal/day) and can't really exercise much due to arthritis.

    Congratulations! My preop was 213. Day of surgery was 205 and I’m at 186.6 5 1/2 weeks out.

  6. I’ll be 1 mo post op and my nutritionist said to take a teaspoon of whatever I want from the table, put it on my plate, and start with the Protein. Im sure I won’t get through it all but just being able to taste if I want to will help. I’m making a sugar free pumpkin cheesecake too and hope to be able to have a bite of that too. Im not much of a sweet eater but I do miss it at the holidays. I copied this picture that someone posted on FB and I think it will work for me.


  7. On 11/13/2021 at 21:56, EsojLabina said:

    I am 15 days postop and is hurting like hell. Combo meds such as Diazepam and Oral Oxy are not working for me. I stomach just growls at me. I am able to keep food down is just hurts like hell. My surgeon is thinking of doing both a Upper GI series and a CT scan. I am starting to regret this. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    I know the first two weeks are bad. Have you tried taking smaller bites and putting down your fork in between? It made the difference for me. My surgery was 10/25

  8. On 11/05/2021 at 16:43, Mammysm said:

    October 25th ..Sadi Surgery?was suppose to have the Sadi but unfortunately I couldn't get it done. There were too many adhesions, I knew that there was a possibility òf this happening or not happening. Ì was disappointed ofcourse. My doctor did remove alot of adhesions in the abdomen. Abdomen is quite sore and bruisec..I go back to my Dr. On Tues. the 14th and will see what he will have to say..I do however still have the sleeve, which I "think" is fine..when talking to my husband after surgery, my husband didn't quite get the information correct...and I wasn't talked to, if I was idon't remember. Anyhow thats my story of my day of surgery...2 weeks of liquid diet. For nothing...oh well I lived through it. Maybe the future will be better.

    Hope they don't want me to go to Nutritionist again and the trainer...I have all that info...just another loop hole. Donna Smith

    Hi Donna! I had to speak to the nutritionist on Thursday — she put me on a Vitamin regimen and gave me the protocol for purée and soft foods. Maybe just starting from the beginning is all you need. 💕💐

  9. Ok I had this issue (I’m 2 weeks out today). How I solved it was Milk of Magnesia during the day and Miralax at night plus 2 stool softeners and you’ll start going. Plus all the Water. It will start. Finally yesterday morning I went like pre-surgery and I think I turned the corner. I’m only doing 2 softeners now. Feel better it will work!

  10. On 10/22/2021 at 17:29, Mammysm said:

    Its very hard to stick to the liquid diet...I haven't got too many days left. Had Covid test today...got to be at hospital at 6am on Monday....I'm so not a morning person but for this I will get up...lol.

    I wish you the very best with this journey and it all works out with you ...just remember "Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels" they used to say this at Weight Watchers...and "You Bite-You Write" JS

    Write anytime....I will reply as soon. As I find it sometimes it takes me awhile to find stuff.

    Your Buddy in this Journey Donna Smith

    My surgery is happening at 2:45 on Monday — I wish mine was that early! They even told me not to bring a suitcase I’ll be leaving in 24 hours! I wish you only the best, too and a speedy recovery! Yes that’s the best WW quote. I lost 50 lbs with them and that’s it. Now I’ll lose the rest so I can walk and do things again. I’m only 62 not 100! Message me next week!

  11. Wow Mammysm, you’ve been through it all! You are the first person I know that is having SADI! I have a friend who is almost ready for the DS.

    I haven’t been great with my liquid diet but I’m hoping my lower BMI will help it. My old house (which we care for meticulously) decided to act up this week (blown outlet and for extra fun a HEATING OIL LEAK INSIDE THE HOUSE!)

    This is my last try. My RNY is scheduled and I’m 62 and so tired of not being able to move without being in pain.

    you at least know how to do this so remember you can! Third time’s the charm, remember? 💗

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