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    Food Before and After Photos

    Balsamic rosemary grilled chicken thighs and baked zucchini. Chicken hit me like a brick. Just getting back into eating it after a small break. *It may also have been due to eating a small slice of a sourdough baguette. Sorry but I have to show you these I baked using a sourdough starter we've had going for quite some time. Delicious! Worth it!
  2. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Food Before and After Photos

    Italian sub roll ups: serving size 1
  3. Naughty Glitter Goddess


    Required by doc: Omeprazole (Rx) Multivitamin (TJ's) B12 (TJ's) Calcium (citrical) Vitamin D (weekly Rx) Ursodiol Iron + Vit C Other ****: Biotin (hair) Gas X Stool softener Lactaid L-Lysine (hair) Flonase & Claritin (allergic to my kitties)
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    Top weight loss tip: have a DETAILED backup plan I tend to be an organized planner but I'm either all or nothing. That means most the time my plan is followed to the letter but when my plan falls apart it falls all the way apart. In my past weight loss endeavors this led me to get my diet completely off track if things didn't go according to plan. My saving grace is a backup plan, a list on my Google Drive that I can access from my computer or phone any time. It has healthy snacks I could pick up from a gas station or grocery store. Drive-through options, restaurants for going out or picking up takeout. I include menu option because I can't be trusted to make good decisions in the moment. I rely on this more often than I thought I would.
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    This is probably going to be it for me today unless I have a protein drink later. Got some stomach flu situation happening... Coffee, fairlife milk and genepro with sugar free toriani: brown sugar cinnamon flavor Stir fry with chicken, veggies, garlic, ginger, peanut sauce
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    I'm doing about 50/50 on my January goals. My food choices have been either great or crappy. I did OK with weight loss this month and now have hit a short plateau. I think I'm not getting enough calories in now that I'm working out harder. This was a problem a couple of months ago and increasing my calories helped. That's when I started letting some not great foods back into my diet and I gave myself the excuse that I needed the extra calories and I was still losing weight. Problem is that they mess with my head. So the last few days I've focused on cleaning up my diet instead of worrying about IF. I discovered that I can eat scrambled eggs again if I have it in the evening. I still get all foamed up even if I eat them slowly in the mornings. Wtf? Anyway, I think I'm on a good track now that I eat either some greek yogurt with toasted nuts or part of a scrambled egg with salsa on it as an evening snack. No other choices - if I'm not interested in eating one of those things then I don't really need anything. We shall see! Hoping for some more progress on the scale but putting together before/after pics helped me not feel so blah about my progress
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    #Transformation Tuesday
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    Hi! Bear with me while I catch up over the last couple of days... My biggest NSV so far is something I just realized the other day and it's eating in public again. I didn't realize how much I was avoiding socializing because I was uncomfortable in restaurants. Meeting someone was always stressful. Besides the self esteem issues, there were always so many barriers. Will this chair hold my weight? Will I fit in this booth? Are people watching me eat? I'd always catch someone looking at me with a disgusted look so I focused on never making eye contact with anyone. Not great for quality of life. Sometime within the last month, I started eating in restaurants again on my own. I choose a new place to try, scope out the menu ahead of time for something healthy and then thoroughly enjoy a small fraction of it while staring at my phone like a normal person! Yay!
  9. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Smooth Moves

    I have used that tea plenty in the past but only twice since surgery. I wouldn't do it more than once every 24h. After the tea, if things aren't moving along, I take a stool softener. If things still aren't moving along and are very uncomfortable, I do MOM. The senna in the tea can be every bit as potent as the medication. I don't think doubling up will make it work faster but it will increase the cramping. Hope everything comes out OK! *wink*
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    How I Eat Now? CHEAP! I magically turn every meal into four. I skip the noodles and rice! I drink protein every morning and I stay out of the kid snacks!
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    #StopDropChug I put a dot on my bottle every time I fill it. Whoever fills it up gets to put the dot so obvs, my kids argue over whose turn it is to fill it so they can put the dot. Then they "encourage" me to hurry up and drink faster. 🙄 Goal is 5/day!
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    I see some nice recipes in here, yay!!! Here's mine: Cheesy Chicken Fritters makes about 15 Mix all this stuff together: 3 large chicken breasts or 6 boneless skinless thighs, diced into tiny pieces 2 eggs 1/3 c mayo 1/3 c almond flour 4oz shredded mozzarella 2T chopped fresh dill Salt & pepper Let marinate overnight Heat oil in a pan and pan fry for 4 min per side til chicken is completely cooked. Blot with paper towel and serve with aoli. Aoli: mayo, garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, pepper, fresh dill Side salad: greens with olive oil, lemon juice parmesan
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    Love the goals and that is an adorable dress
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    Ooo, lets see pics of that thing. I love tacos
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    Food prep is the #1 thing keeping me on track. If I literally do nothing else, this one thing keeps my eating on track. Whole family gets in the game. Kids food prep their after school snacks because they want to be up in my business when my husband and I are cooking and rocking out to music on sundays. ❤️ Also, then I don't have to dig my hand into their boxes of crackers and be tempted. Get yourself a good home team and you'll be set! (Also, I'm 9 lbs away from losing my first 100lbs!!! Might hit it this month *squeal*)
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    Ooo, I can relate to anger as a motivator. Crush her!
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    Food Before and After Photos

    TACO BOWL 2oz mixture of: lean ground beef, sprinkle of pinto beans, onion, bell pepper, olives, cumin, coriander, new Mexico chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder Topped with 1oz lowfat cheddar, lettuce/cabbage/cilantro, sour cream, salsa, lime juice and waaay too much avocado cause thats how I roll. Ate about 3/4 forgot after pic.
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    Not my Dr., Thank Heavens!

    I don't have as much time under my belt as the others but in my personal experience, what you are eating seems to be much more important than the calorie content of such foods. 800 calories of carbs a day is gonna be crap (not to mention it's not very much food) But 800 calories of lean protein is a world of difference. As for me, I'm not just trying to be skinny, I'm trying to be fit and healthy. Dietary recommendations and research change so much over time as we learn more about how our bodies work. I have no doubt that calorie restricting yourself long term is more likely to keep you thin than not counting calories. But I'm not convinced that it correlates directly with how healthy and fit one might be. I want to strong, have ripped abs and arms and be able to try new sports without fear. That will require a strong, muscular body which is just not gonna happen on 800 cal/day. This is what they mean when they say everyone's journey is individual. People have to find a support team that understands their goals and gives advice specific to reaching it. He should not be running a support group if he doesn't get that. I know you already know all these things but I would have had to hold myself back from lecturing that dude! In these situations, I tend to drink lots water in order to keep my big mouth shut. At least I'm hydrated and irritated! <end rant>
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    Surgery scheddule

    Excited and nervous at the same time is very normal! I found the pre-op diet to be pretty difficult as well especially since I was still cooking for the kids. All I thought about was food, too. Of course, obsessing over food was not a new problem for me 😕 Good for you for sticking with it! Your life is still going to revolve around food after surgery, it will just be in a different way. It took me a while to break my compulsive eating habits and it takes a lot of time and help to retrain your brain. Now, my life revolves around food in a healthier way: making sure I'm getting enough protein, trying new recipes, checking my macros and looking at the food porn over on the "Food Before and After Photos" thread on this site! I'm glad you're here. Being part of this community whether you're lurking or posting really helps.
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    No regrets?

    I was nervous about going under anesthesia but very ready to get the surgery. Absolutely no regrets! Best thing I ever did for myself. I feel like a new person 89 lbs down, 86 lbs to go. And I'm less stressed than I've ever been about being successful and staying that way.
  21. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Recipes for Full Liquid Stage?

    I second the pinterest idea! I really craved salty food by the time I progressed to full liquids. I was tired of sweet protein drinks. I relied pretty heavily on blended soups for this stage but watch out - some things are really gross blended up. A particularly nasty minestrone comes to mind. The absolute best soups to blend are Vietnamese pho (minus the noodles - I also removed the meat initially); japanese ramen (remove the noodles) and miso soup. I think they work so well because they are clear broth soups with a touch of meat, tofu and veggies. I found heavier broth soups containing beans, etc. to be less appetizing when blended. Whatever you do, don't blend any soups with the pasta in it unless you're into meat pudding 😖 In a pinch, you could make any of these on your own but I really loved getting my favorite soups as takeout, blending them and then freezing in a silicone mini muffin pan. I popped them out in labeled baggies and just popped them into the microwave one at a time as needed. Then, I could eat 3 or 4 different soups a day without wasting any. If you can tolerate adding some unflavored protein powder to it as well it's even more nutritious. There are also tons of easy full liquids that are sweet like sugar free yogurt, pudding, jello, etc.
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    Weight regain

    I would also recommend checking out the "Food Before and After Photos" thread if you haven't already. I has a ton of meal ideas and gives you a great visual on what people are eating and how much on their successful journeys. It has helped me a lot!
  23. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Phone holder for the gym

    Really appreciate the recommendation! I'm on it!
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    It must vary because I did not have any bags or tubes anywhere unless you count the IV. The pre-op waiting period is prime time for all your fears and paranoia to come to the surface. I was a nervous wreck and the folks here were so kind, understanding and encouraging. I'm a planner, so I spent a ton of time combing through the boards trying to learn everything I could ahead of time. The great news is that this surgery is life changing in a really positive way. I hope you do really well and heal quickly. Keep us posted on your surgery date. Good luck!
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    Fluids after surgery

    Congrats on your surgery! I'm sorry you're feeling crappy - those first few days can be really rough. You're doing the right thing by reaching out to your team for help with the nausea. I've always been really sensitive to anesthesia and I am so nauseous for days afterwards while it all works its way out of my system. You already know that you need to focus on liquids so if your new nausea meds aren't helping, you just get right back on that phone. Your team is there to help you and they want you to be successful, too. While there's nothing we can do from here to help you nausea we can totally empathize with how much it sucks! I hope you heal quickly and feel better very, very soon.