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  1. Been a while since I have been on this forum and so much has changed-in a good way! I reached my (adjusted) goal weight. I went back to school. I have a new career (as a baiatric-focused personal trainer) and I'm excited about my future. Although lots has been derailed because of the virus, the accomplishments are still there and my business will thrive once the fitness industry is able to rebound. For now, I do my coaching virtually and keep up on my fitness by working out with my team via zoom. It's a crazy time but still full of possibilities! I'm so sorry some of your surgeries are being derailed- that is a tough pill to swallow I'm sure. I hope everyone stays healthy and strong. Be kind!

    BEFORE, Aug 2018

    AFTER, this week, me and some of my badass fellow trainers



  2. Michael, I just started following your channel and I like what I see! I, too, am building a new life through fitness (I'm 14 months post gastric bypass) I'm currently in school to become a personal trainer and I graduate in March. I just trained my 1st client this weekend. I'd be super-interested in picking your brain about a few things if you're interested. Please pm me if that's something you might have time for. Either way, keep up the great work, power-lifting looks like a blast!


  3. On 10/12/2019 at 12:57 PM, AZhiker said:

    I had a good foundation of walking already established, but had not swum or ridden a bike in decades! I only had 2 months to get ready. So I started swimming - oh my goodness! With losing weight, I also lost my buoyancy! My legs sank and I couldn't kick hard enough. With a rotater cuff injury in my right shoulder, I just resigned myself to breast stroke rather than freestyle, which was utterly exhausting. I tried to swim 2-3 times a week. The first time, I nearly drowned twice!

    I tried to ride my daughter's bike, but because of stiffness in my hips and knees, I simply cannot swing my leg over the saddle and I couldn't get it over the bar, either. Pitiful. So getting on and off was a challenge and I didn't feel safe. So I bit the bullet and bought my own bike - a hybrid with a step through frame (ie: girl's bike). It is wonderful. It is very ergonomically correct for me and very comfortable. Most of all, I can get on and off safely. I bought the brightest possible strobing tail and head lights, and attached a water bottle to the handle bars with a long straw so I didn't have to reach down with one hand for a Water bottle. I started riding - 5 miles, then 7 miles, then 10 miles, then 15 miles - at least twice a week.

    3 weeks before the event , I did all three on the same day - spread out over the day. 2 weeks before, I did all three again on the same day, but more or less back to back. On the day of the event, I did fine. I was more mentally stressed than physically stressed. I was not exhausted or overly tired at all.

    The biggest hurdle was nutrition. I had to up my calories per day, and that was pretty hard. I had to give up intermittent fasting, as I needed the Breakfast time to get more calories in. This was not comfortable and I felt like I was over eating the whole time. I could not use high carb stuff or energy drinks, as I was a afraid of dumping. The best thing I finally settled on was to drink a Protein smoothies several hours before the event (300 calories, 35 gm protein.) Then Water and RX bars throughout the event. Each RX bar has 210 calories and 12 gm Protein. I think I ate 3 of them and it was fine. My stomach was not overloaded and I was comfortable and had plenty of energy.

    Now I see that I have a lot of room to improve my swimming stroke, my biking technique, and also maybe experiment with race walking. (My orthopedic doctor forbids me to run on my artificial knee, in order to save it for as many years as possible.) With a baseline level of fitness now, I think I may do a couple of these triathlons a year, just for motivation and to see if I can improve my times. It was definitely a milestone for me, and actually a lot of fun.

    That soundz amazing! Thank you for going over the details, especially the nutrition; super helpful. I had never considered training for a triathlon but I just might do that.

  4. Yes! This is what I'm looking for!!!! I'm 14 mo post op, just started school for personal training. It's a 450 hour program that is kicking my butt and I'm loving it ❤️ Well, maybe not some of the 2-a-day workouts, ha! Feeling strong today, still dropping sizes like crazy and building tons of muscle mass.

    I love challenging myself and seeing what my new body can do. Looking forward to teaching clients how to change their life through fitness in a body positive way regardless of where they are starting. Us pre &post op peeps need representation! Love seeing everyone's ideas! Great thread!


  5. Yes, I also have this butt flap and am finding good luck reducing it with exercise. I don't mind it terribly but I'm on a muscle building track and have noticed it getting less obvious. My darling daughter "brought it to my attention" this summer by pinching it and asking me what it was🤦‍♀️😄

    A variety of squats will strengthen and tone the area but don't underestimate the power of focusing on the hamstrings as well. There are so many sites to get exercise ideas but I really like muscleandstrength.com because I'm a stickler for focusing on form!

  6. Hi! I'm currently 14 mo post op.

    Starting weight: 321

    3mo post op: 246

    6mo post op

    Currently 180. But I'm in personal trainer school, working out 8-10 times a week and packing on some muscle. Ive gone down 2 sizes without losing a single pound. Don't forget how important those other stats and progress pics are! I'm so excited for you!!!❤



  7. UPDATE I'm actually wearing my suit in public. I was embarrassed the first couple of times but now, I'm good. If anyone wants to silently judge my body from afar, they can go for it. I know what it's been through and I know what it can do. That's all the confidence I need. Have an amazing summer! We ALL deserve it no matter what our bodies look like :778_heartbeat:🤗



  8. 23 hours ago, logicwand said:

    @Naughty Glitter Goddess OMG I love that gingham one!!! I just went to Target myself and they had soooooo many options. Isn't it awesome to be able to shop at a "regular" store? You look fantastic!!! And is that a TEXAS tattoo I see there, Miss Oregon?? LOLOL!!

    You look amazing in that suit - GOALS for sure! Yes, that is TX, my first home and where my babies were born!

  9. In an effort to embrace reality and with a healthy dose of encouragement from “Shrill”, I decided I’m wearing a bikini this summer. stretch marks, scars, loose skin and all. All of these bathing suits are at Target. I bought the red one in a smaller size.

    STATS: I’m 202lbs. I’m 7 months post gastric bypass and I’ve lost 119 lbs. My goal weight is 145. Yes, I plan to have plastic surgery down the road but that won’t fix my brain so I’ve been working on that for now.




  10. 19 hours ago, Kris77 said:

    I haven’t ever seen coconut almond butter...does the coconut make you have to use the rr? (Which is a good thing for us sleevers )
    Wonder if they have it at HEB here in Texas. I’ll look this weekend

    This is the only one I've seen. It's made locally and I first tried it at the farmer's market. They now have it in some local grocery stores here in Portland and you can buy it online. But, small batch nut butters are really popular right now. I wouldn't be surprised if there was someone making something similar close by. If you have access to a specialty grocery store, check it out! If not, exploring all the fun grocery options can go on your agenda for your next trip to a larger city. I used to live in the boonies and liked to stock up on interesting groceries and spices while in town. food tourist!

  11. Been working on my mini-meal game to keep me out of the fridge during non meal times. I'm working out harder and I'm SO HANGRY! So I have 6:30am Protein coffee, 10am lunch, 1pm snack, 2pm coffee before picking up kids, 4pm dinner, 6pm snack. Wow. I feel so much better! Weight loss is picking up again too!

    Anyway 1 pm Snacks are fresh veggies (celery & snap peas) + 1 strawberry + cheese + olives or pepperocinis

    6pm snack is veggies and a treat. Treats are 1 mini protein cookie (serv size is 4) OR 1/3 protein bar OR 1/2 slice crispbread with almond/coconut butter





  12. On 3/4/2019 at 12:03 PM, Kris77 said:

    Recipe on the dressing? Looks so yummy!!!


    4 cloves garlic

    3 t ginger paste

    c Rice wine Vinegar

    ½ c soy sauce

    ¼ c sesame oil

    2-3T tahini (you can sub Peanut Butter here)

    Add sweetener to taste: liquid Splenda or swerve

    Before adding sweetener, blend all ingredients in food processor. Then slowly add sweetener to taste. It's really tasty without the sweetener as well!

  13. The only people in my life who see the real me are my husband and my mom. I don't have any close friends-had a recent friend breakup which was good for me. I hadn't realized how time consuming and isolating that relationship was.

    But now I find myself a bit untethered and I don't think I know how to make friends? I'm thinking about taking a class I'm interested in or maybe approaching other parents at my kids' school. Some combo of body insecurity and resting B-face is holding me back. I know I'm always smiling in photos I post but this is my regular face: