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  1. @ynotiniowa I'm a nurse working crazy hours in hospital too. Donuts, cookies, cupcakes and candy on every counter, that's a nurse's life at work, that's why I needed bariatric surgery...lol. I went to work after 6 weeks, so I was eating regular food and it was not so obvious to others. You will survive 12-16 hr shift by eating Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, protein cereal with Fairlife protein shake, tuna pouches and prepackaged small containers with protein rich/nutrition foods (chicken, turkey, chili, veges etc). Wish you good luck and success!
  2. Bari_KS

    Help me with puree ideas

    Try FitLife fat-free milk. It's ultra-pasturized and lactose free--plus it tastes good. It also froths like a dream. Google says FitLife milk is available in India only.
  3. Bari_KS

    Body scan scale

    RENPHO blue tooth scale and body analyzer, $22.99 on Amazon now.
  4. I think she is talking about Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileal Bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy (SADI-S).
  5. Bari_KS

    Almost 9 years out...

    The first thing which came to my mind when you mentioned your love for Sonic ice was that craving for ice is associated with iron deficiency.
  6. Bari_KS

    Best broth?

    Yes, it's very good.
  7. I don't have Fitbit anymore. I use smartwatch Samsung Galaxy active 2 and sync my steps to Baritastic by similar method described above (by syncing Baritastic with Samsung Health app).
  8. On the main page of Baritastic, next to your name click on three horizontal lines, then click on settings at the bottom. Then click on devices and apps. Click on connect a device, choose your fitbit. Good luck.
  9. Bari_KS

    BCBS Federal

    Great to know, I'm so happy for you!
  10. Bari_KS

    BCBS Federal

    This is good news. The real good news is the fact that Basic option pays $200 for a surgeon and $100 per night at the hospital. My VSG was considered outpatient (I stayed 23 hrs) so the total bill for surgery out of pocket was $300 only!
  11. Bari_KS

    Exercise videos for 60 +

    I like Pahla B Fittness on YouTube. Her videos are for women over 50 but are easy to follow. I'm 65 and like her exercises. https://pahlabfitness.com This is her website.
  12. Bari_KS

    BCBS Federal

    When was your letter submitted to insurance? Do you have basic or standard option? My FEP Blue Basic approved me in about 5days. Call them tomorrow, federal BCBS is very efficient. Goid luck.
  13. https://sixtyandme.com/back-knee-pain/ Have a look at this article. Most likely it is popliteal muscle strain. You can also look for popliteal muscle release on YouTube. Good luck.
  14. Bari_KS

    Treadmill recommendations

    After doing a lot of research, i bought Horizon 101 from Amazon, $649.99 plus tax. I was also planning to use it in cold weather, meanwhile i go to gym.
  15. You can use Baritastic to track your BM by going to Daily Notes, then click on Add New. You will see 3 options to track: hunger, happiness and bowel movements. There's a place for journaling there too.

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